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May 08 2009

What the papers say about Dolhouse episode 12.'s Ken Tucker said there were some good moments but it was "a bit of a let-down". The Watcher loved it, saying the episode confounded her expectations. iFMagazine raves about it, "Damn. This is great storytelling". IGN thought Omega "was a disappointment after the last few very good episodes". The AV Club gave it a 'B+' but said it was a show that "deserves respect" and called for a renewal. And lastly, TV Squad called the finale "an excellent episode".

From EW:
There were numerous times here, I gotta say, when Fran Kranz as Topher delivered his sarcastic lines so caustically, I thought Joss Whedon and company were going to pull a switcheroo and have Topher be the series' ultimate villain; didn't you get that vibe a few times?

Really? Did someone get that vibe? What a waste of a character that would be, I think... Sometimes, when reading reactions to Topher, I wonder if Fran Kranz specifically changed his performance for my TV/computer screen. :-)

Although, his throwaway line to Alpha right before he was put in the chair, of "then you're gonna love this one -- it's kind of a greatest hits" did make me wonder about what actually went on during that "composite event"...

Understand the mixed reviews. It was a mixed episode to me. Low points:

- Way too much text (vs subtext) going on in "Omega"'s speeches to Alpha. Also, the whole "black president" thing could have been done way more subtly. Felt out of place in a show like this.

- Sierra/November engagement going nowhere. Even if it was cut for length, and they needed to keep the imprint scene (I guess, among other things, to not have Mellie/Madeleine/November appear out of nowhere in this episode), it was too much setup to have zero payoff.

- And yes, the action parts (Boyd/Ballard/Alpha/"Omega") were horrendously anti-climaxy for a season finale. The Eternal Sunshine part right after more than made up for it, though.

Otherwise, a brilliant episode -- but the kind that might have benefited from being a two-parter.
Nearly all the problems were down to it seeming rushed, I think it would have been right up there with Becoming or something like that as a two-parter. I didn't like the Obama reference either, but it was a two-line exchange, which is hardly an episode-tainter, to me.
I thought it was outstanding. A good insight to Alpha's wants and desires. And yes, all the damage inflicted chasing that "pipe" dream. I must give the episode an "A" and demand a follow-up. FOX, are you listening?
Anyone who didn't love Omega hasn't been paying attention. Their whole lives.
Wow, doublemeat, way to have an open mind.

I too was disappointed with this ending episode. It seemed rushed, and that can't really be blamed on "Epitaph One". "Omega" was supposed to be the ending for the main arc. They ended up tying all these loose ends haphazardly, sort of handwaving other things altogether, and it led to a pretty lame finish. I'd like to see where it would go, but they could have done better.

I was actually a little reticent to even bother to come to Whedonesque tonight, lest I be inundated with cries of "HERETIC!" for not wanting to love "Omega" like my child.
After sleeping on it... I liked this ep, and I've bought all the eps on iTunes, so I'm a fan. But I've liked finales from Dexter & BSG more.

I am glad it has become more an ensemble show of late -- that's better than 'The Eliza Hour'. And Allan, Amy, and Fran are excellent, so more of them please. If we get a 2nd season it'll be interesting to see if/how they change the structure.
I'm no fanboy, I thought only A Spy In The House of Love was top notch before this, and that had a far better structure so was more appreciable artistically. But the emotional payoff in Omega was amazing. I got teary and I don't even like stuff. Complaining about haphazards is failing to communicate with the episode.
They did end up cutting 10+mins for this, thus the rushed feeling some noticed. When we call you "HERETIC!" we do it lovingly (or we get /kicked ;)).
Hopefully, that will be included in the DVD release (28 July 2009). Gosh, my mind's starting to process Amy's role in this. Joss and his puzzles! Love it to heart!

We don't call names here, we just quietly roll them up in a carpet and stick them in a corner. Just in case we need them later :)
Alan Sepinwall says, "Most of 'Omega' was terrific, a nightmarish meditation on the worst implications of the Dollhouse." But uncertainty as to whether the series will be renewed and the ending were frustrating.
Here is Heather Havrilesky's review from if you'd like to add it to the top. (I haven't read it yet though as I haven't had a chance to watch the ep yet.)
You know what? This is the first episode for which I truly don't care about the reviews. 'Omega' was near perfect to me and I'm going to keep it that way.
I hope the full episode is on the DVD. Director's cut, or whatever. I'm reading the full script, and there are some nuances I would have liked to see more of.
The 'full' episode won't be on the DVD. The first cut is 12 minutes longer, but first cuts don't get released.
That's so bizarre. Very often episodes are improved by cutting stuff out. But where - as in this case - the episode was clearly intended to be longer and there are a few bits where it's obvious stuff was cut, you'd think that they could just put the longer cut on the DVD
Man, wasn't the first cut of "Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been?" (arguably the best Angel episode) 18 minutes over or something crazy? I'd LOVE to see that.
Wow, I never knew that. Those 18 minutes would have made for a great DVD extra

I'm generally against long, pretencious director's cuts(see: Lord of the Rings). But I think it's all whole different story where the original was artificially cut down so as to take up a pre-determined amound of time and the story seems obviously improved by adding only a small amount (10 minutes) of extra footage. Since they've already shot it why not include it?
Well, the score etc is done on the final cut, so if they wanted to make a longer cut watchable it would need a reasonable amount of cost and time to give it music etc, so I can understand why it doesn't happen.
Ah, good reason. Thanks
Didn't the 3rd season of BSG have an extended cut of one of the episodes? I think I remember hearing something like that.
I guess you're more likely to do that for a successful show 3 seasons in than a bubble show in its first season. If FOX isn't going to renew the show I doubt they'd fork out the money to create an extended cut of Omega
That's so bizarre. Very often episodes are improved by cutting stuff out. But where - as in this case - the episode was clearly intended to be longer and there are a few bits where it's obvious stuff was cut, you'd think that they could just put the longer cut on the DVD

I don't think Joss has ever done that on any DVD.

I'd like to see the "full episode", even just as an extra with missing music, rough edits etc.

But having read the script it's clear that they didn't shoot it all as per that script. Echo was supposed to be holding on to Alpha's leg when he threw the wedge, for example. The shot in the aired episode clearly wasn't shot like that and couldn't have been edited that way. I assume they realised they were running long by that time and cut bits during shooting rather than shoot stuff they knew they would end up cutting.

So I doubt we can ever see that exact script on screen.
Damn money :(
Can't we make the score for that 12 minutes cut? :P
I wish they 'd do the whole editing thinking in this kind of scenarios.

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