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September 14 2003

David Boreanaz rumored to be Batman in "Batman: Year One" (Again??). Christian Bale has already been cast to the Batman flick which will be directed by Chritopher Nolan and scripted by David Goyer. But it Seems that the Batman Year One project is still on.

Not only is David Boreanaz being rumored to be the Batman in the Batman: Year One movie, but is also rumored that Joss might getting involved.
Oh, Yeah... they did mispell Joss....

Boreanaz expressed interest in Christopher Nolan's project; they even had a meeting about it back in May, but obviously the AtS filming schedule made it impossible for David to be seriously considered. This bit about the Aronofsky project sounds like overextrapolation.

With the new Catwoman movie in theatres, then Nolan's Batman soon after, there's going to be total audience saturation on the franchise. I don't see why 'Year One' would ever get a greenlight, 'specially after Daredevil and Hulk "tanked" at the box office this year.

Thanks for the grist from the rumor mill though. I love this sort of stuff.
What ever happened to Aranofsky directing a Batman movie? I would have liked to have seen that.
I can't say how well Daredevil did, it did beat its budget by like $25 million. And as for the Hulk, it made more in it's opening weekend than the original Scooby-Doo making it the biggest June opening in history. Within two weeks, they were talking sequel. These films did far from "tank." See Battlefield Earth for how not to make a movie, businesswise.

I do agree that with Catwoman (which will straight up suck) and the Nolan effort (we'll see if he can work some magic on a Goyer script) people would be kind of
Bat-ted Out. Still, if they stagger production and give it a year or two for the Year One project to come out, I think the studio could make it work. Of course, isn't Bale supposed to be playing a younger Batman?
jack - that's why I put "tanked" in quotes. By normal standards, niether was a failure. They both made back their production costs and turned a profit for the studio. The Hulk even received fairly positive critical treatment. Still, neither of them became the kind of phenomenon that Spiderman was last summer, or that Pirates of the Carribean was this year. They didn't turn into the blockbuster sucesses they were supposed to be.

Studios are finally realizing that "comic book superhero" does not equal instant box office gold, and they're getting more hesitant to give the go-ahead. The 'Year One' project might get a greenlight if they think they can bank on carryover from Nolan's film, but if Nolan's movie turns into a series (very likely), there's not much room for Year One.
Don't forget that Batman movies tend to suck because unlike Marvel heroes which are doled out to multiple studios, DC heroes (such as Batman and Superman) are made in house by Warner Bros.
This makes me wonder: has anyone ever seen David Boreanaz in some other role than Angel? Was it any good?
I've seen David in "I'm With Lucy". He was okay in it, and it's a fairly decent movie. He played a jerky surgeon that dated the main character.

I've been told to never, ever, ever even consider watching "Valentine", which David has a big part in. So many people have told me it's horrible and I'm just not brave enough to find out on my own.
Personally, I'd rather not see Boreanaz play Batman. It'd be like seeing SMG play Wonder Woman - you know, been there, done that. Actually kind of looking forward to seeing him in the new Crow movie though; I think Boreanaz will make a great comic book villain.

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