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May 09 2009

Thumbs up for Dollhouse. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette poll results are in, and Dollhouse gets 30% in the "keep" category and only 61% in the "don't care" category. Thus beating many other shows.

For comparison, Bones got a 64% "don't care" rating, and we're still getting more of David Boreanaz!

I don't really understand why so many people bother rating on that site when apparently the majority don't care.
Actually, that's pretty good; it ranks third among Fox shows, only behind House and Bones.
@mortimer; it was a poll that asked for your renew/cancel opinion on all those shows on all those networks. So naturally, for most voters, it includes a lot of shows they never or seldom watch(ed).

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ahh, that makes sense then.

it seems like Dollhouse did pretty well then.. and so did TSCC.
The 'Don't Care' catagory is an indicator of how Popular (or unpopular, depending on its 'thumbs up' or 'thumbs down' status) a show is. Or rather, the level of interest or active dis-interest in the show. The lower the percentage in the 'Don't Care' catagory, the more it is in the aweness of the general population. Dollhouse's 61% (or 60.9% last I looked) puts it as one of the more 'known' shows with maybe only a dozen to fifteen shows on that entire list with more active interest in their well-being, or their demise, than Dollhouse.
Is it just me or did Dollhouse win?
Yeah, the whole barely thing is misleading. Dollhouse has one of the best statistics.
Looks very good to me.
Yeah, the whole barely thing is misleading. Dollhouse has one of the best statistics.

That's what I thought. My hasty Excel calculations has Dollhouse coming 19th out of 347 shows. So I've tweated this entry accordingly.
Yeah, Dollhouse seems to be in the top 20 among all networks. As mangydog said, there are few shows where more people voting cared either/or. And the amount of people who wanted it renewed was also upthere.

Plus, highest show on Fox in the most important demographic (18-34)-- if looking at it with an exec's eyes ;-) -- by a large margin, even.

Can't see any "barely", really :-)
For Fox's offerings, only House and Bones got more than 30% "Keep". House and AI are the only ones with less than 60% "Don't Care". Dollhouse is 29.7% "Keep" (which makes it #3) and 60.9% "Don't Care" (also #3). It's also in the bottom 10 in the "Cancel" list, which are all under 10%. I'd say that puts it firmly in the "win" category.
It's interesting that Dollhouse seems to be more popular among women than men: see here. It's also top in both the 12-17 and 18-34 age ranges, as Kaneda pointed out. Also, men like cartoons.

Then again, with AI as Fox's top rated show being #3 on the "cancel" list here, I'm not sure how to read things, really.
This list seems pointless. There are shows on there that are going to be renewed and this site says should be cancelled. ie; Celebrity Apprentice. And shows that are going to be cancelled and this site says should be renewed. ie; Terminator.
The list does seam pointless, considering every single reality show on Fox got a thumbs down. I hate them as much as anyone but looking at this poll and then the ratings, they're damn near polar opposites.

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