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May 05 2009

Bailey Chase takes the initiative and invades Castle. He guest starred on last night's episode of Nathan Fillion's series, he will also be on next week's season finale. They also included a nice little shout out to Buffy, just listen for Castle to show a little Faith.

Does this mean I wasn't imagining it when I walked into the room and thought I heard Nathan Fillion say "Five by five" last night?!
I heard it too!
Heh... I was watching an episode of Cold Case last night that I'd recorded months ago and I couldn't place who the dead guy was and it was bugging me the whole time... thanks for reminding me where I knew Bailey Chase from! :)
I caught it too, and said "he stole Faith's line"
Out of all the things I caught last night ('Five by Five,' Judy Reyes guest starring, Francis Capra guest starring), I somehow manage to miss the fact that the most prominent guest was Graham.
I completely forgot that he was on Buffy. I just know him as the really hot guy from Saving Grace. :)
I giggled when I heard Nathan say that :D
I knew he looked familiar - but I somehow missed the credits

Heard the 5x5, but my favorite lines were the ones about the unhealthy fixation on sunglasses by TV detectives, and his comment about being compared to Nancy Drew - she solved all of her cases.
The Nancy Drew line was great.

Bailey Chase was on a really awesome episode of Criminal Minds, so it's funny that he got to be FBI this time.
I realized who he was about halfway through but I KNEW I knew him the second I saw him. I don't like the character but the actor is pretty. :)

Castle's five by five line was awesome. I loved it. <3
I just googled "five-by-five" to learn its origin... Yeah, I'm a geek.
Think the 5x5 line was an intentional reference to Faith?

I recognized the peeps from Scrubs & Veronica Mars, but had no clue that that was Graham. His hair threw me off.

That was a good episode last night. The first one I couldn't guess who the killer was in the first 5 minutes.
There was no killer. Only a kidnapper. And yeah, I was pleasantly surprised to be wrong. But what a twist. Last nights show was really good.
Five by five is an ancient expression which could refer to any number of things - or just be an expression.

Not that I know who Bailey Chase is *g*
I giggled when he said it too! I love Castle and hope it gets renewed!
Okay, I just watched this ep and having read that Nathan was going to say five by five listened out for it, and completely missed it! Anyone mind guessing where abouts in the episode it is?


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