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May 05 2009

Top 5 'Star Trek' Dream Directors. lists their dream picks for Star Trek directors, and our 'god' is one of them.

Huh. I actually found that somewhat offensively dismissive, both of Joss and of us. The link's a fine find, but... Meh.
Just like to clarify, while I do think he's spiffing, he's not my God.
I read this article. All the way through. I only screamed four times, and lost a largish-small chunk of my soul. I'm proud of me. However, it is a very lucky thing for the article's writer that it is physically impossible for me to leap into and out of cyberspace at this point in my existence...or he might get a nasty shock the next time he returned from the restroom.

Michael Bay? Eli Roth? DIABLO (are you kidding me) CODY?! And implying that Joss would treat Star Trek like it were Buffy...har har. Then again, I don't know why I'm surprised. I don't go to Fearnet for the articles. I go to Fearnet for the nothing at all, and I only get THAT there because it's the only thing the site does consistently well.
I was offended by the Joss parts, too. The writer of this article is completely taking aim at Joss fans. I mean, seriously, "hyperdrivey"? NO ONE would ever say that. Ugh.
I didn't think it was that bad. I've seen far worse. If anything this article was more of an affectionate sendup. And insulting the fandom? Not so much.
This guy has just read the Wiki page on Joss.
I don't think it was so bad either. Unless he was being ironic, sentences like, "While his dialogue is snappy and his storylines are exciting, what makes us most yearn for his involvement is his respect for the genre. He's already shown his space opera chops with the short lived and much beloved Firefly series and Serenity feature film," sound pretty complimentary.
Author's attempt at humor comes off as being offensive due to ignorance. Kind of feel sorry for the guy, myself.
It's deliberately exaggerated and particularly tongue-in-cheek. Note the descriptions of Trek as done by the other directors.

Ex: "No double-crosses, no moral crises, no philosophizing - just the good guys and bad guys laser-blasting the shit out of each other, to a very, very loud soundtrack."

Joss got off kinda light, if you ask me.
Oh I don't think they were any harder on Joss than the others on the list (and re: the 'God' comment, we are the ones w/the t-shirts & icons that proclaim that). But really if Joss did write & direct a Star Trek movie then I would want it to be a cross over with Serenity (and we know who would win!). Personally I'm just always happy to see Joss listed with his peers, even in silly articles like this one.
I mean, seriously, "hyperdrivey"? NO ONE would ever say that

Buffy might ;) anyway, as a long time trekkie, I would be curious to see Joss take on Star Trek but I don't think he's especially right for it. I also assume he's not a trek fan at all. Mostly I just want to see his original stuff anyway.
Just a wee reminder that we play the ball here and not the man. If anyone wants to make digs at the writer, they'll find their posts getting deleted.
We do have to remember that we already DID have a cross over, in 'Dirty Girls' we get to see how Faith killed a Vulcan " the most pacifist and logical of races" (still one of my favorite moments from the entire series).
oh yeah, best vulcan joke ever.
Really? People are getting bent out of shape over this?
Must be a slow day for "things to get irritated by" ;).
Really. It is just a bit of parody and relativley funny at that. The important thing is that it still respects Joss' abilities, while gently prodding at him. I see no offense here.
Saw Cody and Roth and thought yuck! Then I realized that there is nothing serious about this column. Sounds like a filler article to me.
For something that I came across while googling The Big Bang Theory it sure caused a tiny stir (us legion of the faithful do like to proclaim) LOL I honestly only read the one about Joss.

Don't need to be a fan of the trek it seems, as J.J. said on the Colbert Report - he wasn't one himself.

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I thought it was funny. Especially the sassy robots, laser blast fight, and shirtless Kirk lines.
I realize everyone is a bit tense waiting for renewal news on Dollhouse & Chuck, but... yikes.

I took the whole thing as the writer's tongue firmly planted in cheek. And as someone else said, I think even for a tongue-in-cheek article, Joss got off VERY easy. Heck, I'm pretty sure Joss has cracked on himself harder than that in the past.
It made me smile.

Especially the reference to a shirtless Viggo Mortensen wielding a Bat'leth against an onslaught of angry Klingons, complete with Eastern Promises tatooes.
...and our 'god' is one of them.

I don't see Neil Young there.
Is it just me, or does the Eli Roth "version" pretty much sound somewhat like Firefly?
I really didn't like this article. It just seems like really crappy filler material, and seems to do nothing more than take a few jabs at a few filmmakers.
Why would it be shocking that he was insulting Joss? He was basically insulting Trek in the entire article by implying that it needs to be completely different.

It would be like saying Buffy needs to be more like BSG.

Gee thanks.

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