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May 07 2009

Possibly the greatest cake of all time. It would have been fun if they had used this for "Surprise", no?

That's an awesome cake. Want.
almost as good as this one posted a year os back

I couldn't find the image on the new Charm City Cakes website.
Uh, 7 liner url that does not act as link itself. Tsk tsk. Here's a cleaned link of it:

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Those are some most impressive cakes.


I miss cake decorating.

Oh, and...for future reference? TinyURL is your friend.
My personal favourite is this one. :D
Wow, thats so cool, i want it lol
With just one candle the older people won't have problems with age.
That's soooo cool!
Must have the Buffy cake. Pure awesomeness. =)
That is really an awesome cake, I would never want to eat it!
I want that Buffy cake!

All those look so good! But I couldn't bring myself to eat them. I'd rather preserve them in a glass case forever!
The Mutant Enemy at the base is what totally seals the deal.
Whew, no one's made the Portal joke, yet ;).
The cake is a lie!
zeitgeist - Portal joke? I must be tired - I think I'm missing something.

I love this cake - especially the use of red. I wouldn't have thought to go with red, would've gone with the obvious purple and black. I agree with BrewBunny - the ME monster takes it from really cool to awesome.
I too do not understand the portal joke either.

If I had that Buffy cake I don't think I'd ever eat it.

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