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May 05 2009

After Ellen Hot 100 preview: Dichen Lachman. She was just listed on AfterEllen's 2009 Hot 100 Preview list.

On the Fox series, Lachman plays Sierra, a doll that works alongside Eliza Dushu's Echo to solve crimes and do good deeds all while looking extremely attractive.

Their description of the show is a little off target....Glad that Dichen got noticed though!
Yes Wilder, we've seen Sierra kill a few people and break into the NSA, not exactly "good deeds".
Given they are not really into men over there, there is no picture of Adam Baldwin on his show Chuck, but they got the female lead Yvonne Strahovski ;)
Um I thought Dichen was of Australian and Tibetan descent, not Nepalese?

Also, I would argue Sierra killing the kidnappers were good deeds. :)
Dichen is of Australian and Tibetan descent but was born in Nepal.

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