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"A bitca?"
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May 10 2009

Felicia Day on the Kevin Pollack Show tonight. Online at 8pm ET.

Kevin and Felicia tweeted the info about the show tonight.

Oh dear, I forgot about this... I'm bad. Has she been on already? Can someone post about how far into it she was on?
She just started a little bit ago -- the first guest was over an hour. Funny stuff. Pollak's opening up about cat ownership.
Oh Kevin Pollack is an amazing interviewer, he really went in depth and pulled out information that Felicia hasn't even gone into before. This is really fun!
I now this is 10 months old, but this fantastic 80-minute interview can now be found on YouTube in its entirety It's been there for several month, but was only recently linked to from Kevin's website and is largely undiscovered. If you missed the original live stream of this interview last May, and I know most people did, then I highly recommend it.

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