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May 08 2009

xkcd- the race - part 5. The conclusion to the epic saga.

Props to highandrandom for correctly calling the ending yesterday!
Haha, pretty funny. I've been thinking for a while that it would be awesome if Dollhouse showed up in xkcd; his reference to Dr. Horrible suggests he's not solely a Firefly fan
Great. And the last panel? Just perfect.
The rollover quote made me laugh out loud. It was an obnoxious bark-like sort of laugh which everybody knows is the best kind.
I love the fact that Mal is so genre savvy he can even use his own universe as a tool.
I'm heading to LiveJournal...
Best ending ever!
Heh, I guess this ending was literally very predictable ;). This was slightly less funny than the previous installments, but the laugh-out-loud roll-over quote completely redeemed it :).
I loved it. :)
Agreed. I see the humour in the ending, but I'm kind of disappointed now. Loved the alt. text though. Well done, Randall.
Great stuff! Too bad Fox canceled it. ;)

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