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May 07 2009

(SPOILER) Cover art and plot details for Buffy #27. The second part of Jane Espenson's arc will be out in August.

August?!? Is there one out before then? I can't remember what number we are on...
I think they're taking either June of July off, 5X5B. I seem to recall Scott Allie saying something to that effect.
Next month is the Tales Of The Vampire one-shot that ties into season 8.Buffy #26 and the start of Retreat is in July.
Why do I feel so 'meh' about this? I mean Oz=yay, Jane=yay and Buffy=yay, and yet I'm not counting down the days till this one hits.

I think it's because I just can't relate with the bank robbing, submarine buying, butter-tea drinking people that the Scoobies have morphed into. Nor do I feel enough ire towards Twilight to actually care about him being vanquished.

And it REALLY irks me how much Oz is looking like a red-headed Andrew.

So me no likey... but I really want to be proven wrong.
missb, I think that IS Andrew.
What is the Jo cover a homage to? It's on the tip of my tongue but no joy.
Yeah, I thought that was supposed to be Andrew too till I noticed the beads and necklace. Wow, normally I never have trouble with Jeanty's likenesses (I'm rare like that, heh) but now I'm confused.
Well the fact that even uber fans like US can't tell who that is supposed to be, is an indication that something is very, very wrong...
Woah... Did anyone get shades of 'Shindig' from the Chen cover? The drinking, the four animals in the foreground and the two people sitting in the background on a ledge especially.
I thought it was Oz straight away. His outfit is a dead give away, it's the clothes he wore in 'New Moon Rising.'
So the sub is South Corean, not North. Probably it gives them less troubles.
Eh, does anyone else think that Willow looks a little like River in that one? Also...I'm kinda psyched about this one...suppressing the demon bit that made the slayers slayers? yeah I'm giddy and up for it!!
I thought Willow looked a bit Dawn-y. Unusual to be confused by likeness in a Jo Chen painting...
Heh. There really is no definite consensus on who that is, Willow or Dawn. What's really odd is that I find it to be a brilliant likeness of either of them. It's certainly consistent with Chen's rendering of either of them. Indeed, I noticed "Willow" before even noticing Xander when I looked at it, and said "ah, cool, we get some Xander and Willow time". Then someone said Dawn and I was like "oh yeah, that could be Dawn", which immediately made me think Xander/Dawn (which is something the "Shindig" comparison would reinforce). Since then I've stared at it like I'm waiting for a hidden picture to pop out and still can't decide who it is :)

At least I don't feel crazy, like the whole "zOMG Drusilla is a centaur?!?" thing was back when the 8.18 cover came out.
Wait. That's not Dawn?

ETA: Oh I see, we're not sure. It totally looks like Dawn to me.

[ edited by Sunfire on 2009-05-08 15:43 ]
I'm with Sunfire. It never occurred to me it was anyone but Dawn.
Whereas it never occurred to me that it was anyone but Willow. :)

Simon, I think nonbeliever has pegged it--this looks a lot like the scene in Firefly where Mal and Inara are sitting on the catwalks above the cargo bay full of cows. :)
I am also pretty sure it is Dawnie. She and Xander have spent a lot of time together since issue #10.
Haha, I think the variant cover looks like Andrew with red hair as well. And the Jo Chen cover has got to be Dawn...definitely doesn't look like Willow, imo. Overall I am excited for this arc. Jane + OZ = Awesomeness. =) I participated in a live chat with Jane Espenson about a month ago. I asked her if she could give any details about the upcoming Oz arc. She said that Oz is going to have someone new in his life but that she couldn't really elaborate further. She also said that there will be lots of flashbacks to his time in Sunnydale. It certainly has my curiosity piqued. Wonder who this someone new is going to be?
I would have been certain that they are Willow and Andrew...but I see I'm in the minority now I'm having doubts.
I think it looks quite a bit like how Chen drew Willow's face on both the 8.03 cover and the cover for the "The Long Way Home" TPB. It looks similar to Dawn on the 8.04 cover but not, IMO, the 8.18 cover. Nor does it look like Willow on the 8.19 cover. Willow on the 8.20 cover? Not sure.
Dawn's metamorphoses continue! And have taken a new, more troubling turn.
Well, Dawn did say Willow was like a Mom to her...
Dawn morphing into Possibly Willow does have interesting ramifications, both for Oz and for Kennedy :)
I saw her right away as Willow but I can see a bit of Dawn there too. Perhaps that's Oz as the werewolf in the Jeanty cover and his new significant other is Andrew?

I like the yaks though.
If Oz's love interest is already with him I don't see why it could posisbly that interesting and pivotal unless it's 1-one of the were-jaguars from the Angel comics at the other company or 2-Chao-Ahn.

And hey, Tibet, not exactlya free coutnry. The Tibetan exile colonies in India would eba more plausible locale. I love ya, Jane, but you're prone to missing these little dimples of verisimilitude :-). Another :-) in case she's lurking :-).
Well, the Tibet thing probably isn't Jane's fault. I'm guessing it was decided to accept parts of the Oz mini-series as canon, which left Jane to pick up the pieces.
Okay I'm now saying that's definitely Dawn on Chen's cover. Oddly, if you focus on the wide shot of them sitting on the submarine, the body language is all Dawn. The way she's sitting with the blue jeans, it's all 'little girl becoming a woman' vibe. And that's Oz on Jeanty's cover - the problem is that he's doing Oz's hair exactly the same way he does Andrew. And considering Oz has crazy unique hair styles, his hair shouldn't resemble Andrew's. If there ever was an excuse to go wild with the hair, it's Oz.
This is odd how half of us are sure it is Willow, and the other half sure it is Dawn.

I personally think it is Willow - Dawn never occurred to me.

Also, I don't really understand the symbolism of this cover. Why is there giant X/W, and regular X/W sitting on the Slayer sub? I think I recall something about Yak droppings, or something to that effect, but I don't recall. Oh! something Willow put in her bra, right? After she went all crazy magic Willow for the first time? She told Buffy it was one plus of giving up magic, no more yak whatever in her bra...
Bahhhh. Oz is still in Tibet? How boring.

I get that he went through a big change and all, but after all that settled down, I see him wanting to go back to a somewhat normal life with people and music. He shouldn't be defined solely by the fact that he's a werewolf. Oh well, I'll see where it goes.
It's Willow, methinks, though it has Dawny qualities to it. has a better picture.
Looks like Dawn to me. On the other cover, Oz doesn't look like Oz much. I thought it was Andrew at first. Or maybe it is.....bah. First time I've ever been confused by who's on a cover.
I thought it was Willow too and if that is Oz, it really doesn't resemble him at all.

First the characters start talking like each other and now they start looking like each other. Adds to the mystery for sure.
zeitgeist; Heck it *is* canon he went to Tibet per "NMR." Just the idea of his settling there permanently rings false for political reasons.

dingoes8; Agreed. I can't see him becoming a permanent drop-out, especially for 5 whole years. And I'm really not channelling my fics here, beleive it or not.
Yeah, just wasn't sure how the timing worked out of when he got there and how long he stayed in NMR. Luckily, someone will likely analyze it and produce a lovingly crafted and overly detailed timeline :).

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