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May 05 2009

(SPOILER) New Dollhouse promo for 1x12 'Omega'. Spotted on FOX Broadcasting YouTube that there is a new 20secs promo of Dollhouse 1x12 - 'Omega'. All new to the previous one that was posted last week!

Could this get any better???
I watched. With my fingers over my eyes and saying "la la la la" the whole time, but I watched. Cannot wait!
Is it Friday yet?
Every new promo drives me a little closer to insanity - why couldn't my sister have waited to graduate until next weekend? Maybe I'll be able to catch it on TV but I won't have internet access for a good several days.
You know what's worst for me I have to wait till Monday morning (Australian time) cos that's when I can get the internet next after Dollhouse
Ya know what really sucks... 'Star Trek' comes out this Friday. First 'Man on the Street' got the unlucky break with 'Watchmen' and now the season finale does as well.
Man on the Street actually went up against the BSG finale. I think it was Gray Hour that coincided with the opening of Watchmen, but I could be wrong. Either way some stiff competition. The Trek movie will have to wait 'til Saturday or Sunday for me because there is no way I am missing the finale.
I didn't watch this or read the comments thus far, because I want to maintain my ability to walk into each episode as blind and unspoiled as possible, but I do have a question...

Is anyone actually seeing these promos air on FOX between other shows and such?
Oh snap, Echo is the Omega!

Also, I adore the creepy music playing behind this promo and the promo aired after Briar Rose. It's so interesting, when it seems like generic action music would've worked fine but been blander.

I love it, is my point.
I think it depends on where you live, sunshineguinn. I never see commercials for Dollhouse while watching Fox on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights. I'm not ever home to watch anything on Tuesdays. However, I've read comments from other viewers that have seen ads for Dollhouse during the week on Fox.
I love "This IS the season finale".
Okay, now everything makes sense. We should take the "Briar Rose" story literally. Echo's time was up. It's been five years, she has the longest track record of all Actives, plus she was popular with the clientele. That means she probably had the most imprints over the course of her run. More imprints means more goodness from Alpha's point of view when he makes her composit. I count 17 different imprints of Echo, and that's only what we have seen in our short glimpse into her 5 year run. If Alpha only got 43, this could really be his motivation.

That would also explain why he didn't direct his plan around Whisky. Her body was not long enough in the Dollhouse.

Also, when Echo composits to Omega, it's very nice to think of the season compositing into this one last episode. Just as all personalities Echo has experienced resurface in her, every episode will resurface in "Omega".
Eeeeeek! I'm so frakin' excited there really aren't words to adequately describe it! (Hence the overusage of exclamation points)

As for your question, sunshineguinn, I did not catch any promos during AI or Fringe last night. But I do have a tendency to tune out and check Whedonesque when commercials start :)
I committed months ago to see the Trek movie opening night w/ my Trek-obsessed friend; he's literally been waiting for this movie for years. I would be watching the finale with bells on if I were a Nielsen-counted viewer, but I'm not, so I've chosen to not be an anti-social freak & go out this Friday.

Even though it's killing me a little AND I totally begged my friend to push the movie outing to Saturday, or even Thursday midnight. Sadly, no dice.
I'm trying not to read into the whole "season finale" vs "series finale" thing. All season long I avoided spoilers, but at this point, I'm just figuring this is the end so I'm all in now, and totally ready for the finale. I'll do the dance of joy if it's picked up, but I'm just going to enjoy the ending of this season either way... looks awesome. Alpha is a great character. Looks to me that Ballard and the Dollhouse are going to be joining forces to stop him.
Since I have no reason at all in the universe to actually think that the 5 year deal is anything other than a load of crap -- after all, how would the Active know, much less do anything about it? -- I have no problem thinking Caroline has been trapped there for longer than that. In "Echoes", Caroline seems pretty clearly an undergrad. Eliza herself is, what, 28? I'd be able to believe "Echo" has been there for as long as maybe 7 or 8 years.

Absent even the slightest reason to believe the Dollhouse honors those contracts (there's only reason to believe they don't, actually), I can't take the "Briar Rose" thing literally.

I also suspect Alpha may just have decided "Echo" is the hottest of his options -- we don't know much about how long anyone's been in there, other than that "Echo" has been there longer than Priya. Could be "Tango" has been there longer, we don't know.
Well, of course we have no clue whether they honor the contract, but I was always wondering why Echo was built up as such a client-fav, and it would make sense that she is the one with the most experience "in the field" and that Alpha wants her for that reason.
I've got to admit -- "Briar Rose" had me feeling just a little bit disappointed in Alpha's arc. Alan is awesome, and he's totally scary, but... that's it? He's just trying to create his own personal Bride of Frankenstein? I was just expecting something much more sinister and game-changing. I mean, I don't get the impression he actually *needed* Ballard just to accomplish this, since it seemed pretty clear he could have walked back in there any time he wanted. I don't buy he just needed a distraction, because it's not like anybody in there could take him anyway, except for possibly an imprint. So if this is all there was to his plan, it was disingenuous to write him as part of Ballard's search.

I'm hoping there's some broader agenda here, like that "Echo" is the first step in a plan to take over the Dollhouse and use its technology for something even worse than what they already do there.
In "Echoes", Caroline seems pretty clearly an undergrad. Eliza herself is, what, 28? I'd be able to believe "Echo" has been there for as long as maybe 7 or 8 years.

KingofCretins, Caroline was not in college when they snuck into Rossum in "Echoes". During the chat with her friends, she refers to college in the past tense "I use to hang out in the shadow of that building... blah blah blah... I could have done so much back then". I take that to mean she's graduated, making her venture out into the real world, got a couple of years of experience behind her so that she's "fresh enough to believe people can change the world and yet still be experienced enough to be cynical about her college life".

To me, that'd make her around 24 or 25.

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