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May 09 2009

'Epitaph One' will be a no-show on Hulu. The site says "the 13th Episode of Dollhouse will not be available for online streaming".

Global TV won't be airing it either in Canada.
They seem to be going out of their way to make it a DVD only extra, presumably because they (rightly) believe that it will sell more DVDs.
It's a nice marketing idea but as soon as the episode airs abroad or someone gets an advance copy of the DVD, it'll available for illegal downloading all over the place. Thus making the nice marketing idea somewhat redundant.
But the numbers of folks who will download and not buy in this fandom have to be pretty tiny and the numbers who have the knowledge to find and torrent download aren't that big even wuthin a fandom like this.
It's more than likely a nice marketing idea still, though, just not thought through. I don't believe there's an international market which will air it before the DVD comes out.

The DVD - however - comes out a week early at Comic-Con. Therefore, it will be online at least a week before the DVD is in stores for general availability.

I feel a bit sorry for Joss, Jed, Maurissa, Felicia etc, as they clearly worked their ass off for this episode so it's a bit lame it ended up buried away.
The DVD will be only available in very limited quantities at Comic-con starting only 5 days before it is available to the rest of US and Canada. I think the general release of the DVD and Blu-ray will still beat any international airing of Epitaph One by at least a couple weeks. I'll just be happy when I get to see it. :)
Does anyone know if itunes will get it? In the past they hsve gotten to sell the unaired episodes of shows.
RavenU, I doubt iTunes will get it.
What about Sci-Fi UK? Cant find any hint on the website as there only listing up to episode 9!
It will be airing on Sci-Fi UK, they've confirmed that. However they air it after the DVD is out.
I don't know why it wouldn't, you can request an episode of a series. Perhaps if enough people request it they will get it.

iTunes Request page.
If it went on iTunes, it'd go on BitTorrent within minutes. I'm almost certain they'll hold it back till July for money reasons. (Yes, there's layers of humour there).

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Well, I did the iTunes request. Can't hurt, might help . . . and I want this episode anyway I can get it. Except not illegally, because that would be wrong.*

*Also because I wouldn't have a clue how to torrent something anyway. (Did I say that right? Is torrent a verb now?)
If it's on the DVD at ComicCon it will be on torrents within hours.

I'll download it. But then, I've already ordered the DVD from Amazon US.

(Did I say that right? Is torrent a verb now?)

The correct way for a Whedonesquer to say this is "It'll go all torrenty"

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I agree, preventing it from being shown on Hulu will not help DVD sales. The majority of the fans will buy the DVD's regardless.
c'mon internet, if you can snare that studio stinker wolverine a month early you should be able to come up with this somehow.

not that i won't happily get the dvd when it becomes available, i just resent waiting.
What annoys me by them not showing it, is I bet it'll answer at least a little of what the Dollhouse's true purpose is--something Omega didn't have time to touch on. I think it'll make Season One feel a lot more complete.
Gotta appreciate that FOX want to support the torrent sites.
I'm guessing the issue is less being mean to fans and more that even putting the episode online officially would cost FOX the network something and they're not prepared to do that for a show they've decided not to air at least in part because to do so would cost them more than they've already invested in the show.

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