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May 09 2009

Dollhouse is still on the bubble. Variety looks at the prospects of original, scripted TV on Friday.

WARNING: My anti virus indicates this site has a trojan virus so if you're concerned you may prefer to avoid it.

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Er... Are you sure you don't have a fake av popup trojan? In any case, time for Kevin Reilly to step up like he has with other critically buzzy shows with vocal fanbases in the past.
I'm not seeing a warning on my software either. It could have been a false positive. As for renewal, I would love to see a second season but I just don't see it happening.
I'm not seeing it on numbers alone, but buzz + KR keeps me from giving up just yet. In any case, I'm thankful for him being at Fox so we got to see the whole season (minus the coda "Epitaph One", natch).
We're supposed to find out what was renewed and can--not renewed sometime next week, aren't we?
By the 18th.
Thanks. As Xander once said, "The suspense is killing Angel."
I hope the buzz is going to be enough to save Dollhouse, but it sure did not work with Moonlight. Of course ML was on a different station so I can hold out hope that FOX has more smarts than CBS. Fingers crossed.
Is 'Lie To Me' coming back?
Yep. Fringe also has a 22 episode order.
Yeah, my Avast detected a virus on that page.
Is "Lie To Me" coming back?

Simon, stop teasing. I know, but we're still holding a candle in the wind here. Hey, there's a chance!
Yes I confirm that Avast detect a virus on this website.
It might be a false positive with Avast.
I had a virus-like problem yesterday that happened while I was on this site -- though I thought it happened from following one of the links. My cursur froze up and then started jumping up and down and I couldn't control it. Did system restore and it's all better. Have been here a lot since without a repeat. (The link was to i09).
Intermittent virus warnings on good sites typically mean that there's one or more badly-behaving ads placed (e.g., in a rotating banner) that only some people see.

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