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May 07 2009

BuddyTV wants to help save Dollhouse. They want fans of Dollhouse to write comments about the show which will be forwarded to the network, and invites fans to put a Dollhouse message on twitter.

Just did this. Hopefully Dichen and Eliza can get on this too :). Most hopefully, it means something at the end of it all.
"stormgrey said:
Dollhouse is awesome. Please, please keep it on the air. I have rearranged my fridays to watch it. Keep in mind the DVR numbers though. I always wait an hour to watch so I can forward through the commercials and not be waiting in agony to see what happens next."

Agh! Don't say that!
Yeah I was hoping that people would notice this and start to twitter the word 'Dollhouse' in all their twitters, making it a 'tending topic'.
"I always watch it on my DVR so that I can rewind and watch the commercials multiple times."
"I always watch it on my DVR so that I can rewind and watch the commercials multiple times."
Yes... I think this one MIGHT be more effective.
Maybe if everyone does this, I'll join in, but it sounds suspiciously like "please advertise our site on your Twitter."
Yeah, I'm not so sure of this.
Just added my comment and I am going to get all of my friends go comment too. SAVE DOLLHOUSE!!!!
Whoa, the Twitterverse just went crazy. @drhorrible and @breagrant (I think she's on Heroes) tweeted it. Well, at least Dollhouse will probably trend today.
Can someone tell me why Fox should take a Twitter campaign seriously? It seems light weight compared to campaigns in the past i.e. letter writing, sending products to corporate hq etc.
I just got a message about a doll-sending campaign from someone on the official wiki.
Well, I think the Twitter push for DVDs that @watchdollhouse did yesterday helped with Dollhouse's sales rank going up. But yeah, I am kind of surprised that @drhorrible tweeted this, it seems ineffective.
Tweeted, though am personally doubtful the good it will do. But certainly nothing to be lost. :)
Its definitely lightweight, but if Dr. Horrible taught us anything its that internet PR with enough buzz behind it can turn into mainstream media PR, which then gets noticed. Sure, its a long shot, but Twitter has definitely been getting more and more media attention lately (good or bad) - so I figure if a huge Twitter campaign gets a nod on a radio station, entertainment tv show, blog, or newspaper - and someone from FOX reads it and says "hey, look at this!" then its worth it.

That, and there's the old "it doesn't hurt to try."
this has nothing to do with this little campaign thing, but Eliza has been tweeting from Uganda, and it's been really fascinating following her in that sense.

Of course, the last thing she tweted was that a gecko jumped from her wall to her bed and freaked her out, but the other tweets have been really wonderful educational things.

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I'm less concerned about it being Twitter-based than I am about it being one site saying, in essence, "everyone flood Twitter with the same text, which is sure to piss people off, rather than making up your own tweet about the show, and then come sign up for our website".

ETA that a least the effort that sprang up here (@watchdollhouse) adds in to buy the DVD (and tracks the Amazon ranks), and to contact FOX directly via Twitter or email. This one just sort of stalls at "tweet once, then come to us".

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If people want to use Twitter to drum up interest in the show, they need to A) use keywords and B) not spam the timeline with duplicates of the exact same message from BuddyTV. Say something interesting.
I don't have a twitter, but I posted this on my facebook status: " if you like Dollhouse, preorder it on Amazon (you can always cancel it). Also watch it, it is the last episode, thus the last chance to give it another season!"

I posted on the website, but I agree, it seems more to get that website ratings rather than to help out Dollhouse. Far better for people to post their own stuff than the same thing over and over again, presumably.
Meanwhile, DVD sales ranks are dropping because I can't maintain the DVD sales push in the sea of "all the same" BuddyTV tweets, and BuddyTV hasn't thought to add "buy the DVD" to its website.
They have, however, succeeded in getting Dollhouse into "trending topics" on Twitter a day early.
Eliza just twittered the Joss called her (THAT is a long distance call), evidently Dollhouse is not yet cancelled and they are hoping for lots of people watching this Friday night (instead of going out to see Star Trek). I notice that 'Dollhouse' is now a treading topic on twitter!
Oh no, tonight's Star Trek? Sigh... I of course want to see it, but not tonight. Of course it does give me an excuse in my head as to any poor ratings.
What about those of us who don't have/want Twitter accounts?
It would be a bad idea to individually tweet everyone who posted that link and tell them to buy a DVD, right? [edit: thinking better of it]

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Follow the SaveChuck campaign. Which has been awesome and captured a lot of mainstream media attention. And got people like Adam Ostrow (from Mashable) to start watching Chuck.

Buy Dollhouse - preorder the DVDs, buy on iTunes and Amazon.
Watch - watch on Hulu (even if you've seen it! record on your DVR)
Tell - friends and your social networks to watch and why (this includes blogging).
Write - write Fox a nice letter (postal messages are better than email) or email - tell them respectfully how much you've enjoyed the show and want to see it renewed. Avoid using phrases like "never watching Fox again if you cancel this show."
I saw Eliza's twitter about Joss. She ships them as WheDush. LOL.
Oy. Just saw a link to this page on facebook:

Um, yeah. I am a college student, thus strapped for cash. Sending 13 dollar plus action figures which I could just buy to play with (um, I mean display or collect) to send to Fox? Ain't gonna work, I think. This will just make us seem desperate and not numerous, due to the high price (relative to I don't know, a paper cut out doll or something?)

edit: As a side not, boy those Buffy and Angel action figures stink... don't look anything like them, no articulation...

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Felicia and Dichen tweeted the BuddyTV link.


Now they're really just ticking me off. They can't add a link to the DVD so therefore they can't even *mention* it? And they won't give people the info on how to contact FOX because *they* are in contact with FOX? Really? People need to go through *them* to get to FOX? This is just a BuddyTV attention grab.
Here, let's start a list of things people can do to help the show.

If you want a second season of Dollhouse, here are some actions you can take that are accessible to all levels of time, effort, and money. I'm ranking roughly from free to costing more money.

1. Email FOX and let them know you want more Dollhouse! Tell them what you're liking about the show so far and why you want to see more. Be respectful-- a mean email isn't going to help.

2. Start a conversation about it in the social media.

-- Twitter. Use hashtags #dollhouse and #watchdollhouse so other people can join in. Tweet @FoxBroadcasting and let them know you want more episodes!

-- Facebook. Join the official fan group. Post clips or positive reviews or newspaper article links to your Wall to share with your friends. You can embed Hulu clips there.

-- Others??

3. Watch the episodes on Hulu (these are free and includes episodes 7-11).

4. Buy the episodes from iTunes.

5. Pre-order the DVD. Help the sales rank climb!

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6. Write to Fox via snail mail!

FOX Broadcasting Co.
P.O. Box 900
Beverly Hills, CA 90213

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