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May 10 2009

Whedonverse ladies on Maxim Hot 100 of 2009. Three of our gals Summer Glau (#87), Michelle Trachtenberg (#85) and Eliza Dushku (#6) made the list.

Summer Glau is hotter than Michelle Trachtenberg, I'm afraid. And there are lot of hot Whedonverse women who didn't even make the list. :(
Where's Amy Acker? Though I don't swing that way, I definitely think she deserves kudos after Friday's episode :)
Eliza definitely deserves that great ranking, Summer is hotter than Michelle, and I 100% agree on the disappointment that Amy Acker didn't make the list. I would totally go gay for Amy Acker :P Especially after that last episode. Like...yeah. Just, yeah. Also think Alyson should have made the list.
Tsk tsk, Donie. That is very ungentlemanly of you, they are all equally gorgeous, and should have been equally number 1 along with all the other Whedonverse ladies.
I agree that Summer, Michelle and Eliza all should have been featured on this list, but am somewhat surprised that more of our ladies did NOT make the list! The other women of Dollhouse in particular. Dichen Lachman, perhaps? Amy Acker? Miracle Laurie? Come on!
Depends when the voting was conducted.
No Shonda Farr? Again?
Olivia Williams not on No 1? That's just crazy.
Amazingly enough, these are basically the only three Whedonverse women (apart from maybe Eliza) that I didn't find ridiculously attractive...
Huh? Where the heck is Julie Benz? Not to mention Gina Torres, Amber Benson, Charisma Carpenter, Stephanie Romanov and Christina Hendricks. Summer and Michelle are cute as pie, but they could still pass for high-school students. Where are the women?
What do these three picks have in common? Unmarried, on TV now, have never given birth, and under 30 (well, 28 or younger).

That eliminates Amy, Sarah Michelle, Aly, Gina, Charisma, Amber, Olivia, Jewel, Emma, Julie, Christina, Alexa, Stephanie, Sarah Thompson, lovely though each of them is.

Felicia might be allowable under their criteria, but I'm not sure if you'd call The Guild "on TV now". Ditto with Morena... don't see her on recurring TV currently.

Have I missed anyone major?

Oh... Dichen... Hmm, one per show rule, maybe?

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I am a man who is led by his manhood, and even I freely admit this 'list' is insulting to women. They're not solely objects of desire for men to oogle after!

Christina Hendricks doesn't even get an honorable mention? Please. Her smile alone would hit at least 75 out of a 100. Personally, I'd put her left breast at number one, with apologies to Summer Glau's ankles - a close second.

Besides, no Miracle Laurie and no Amber Benson - totally dismisses this list as insignificant in light of reality. Or my penis.

jclemens: "Oh... Dichen..."

I have tried to lust after Dichen and I just can't. Not sure why. I like exotic, but she just doesn't do anything for me. Miracle Laurie though, makes me feel like Homer Simpson holding a donut. Mmmmmmm.... Was that TMI? I never can tell.
ZachsMind: Miracle and Amber have BMI's that are actually "Average"--that may be what's keeping them off the list. As far as Dichen goes... she definitely has a stronger jawline than most. Maybe that's offputting to some? She doesn't make an impression on me in terms of the rest of the other women who've worked with Joss, but through no fault of her own: Joss has worked with a stable of knockout actresses over the years, the vast majority of whom have aged very well.
jclemens; Were those official contest rules; under 30, on a current running show, and not a mother? Yeesh.

I don't know if it's sepcifically the jawline but yes,speakign just for myself I can see that Dichen isn't to the taste of every macho chauvinist wise guy out there.
For me, the kind of beauty possessed by Miracle, Dichen and Amber is a lot more subtle than say Eliza or Summer...they're stunners but it takes a second look to really grasp ALL of their beauty, which turns off some who don't wanna take the time to really pay attention.

Still, the list definitely feels stilted in a number of ways, mainly from the intended audience being young men of a certain age bracket who networks want watching programs like Dollhouse, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles or even Gossip Girl (either of their own volition or through being made to by a significant other). So "older" or supposedly less blatantly beautiful actresses get the short shift.

Really, I glanced at the full list, became happy that Summer, Michelle and Eliza got on it...but was disappointed when several of MY personal preferences for beauty failed to list. Much as I read and enjoy Maxim for what it is, their success to failure ratio for who they have gotten to pose being who I want to see is a closer race than I think they'd want in their readership.
jclemens: "Miracle and Amber have BMI's that are actually 'Average'--that may be what's keeping them off the list."

Oh yes. I'm not a fan of Quetelet's Proposal. The snob.

Which is why Maxim never gets much of my attention. A glance at the pics on that list, and their glamour shots of women elsewhere on their site, it did not intrigue me to venture further to learn about the many faces I didn't recognize. I like my women unafraid of the occasional hamburger. Maxim's idea of beauty, like the fashion industry and mass media, doesn't mesh with everyday reality. Thin bony women are actually kinda creepy gross.

For example, Felicia Day & Alyson Hannigan are talented, cute, smart and funny. Whereas Amber Benson & Miracle Laurie are awesome gorgeous. And funny. And talented. And smart. And beautiful and voluptuous. And did I mention major gorgeous with a capital -LY? They also have some in the awe department. Sexy. And hot. Did I mention hot?

"..As far as Dichen goes... she definitely has a stronger jawline"

I like Dichen's face. I think maybe it's the anorexia that puts me off. When she rubbed herself up against Tahmoh in the finale? Kinda cringeworthy. She looks breakable in that moment, not like a bounty hunter. Then Miracle walks past her with the great line about furniture. It's like an amazon princess motioning for a pet puppy to come. Weird moment.

Hollywood insists women starve themselves to get noticed. I wish I could slap the people who demand that. It sets a bad precedent. Focus should be on health and curves, not gaunt and hollow. Amen on the "stable of knockouts" but of course we're objectifying them, and maybe comparing them to horses? Probably won't ingratiate ourselves to Joss' Honorary Dance Troupe. We mean "stable" in a nice way! =) Honest!
As far as I'm concerned, Summer Glau is a goddess, and definitely deserves a far higher rating, like number 1. Amy Acker also deserves very high ranking. Eliza is probably the only one that is actually ranked correctly.

I of course love many of the women on Joss' shows, but I don't think any of them can compare to greatness that is Summer, or Amy or Eliza. I adore Dichen and Miracle, and like Tycho from Penny Arcade I'd love to groom Felicia, so of course they should be on the list, but I can't condone putting them above Summer.

It should be noted that I only recently could start drinking, so I skew far younger in the women I'm attracted to than many of the posters here (apparently).

Also, a lot of the women on there I've either never heard of, or just really aren't all that attractive as far as I'm concerned.

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