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September 15 2003

(SPOILER) Sci Fi Weekly on Angel season 5. "This year could see the end of The WB road for Angel, which may not mean the complete end of the road. There are still possibilities that it might make a network move, a la Buffy.".

Some interesting analysis and there's a whole heap of other shows reviewed as well.

Never mind Angel, THIS was the best news on the page:

"Ursula K. Le Guin's Earthsea trilogy is being adapted into a four-hour miniseries that will be executive-produced by Kevin Brown and Lawrence Bender."

Beating heart be still!
I can't take this article seriously. Kathie Huddleston honestly thinks "Tarzan" is gonna be a good complement to "Charmed?" Although I can agree on her sentiments regarding "Enterprise." Ultimately the reason why that show jumped the shark so early is because the people behind it have lost sight of what gave the original longevity. Coming up with excuses to have T'Pol and Trip touch one another? Not really Roddenberry's vision. T'Pol or Trip having sexual relations with the alien race of the week? THAT's closer to the Kirk mystique. =)
I just had to laugh when she said Star Trek wasn't about sex.

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