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May 06 2009

Ask Nathan a question, save Castle. Ask your preferably Castle-related question, Nathan may answer. WARNING: If you're trying to stay spoiler-free, skip the parts after the word "sunglasses". Didn't notice until too late...sorry!

I love this show and I hope it is renewed. My question is: if we'll have more time spent on Castle's relationships with his Mom and daughter in season 2? Because I really think that this is one of the strong points about the show.
I tried to post:
Hi Nathan!
What actors with you already worked you'll would like to invite for the next season of "Castle" and the ones you didn't worked?
There is any other shows you believe "Castle" can have a crossover with (maybe "Bones)?

But just get an error message.
Is Castle in any real danger of being canceled? I thought it was actually kind of a hit.
I was kind of surprised there was any question here also. Certainly it's the most accessible show Nathan has been in. {I refuse to acknowledge the DH thing} And he seems to be having such a good time with the character.

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Yes, Castle is on the bubble, it has been loosing viewers every week. TVbytheNumbers on Castles bubble status.
I hope they don't cancel it, it's such a fun show.

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