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September 16 2003

Fox close Official Firefly Forum and Mutant Enemy fight to bring it back.

That wacky Fox. DVD delays and closing the forum, anyone would think they wanted to totally forget about Firefly.

Not as if the show won an Emmy or anything like that recently.

In Fox's defense, from their standpoint, they did cancel the show. That they've kept the forum around this long is a little surprising.

That doesn't mean they didn't screw up by cancelling the show in the first place, of course. But the Emmy win is more important to Mutant Enemy than Fox. At this point, Fox really doesn't have a lot to gain by promoting a show they have no intention of airing again.
Likely, this has to do with the fact that Firefly: the Movie is being produced at Univeral, a rival to the Twentieth Century Fox Studios. If there's going to be an official forum, I guess it's time for Universal to start footing the bill. Seems fair.
It seems Fox also shut down the official X-Files forum at the same time. What happened to goodwill to fans?
People actually used the "Fox official forums"? I still think the Mutant Enemy folks should frequent here.
They might lurk here, you never know.
Hey, the forum's still there...check it out:
Its status has been changed to 'read only' which for all intents and purposes means 'closed'.
Wow, I hadn't noticed that. Fox could have at least warned them. What a bunch of jerks.
Hey. Gift horse. Mouth. Look away.

Fox offering a 'home' for fans & ME guys alike is fine and dandy. Nice and right kindly of'em. They didn't need to do that but they did. Now they ain't doing it no more. Time for them to look elsewhere, and there should be some way to encourage them to check this place out.
Wouldn't the best site for Fireflans...uh, Firefly Fans, be
Actually, all ME has to do is take over the forum, move it out of the "Fox family" and pay the $50 a year to run it through Prospero. Unless Fox refuses to release the site, it's already in the Prospero/Delphi system, so re-engaging it should be simple.

Then again, when it comes to corporate shenanigans and Fox, nothing is simple, is it?
You're right, Caroline. But I'm just lazy and don't wanna go all over the 'Net trying to find the latest from writer/director/talent "X." Whedonesque is the fun catchall it'd be nice if they just all frequented here. It's a nice place, but I'm admittedly partial.

Derek, you okay? You should git that cough checked, man. *smirk*

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