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May 07 2009

Another "Save Dollhouse" campaign. This site urges fans to send dolls to Fox (thus keeping in the spirit of the Roswell and Jericho campaigns).

Tabasco and peanuts, it was a different time. Also if you are going to ask fans for money, post your full names, contact details etc so we know who you are. Just saying.

Ehhh. I'm not so wild about this one.
Me neither.

Dollverse has another tactic.

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We have a hard enough time getting people to watch the show at a predetermined time on TV. Do we really think people will remember to buy a DVD at a predetermined time? ;)
Thank you, gossi.

I can't decide. I'm going to Comic-Con on Thursday specifically to pick up the Dollhouse DVD (Hopefully there's something else for me to do there on Thursday as well... otherwise I'm paying $25+DVD just for DH S1). I'm trying to figure out if it would be too obsessive to also buy a non-special edition of the DVD. Not that this has ever stopped me before...
As for the doll buying, I'm sure it's always a good tactic to have one's site talking about a "huge, faceless, impersonal corporate entity".

It's basically, "We insult you, now do what we want!"

ETA that I also wonder about barraging the guy who bought and championed the show to begin with. The dolls go to Kevin Reilly? Really?

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b!X, we don't need 5 million people to buy the DVD at a specific time to enter the top ten, though.
Too bad! I've already pre-ordered my copy!

Ah, well. I wish you luck in that endeavor. It seems far more workable than the doll thing.
Its effects would certainly more immediately visible to people than sending dolls. (Not to mention that it's better to spend your money on the DVD, which does to a FOX entity, than to spend it on dolls and force FOX to spend money getting rid of them.)
That wouldn't be too obsessive, Jobo. Because then I'd have to admit that I'M obsessive. And that just won't happen.

I've pre-ordered a copy of the DVD and a copy of the Blu-ray for myself, as well as 2 extra copies of the DVD to give to friends who I KNOW won't buy the DVD or watch the show on their own (just to get a larger fanbase).

Yeah, alright. I MAY be obsessive.
Oh, yeah. That'll work.
The sending of dolls is just going to come across as a bit mental.

I like gossi's strategy better.
Meh, see, the thing with these campaigns is: launching them without enough of the fandom behind it, will just have averse effects. Imagine all of twelve Dolls hitting Kevin Reilly's desk and him thinking "gee, I thought this show had fans". Not to mention that I still have the disctinct feeling that Reilly's on "our side" to begin with. Annoying him just seems silly.

So while I do like the fighting spirit exhibited in any campaign, in the end I think things like getting people to watch and pre-ordering the DVD are much more constructive and don't have any possible averse effects if people don't line up to participate.
Great idea, gossi. I hope others think to do so...I pre-ordered like the first second it was available for pre-order. This definitely beats the send-a-doll-to-Fox campaign.

The thought of flooding Fox's offices with dolls is hilarious, but in a black comedy sort of way.
Where did the idea come from that non-Nielson DVRs count for viewership? That's not true, right? I've been seeing it on Twitter.
How about instead of sending dolls, people watch dollhouse on hulu, and click the advertising link for the show and comment on seeing their add and thank them for suppoorting Dollhouse on Hulu. Doesn't cost anything but your time, also takees a page from the save Chuck book.

Why is Hulu more valued by advertisers than YouTube? excerpt; "That may explain why YouTube, which had 83 million unique hits in September, is only expected to generate $100 million for the year. ... That all of the content there is nice and legal makes it more appealing to advertisers, which explains why, even though with only 6 million hits in September, Hulu is expected to generate to $70m."

Who says Hulu is no YouTube competitor? except; Advertisers want to be on something where you know what you get," Zucker said, "and not on something where you could be advertising (next to a video of) a cat on a skateboard."

Those are just a few articles that came out back toward the end of 2008 and hulu's power is still growing. Support hulu with the numbers and support the advertisers by clicking the link, send the adveertisers a comment how you saw their ad onn hulu while watching Dollhouse.
If you get your DVR via subscription from cable, sattellite, or direct from the DVR company. Then Neilson will receive the numbers to report from those companies.
Seriously? You mean... I count?? That can't be right, it's just a hard drive hooked up to your TV, isn't it?
That's really overstating it.

