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May 06 2009

Nathan Fillion reminds us he is on Craig Ferguson show tonight. He asked Browncoats to stack the audience and I guess they did. Kilt!

Kcat wrote on Nathan's myspace on May 6 2009 10:15 PM
Oh, Nathan! You rocked us all so hard tonight at the Craig Ferguson taping! You were so overwhelmingly sexyhotgorgeous in your kilt! Dear God, you are as incredibly handsome and big and spectacular in person as you are on film! I'm still trembling! And you were such a scream-- literally. I'm hoarse! You were so sharp and funny! I loved how you pointed out the fact that when you tell us what to do, we do it! You command us, we obey you! It's so true! Yes! I love my Captain! Thank you for an amazing experience!!

Bless you Nathan!


Just Patty wrote on Nathan's myspace May 6 2009 9:14 PM

so disappointed today at the craig ferguson show. i got there at 3:25 (one too many u-turns) and they said that they had a lot of guests so we may be turned away. two more people came after me and then they stopped letting people in the line, so i was hoping that i would get in. there was a group of three girls ahead of me and two people ahead of them. they let the two people go in and told everyone else they were full. and of course by now it was 4:00, so what was supposed to be a 45 minute drive home ended up taking two hours! i'm so exhausted and disappointed. i will still watch it tonight, but i guess there were just too many browncoats to hold :(

Yeah, that's about the reaction I get when I wear my Utilikilts. (not)
He's wearing a kilt?! I am DVRing that show.
I'm still waiting for the ratings for Castle this week. I really do hope they went up; especially since Surviving 'Whatever it was Called' wasn't on this time. That show was just terrible & did hurt Castle's ratings IMHO.
The show was loads of fun. There were definitely a lot of people there to see Nathan. Not only was he wearing his kilt, but he was in some shade of brown from head to toe. He was his usual hilarious self and stole the show. I can't wait to see it again when it airs here on the west coast.
Somebody please youtube the Interview for us, OK?
A kilt? Nathan wore a kilt? On Craig Ferguson's show? *imagines the conversation (as well as the image)*
*must have YouTube link ASAP* :D
Nathan was so funny, this is the first time I've seen him on a talk show. He was funnier than Fergusn (who I think is really funny, so that's a big compliment).
I do hope it goes up on YouTube for anyone who missed it.

I refuse to say I'm getting hooked on Castle, because me really liking a new show is generally the kiss of death. :)
It can't be healthy for a man to receive that kind of praise. Good thing he's on Ferguson then, because Ferguson only talks about himself when he has guests on *g*
I refuse to say I'm getting hooked on Castle, because me really liking a new show is generally the kiss of death. :)

Same here. >_>

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Fun interview! Have to say though, Ferguson bringing up that he's from Canada is getting old. It's been talked about in all three interviews (I do believe). The kilt talk was great (Scottish bikers, Nathan?) as well as wearing the underwear in the alley. As usual, Nathan does not disappoint.
Was Nathan...inebriated by any chance?

He seemed really slow to respond to questions and wasn't his usual snappy self. Plus, his anecdotes weren't very well told...even though you could tell -he- thought they were hilarious.

Still an enjoyable interview. Odd, though.
Here's one youtube link:
Ausiello over at is now listing Castle as a 'safe bet' for renewal. Hopefully that's true.
Corrected youtube link...

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