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May 07 2009

Buffy Chosen Collection is only $75 today on Deep Discount. $74.94 to be precise. According to the front page, the sale price is good today only. ETA: Unfortunately the offer is no longer valid.

I already own it, and I'm sure most readers here do, but I figured I'd post it because it really is an amazing price. Back in the day you couldn't get even 2 seasons for that price!

I try not to buy things on impulse, so I waited and thought for a while. I just went back to make the purchase, and the price is now $159.10! *sob*
Comes up at $159.10 for me.
I called their customer service line, and they took the order manually over the phone and gave me the $74.94. She had also suggested clearing my cookies to see if that would help; I just cleared them and it DID fix the price. If anyone is trying to buy this, try clearing your cookies first. If that doesn't work, call their customer service. :D

And then I was annoyed that I was signed out of Whedonesque and had to sign back in to make this comment, but that would be because I cleared my cookies, wouldn't it? LOL
Odd, if you look at the front page it still shows the sale price.
It's gone already? May have to kill the entry unfortunately.
Hmm, well I managed to get the deal! I know I'm late in getting the whole set, but $75 and free shipping is an ungodly amount of awesome.
Shame. Really is an awesome deal. I got mine on preorder from Amazon, but of course it was nowhere near this cheap. Kudos to the ones who managed to get in on this.
Wow, they really closed that deal early.
Could someone tell me what the initials ETA in the title description stand for. I'm behind the times. I always thought they stood for Estimated Time of Arrival. But doesn't seem right here.

Thanks for enlightening me.
ETA= Edited To Add :D
I got it for the $75, but at the checkout page it said something about it being out of stock. Hope it doesn't take too long to get new stock, and they still give it to me for $75. Even with the $13 for international shipping it still works out to AU$116 which is way cheaper than the AU$220 it retails for here (plus the US version has cooler packaging and more special features).
Thanks Mouse

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