There's no demographic info to go with those figures, even if tracked. Unless the hhousehold is part of a Neilsen family, which is a statistical cross-section of the population and therefore has demographic data attached to it, DVR numbers mean far less to anyone, because the demographic info is what drives advertising dollars, which is what networks chase.
Yeah, sending action figures is really dumb, IMHO. A. I don't have the money (and I'm sure others feel the same way B. Watching shows and buying DVDs is way more important. Now it just seems like we're crazy, disorganized and not very numerous.

edit: But I'll preorder it again at 7 tommorrow (then cancel my other preorder, I guess...)

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To paraphrase Giles Š la Dead Man's Party...

"Do you like my doll? Isn't it pretty? It saves a show from cancellation."

Except unlike Joyce's creepy-ass mask, I don't quite think this tactic will work.

Much happier with my preorder of season one and watching the eps on Hulu over and over again.
Awesome RavenU! One of the Hulu sponsors of Dollhouse is Plan USA. Imagine sponsoring a child and citing Dollhouse as the referrer. Its a two-for-one!
So you're saying that we should send Fox creepy-ass masks instead? :)
Ass masks? Aren't those known as "pants"?
Yeah, sending Dolls to people who don't know you isn't at all CREEPY or anything.
b!X just made me chortle diet coke and i'm not complaining.
I have to say, I'm uncomfortable with all this labeling of action figures as dolls. Perhaps those apply, due to their horrid articulation, but there is a huge difference between an action figure and a doll! ;)

You may ask yourself the difference between a doll and action figure. The action figure is only slightly less creepy for grown men to collect, though still sad (and this is said by someone with a huge amount of Star Wars action figures).

Current Dollhouse DVD ranks on Amazon: 62 in overall DVD, 6 in Boxed Sets: TV, 21 in overall TV. 24 on "Movers & Shakers". Last hour, those DVD ranks were 126, 23, and 51, respectively.
b!x, so they're going up? That's good.
That's an amazing jump. What's happening? Where does this incredible hype come from all of a sudden? Twitter is also going nuts.
Reading Twitter, and trying to sift through the BuddyTV crap, I think people actually don't know Dollhouse is in trouble! It's been such common knowledge here that I assumed everyone knew... but maybe everyone thought a Friday night sci-fi show with a canceled lead-in was doing OK? Screw it, maybe we should have started a Save Dollhouse campaign back in '07.
We should all chip in and buy a Toyota Echo, dismantle it, then mail each part individually to FOX. Y'know, like a puzzle.

Eeeeh? Nobody? No? Oh well.
Just remember... there are even Joss Whedon fans who don't read Whedonesque (it's sometimes surprising how many there are out there).
Might change in the next minutes, but Dollhouse DVD on Amazon now: 50 overall, 4 in Boxed Sets: TV, 16 in overall TV. 15th on Amazon's "Movers & Shakers", having risen 138% in the past 24 hours.
Lol. Adelaide time. Classic. Coz we are totally the main time zone in Australia. Unless it detects which time zone you are from?

Also I note that DrH is no 15 in the general bestsellers list with 160 days in the top 100!

DH was no 39.

Also, any idea of how successful WDW was to online viewing numbers? Were clickthroughs recorded?

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Isnít there some paper dolls that you could just print and change the clothes?
I know it will lesser the impact of mountains of trouble for FOX, but will be easier to send.

About the Hulu Vs. youtube thing, I still stay with the second only cause it works worldwide, not only for USerís

Just remember... there are even Joss Whedon fans who don't read Whedonesque (it's sometimes surprising how many there are out there).

I blame this to the strange decision of you guys speak in English. We could have a couple more people here if if changed to Portuguese. Just saying :)
Tabz, too true. I have been watching Whedon shows on TV since the first Buffy episode aired and only recently discovered Whedonesque. Better late than never, I guess.
If people have action figures of Faith and Fred they want to throw away then I'll take them! And I'll buy Dollhouse DVD sets instead.... Jobo I think it is beyond cool that you're going to Comic Con on Thursday just to get a Dollhouse DVD, you almost inspire me to do the same (Friday and Saturday tickets are all completely sold out), and hope that Felicia's panel for The Guild might be on Thursday, there is always some cool stuff that ends up on Thursday!
Late to mention it, but I plan on being at SDCC this year and looking forward to meeting some of you :).
Will you be gold? Can we have a thread during CC for W-esque member meet-ups?
Comic Con is sold out already? Oops.
zeitgeist is going to be there? Damn, my airfare is non-refundable!
Yeah, I waited 'til you'd bought yours, sucker! :) There's probably a thread on .org already. Re: 4-day passes sold out: Yeah, you now have to use supersecret means to gain access ;)

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