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May 10 2009

(SPOILER) The secret promo pic from 'Epitaph One'. Want to see another pic from the thirteenth episode of Dollhouse? Now's your chance.

Man, Amy Acker is gorgeous
Woah. Interesting.
And so talented. Her performance is the best from those last few episodes, for sure. I love the way she looks at her hands in "Omega" when she's telling Adelle about the attack on Victor.
Nice. Reminds me of Carrie.
I thought that was her on the left in that promo pic with Felicia standing around the chair. Think I recognized the nose :P I am kind of confused now though, because I thought Felicia's part took place in the future? But there's good ol' Whiskey...

And it's stuff like this which makes me feel sick at the prospect of a likely cancellation.
E! reported that Epitaph One takes place thirty years in the future and had no main characters in it. They were wrong on both reports.
I thought it was set in the future with both new and old actors playing different roles than before.
Oh man! (Or, oh woman!)

Either way, this episode should really be aired!
Where abouts are the other promo pics?
Amy doesn't seem to have scars in this picture
Amy doesn't seem to have scars in this picture

Wood for the trees. I never noticed that.

Where abouts are the other promo pics?
In the other pictures Victor doesn't seem to have scars either.
Yeah, the reason I didn't publish this screencap originally was I didn't want to ruin the surprise of seeing Amy as Whiskey, sans scars, in Omega.
Okay, really going to have trouble waiting for the dvds for this one...
There's a script floating around online claiming to be the finale.. Not sure though.. Anyone else seen it?

The teaser opens with

I stopped reading after that just incase it was real. Either way, can't wait for the DVDs!
That sounds a lot like the script Jackal (?) wrote a while ago. It was passed around a bit on the web, supposedly the seventh-ish episode. And got some pretty good reviews, actually. But it's not real. It was just a... writing exercise of sorts, I think.

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Yeah, Dollverse's Jackal (who's referenced in the Dollhouse finale - "thrown to the jackals", Alpha) wrote a Dollhouse spec. It got passed around online between people who thought it was the Dollhouse finale, except it wasn't. The hilarious part is I've read the script and it's indeed excellent.
Do we know that's actually a reference? It is a real phrase (although definitely not used to the extent "wolves" is.)
I don't get how it's supposed to be 30 years in the future, but with the same cast. Are they cloned? No matter what there's gonna have to be a whole other layer added to the mythology to explain this.
You can have the same cast, without it being the same characters. Maybe it's a sort of campfire tale. "Here's one way the world could end up thanks to the imprint technology", and for narrative purposes, dramatized using the actors we already have. (That's entirely speculation. But I can't help but wonder if sources saying "none of the original cast" meant "none of the original characters".) It would explain the title: Maybe every season would have an "Epitaph" episode.

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Gossi, where did you get these?
Maybe every season would have an "Epitaph" episode.

I've actually pondered that too, like at the end of season 2 there could be Epitaph 2 - and it starts where Epitaph 1 left off. That would be a really unique and interesting storytelling choice.
It's very interesting to find out about that but seeing Claire/Whiskey in the promo has really raised questions

And looking back at that still that ThorpeWithoutShrimp said there it does look like her

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