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May 09 2009

(SPOILER) Dark Horse's Buffy Zone gets updated with new info. And there's some interesting hints on what to expect from the Joss/Jo two page Buffy comic strip for MySpace Dark Horse Presents.

A Willow-Oz story written by Jane Espenson, that sounds just about as good as it gets in my world. Cant wait :)
Are we thinking Angel and Spike...
I would say that's a safe bet.
Joss + Chen + Spike + Angel, and only two pages? This is me pouting...
Well, which is it? Willow and Oz or Angel and Spike? Huge difference there.
Can two pages really be a saga....
Hopefully its leading somewhere good.
Pretty sure the Joss-written, Jo-illustrated 2-page story will be Angel and Spike, while the Espenson-written, Jeanty-illustrated 4-issue arc will feature Oz, and also Willow, Buffy, Xander and Dawn. Whether it will actually deserve the title Willow-Oz remains to be seen; going by the solicitation it's more likely to be Buffy-Oz.
Yeah I doubt there's going to be any Willow/Oz shippyness. She's with Kennedy now and I don't think the writers would be gutsy enough to send her back to "boys town."

I think the Angel/Spike two page story will feature very little dialogue and will mostly consist of images. Which is why I'm guessing Joss wanted someone as gifted as Chen to do it. Two pages isnít a lot of room for dialogue and as they say, sometimes a picture can say a thousand words.

My biggest wish would be if Joss hopped off the fence and just made it clear one way or another who it is she "chooses." I honestly don't really care who it is anymore, lets just end the triangle. It would certainly evoke much love and loathing from the fandom one way or another. Still seems unlikely though.
I think we now know when Angel and Spike are going to be dropping by in season 8 too.

In that two page story written by Joss and drawn by Jo Chen for MySpace Dark Horse Presents.

Got to say,I wish it was happening in the actual comic instead of the myspace page tie-in.

1) Because it's only two pages and how much can you do in two pages?

2)The only way to have the myspace tie-ins in print,in your own hands, is to buy the trades and I don't buy the trades,only the individule issues.

If this is when Angel and Spike show up,than good news and not surprising that Joss himself will be writing the appearence.

I already have a thought on the love/loath thing in relations to Joss's myspace story.

Could we love and loath this because Angel and Spike fianlly make there real time season 8 appearences but don't actually interact with Buffy at all, hmmmm?lol

Maybe this is just going to show Angel and Spike's reaction to the new world order reflected in season 8 with vampires being cool and slayers hated.Again,how much could be done only in two pages with Angel/Buffy/Spike interaction? But NO Buffy appearence and just showing Angel and Spike dealing with or reaction to the larger consequences of the new status quo in a little two page thing but with no Buffy appearence,well I could so see Joss doing that.It certainly would cause the B/A and B/S shippers to likely both love and loathe it.heh heh

Finally getting the two vamps in season 8 in real time but not dealing with anything the two shipper groups want but just dealing with the larger season 8 status quo and how they impact those two vamps.So very Joss,that would be.ROTFL

Buffy herself hasn't appeared in any of the my space tie-ins so far either.So there is already precedence for no Buffy in this myspace tie-in since she wasn't in the last two either.

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Oz? Angel and Spike?

*does the Dance of Joy*

I agree, it does sound like Joss to have no Angel/Buffy/Spike interaction, just to annoy us all. Similar thing was done with 'The Girl in Question': Buffy was taken out of the equation and it just focused on Angel and Spike's bickering (hilarious episode!)

Angel: I helped saved the world, you know.
Spike: Like I haven't.
Angel: Yeah, but I've done it a lot more.
Spike: Oh, please.
Angel: Closed the Hellmouth.
Spike: I've done that.
Angel: Yeah, you wore a necklace. You know, I helped kill The Mayor and, uh, and Jasmine and--
Spike: Do those really count as savin' the world?
Angel: I stopped Acathla. That saved the world.
Spike: Buffy ran you through with sword.
Angel: Yeah, but I made her do it. I signaled her with my eyes.
Spike: She killed you. I helped her! That one counts as mine.
"Are we thinking Angel and Spike..."

I think we're supposed to be thinking that and then it'll turn out to just be her confronting Riley about him doublecrossing her
Mislead, mislead!
I'd always thought the Angel and Spike cameo of Buffy S8 was taken care of WAY back in Issue 3. You know, the HSB dream sequence, with the choo choo trains etc?!

But as this one-shot is the closest we'll get to a 'very special crosssover episode', I say "Bring it"!
I think it's safe to say Riley and Oz don't count as a "surprise appearance" of love interests since they're already front and center in the Season 8 story, which leaves Angel and Spike. As for two pages not being enough space...well, actually a lot of dialogue can be squeezed in to two pages - just look at the end of Living Doll (not that I'm happy we're only getting two pages). So here's hoping Joss makes it count and the characters actually say something besides posturing awkwardly.
What sort of surprise appearance gets announced ahead of time?

Two page saga?

Can't say I'm really looking forward to it.
Well lets hope that this does indeed turn out to be a mislead, as I for one won't be looking forward to it If it's not.

I mean season 8 can't be that hard up for publicity just yet, surely, and I'm afraid thats all I see this as. A cheap way to boast more interest by playing the old shipper card, and yet at the same time not giving the subject matter enough space to explore properly and do it the justice it deserves.

Not impressed so far....

[ edited by sueworld2003 on 2009-05-10 15:56 ]
Okay, look, let;s get past the obvious. Who would really be a surprise, at this point in the series? Y'all know my bias here....
I'm going wait to read it before judging what it is and isn't, myself. I'm crazy like that.
I'm going wait to read it before judging what it is and isn't

That's just madness.
Oh, perhaps not Willow-Oz shipping per se, Willow and Kennedy is a thing nowadays, I know. But I say throw in a little werewolf. Kennedy wont mind, she's open minded yes?

...or perhaps that was a trip down naughty fan-fic land. Im shutting up now :P
Joss + Jo + 2-page Buffy saga is the real madness. The kind of madness I think I'll like.
I hope it's Angel! But I hope we see more of him this season than just two online pages.
How could you all forget about Buffy's true love? It's obviously Morgan Freeman! Remember their love was epic.
Obsessive fact-checking attack: Oz as a "Zen master"? If I remember my New Moon Rising, he went to Tibet, not Japan. Big difference in forms of Buddhism there, sort of like confusing Mormons and Catholics. But then, it is probably just a figure of speech. Though if we were to go to Tibet, could we look around to see if Tara has been reincarnated? Please?
scotws, who's to say he didn't go to Japan after Tibet?
Riker, yes, you could be right, I'm jumping to conclusions. By now, he could have been anywhere and done anything. Hey, he even had enough time to complete Nethack. We'll see. I'll be glad to have him back.
"I think it's safe to say Riley and Oz don't count as a "surprise appearance" of love interests since they're already front and center in the Season 8 story, which leaves Angel and Spike."

Or Parker lol
I hope that two-part saga will be part of the TPBs.
DawnLover90, Parker was my first reaction after hearing the Angel/Spike rumors too, heh. Watch, it'll be Scott Hope or something.
Wow! What incredible news. I can't wait to see JC's Angel, if it's Angel. Super cool news.
Former love interests? Whee! Maybe it's Owen and Olivia!

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