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May 07 2009

"Dollhouse lives up to the hype". Because you should always trust Joss Whedon to deliver: recap of the season's highlights in anticipation of today's finale. Spoilers only for the episodes already aired.

If thereís one thing every cult TV fan should know, itís this: never doubt Joss Whedon. [...] There was a payoff almost every week, and he seemed determined to not drag anything out.

Just in case anyone from non-USA was planning to watch this on Hulu tonight, you might be interested in this TechCrunch article.

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Ildeth did you link to the wrong article?
Yep, sorry - too little sleep and too many tabs! The link is now fixed.
That is annoying. At least according to the Financial Times hulu finally seems to move forward with their plans to launch in other countries. And I suppose until they do, people will find ways to watch their program of choice somehow.
Somehow I doubt that will change much, though - since even with hulu in other countries, I can't imagine them actually releasing the same material in those countries - or at the same time.

Since that would actually, i don't know... require digital rights owners making an effort to follow the times? The distribution rights stuff is complicated to sort out (but whose fault is that?), and apparently the owners don't lose enough from piracy yet to actually want to try and fix things.

On the opposite end of things, I finally got myself set up for hulu -- and it works -- so at least I can be counted in those numbers tomorrow (and iTunes, as usual) :-)

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