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May 06 2009

Seth Green Plans To Spoof Voltron in New Adult Swim Show. After his successfful "Robot Chicken" series, everyone's favorite werewolf will produce "Titan Maximum". It's a takeoff on Voltron and similar anime where a group of teens protect the universe with their giant robot. Green plays one of those teens who has decided to turn evil, and the "good guys" aren't so smart.

It's a stop-action animation show like "Robot Chicken". They'll make nine shows, with the first to air this fall.

This will be awesome.
It's strange, I can see and hear almost vividly how this'll turn out. Am pondering about the continuous story lines, though.
Robot Chicken already spoofed Voltron brilliantly, with the dance-off. Watching a giant robot's sweet moves is still one of my feel-good videos to watch. (The other? Angel bloopers. Especially the one with David and Alexis dancing.)
Sounds EPIC!
Though I kinda they would spoof something like Gundam Wing... Loved that show when it was on but SO much spoof material.

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