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September 14 2003

Firefly wins Emmy Award. The episode 'Serenity' won 'Outstanding Special Visual Effects For A Series' beating 'Chosen' and three episodes of Enterprise at the Primtetime Creative Arts show last night.

And there's a related interview with a visual effects supervisor on Firefly here.

I hate to sound like over-caffeniated geek but Firefly did not receive bad (or 'shaky') reviews. While not hailed as the best new show of last fall (as it should have been), Firefly did recieve positive notices in TV Guide, Entertainment Weekly & Variety among others. Sure, there were bad reviews but the show was not dismissed out of hand like so many other television shows,
The bottom line with Firefly is that the networks felt it cost too much money compared to the lukewarm ratings it was pulling in. Usually a new series needs at least a season to find its audience, but if it's an expensive scifi production, networks sometimes give it less than that. It was never about the quality of the series, but about how much money the FOX network felt it was worth compared to how much Mutant Enemy wanted to make for producing it.

FOX isn't stupid. Just cheap misers who want to spend less money to draw more people. Whether or not a tv program is of good quality doesn't enter into it. Networks want people to come in droves like mindless lemmings, and Whedon's work attracts a smarter audience. Frankly, it's a miracle his work gets broadcast as much as it does.
Three episodes of Enterprise not two I meant. But then who cares about Enterprise?
i agree...i'd bet the line "You have the maturity of a blueberry scone" was written with a couple of fox executives in mind (well not really)
Enterprise is still on the air? There is no justice.
I'm pretty sure FF eps were much cheaper than Enterprise eps. And it attracted at least more viewers than Buffy.
Firefly's ratings were better than Buffy's to begin with. But after a few episodes in they were comparable if not worse. This info I get from this site: Nielsen Ratings for Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel and Firefly

(Thanks prolific)

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Fox executives are in fact, dumber than wood or simply hostile to Whedon, for at least one reason. Their decision not to open with the pilot -- which was arguably the best two hours aired --based on the fact that it was "slow", "dark" and not a laugh riot. Instead, they opened with lesser episodes that created the perception of a shaky start. Imagine the response if "Buffy" had opened with with "Inca Mummy Girl."
I'm trying to get more information on the vampire film festival in Los Angeles. I have an award -winning short vampire film that has a little Buffy spoof in it? How can get it seen outside of the film festival circuit?

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