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May 06 2009

xkcd: The Race - Part 4. And they're off!

These are brilliant. Laugh out loud funny.
Seriously. And I did.
Me three. Between stick!Nathan's wacky code and the aphrodisiacal nature of Summer Glau giving someone a beatdown, I think I hurt something from laughing so hard :D

Crazy Ivan on a skateboard.

Hmm...that might just be my new expression of WTFness - "Crazy Ivan on a skateboard!"

I keep hearing Nathan/Mal delivering his lines, which is of the good. Props to the creator!
These make me wish that people not Browncoats could really enjoy the hilarity, but then I wish those people were browncoats in the first place and we were discussing how much Joss screwed up Serenity 3 by not having new characters that we can really care about. Sigh
Now I have to go back and re-read the xkcd arc "Secretary".
This is even better than the Ron Paul plotline. I love this.
Wow, I normally love xkcd, but this is raising the bar, even for him. Brilliant.
I wonder what [if anything] they're going to write/draw about Adam [GGG]?
Completely awesome, LOL material.

And yes, perhaps even worthy of a ROFL.
Oh, how I love it.
The ending was epic. Everything was awesome, but the ending was a step up from awesome: it was epic. Wouldn't you guys agree?
I agree that the end of the race was awesomeness personified...
wondering what Episode 5 will bring?
I love xkcd, and this series is awesome...I just hope it doesn't get cancelled before it ends. ;)
That was hysterical, joining in the LOL. ;-) Who does this? (I'm probably the only one here who doesn't know.)
Assuming that by "this" you mean xkcd, the artist is Randall Munroe. He's one of the few people who's actually able to make a living off his webcomic. You can learn a bit more on the comic's About page, and this New York Times profile.

To see what he looks and sounds like, should you have an hour to spare, you might check out the talk he gave at Google.
There are lawls abound in this and it just made my day so much better! Love it!
"Do you see an actual bag of meerkats?" "No." "Then we're probably good."

This is classic stuff. I love me some xkcd, and Munroe is really channeling some Jossian writing here. Love, love, love.
My love for xkcd just grows and grows and grows. But what I really want to know is, what does Nathan think of this?
LOL. Loving this series!! Great work, Randall, as always! :D
This series has been so funny, yes I can definitely hear Nathan saying all those things :)

And the Summer diversion/violence - just perfect.
"I love xkcd, and this series is awesome...I just hope it doesn't get cancelled before it ends. ;)"

Highandrandom, you have clearly just found the punchline.
I must try to pull a Crazy Ivan on a skateboard now. It's one of my new top life goals.
I love this comic. Especially all of the Firefly goodness. Mmmm...
Thank you, Shmuel, for that Google talk. It was my first time seeing Donald Knuth in anything but pictures even though he's been a big inspiration for me. Randall was great, too.
actually, doing a crazy ivan is possible on a skateboard. I just can't do it yet. need to practice sliding control.

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