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May 10 2009

Top five shows worth saving. Dollhouse, Terminator, and Chuck make the list.

Hasn't "Life" been canceled already?
Why don't they just pair dollhouse with Fringe? It makes sense to me... although that could potentially drag down Fringe's numbers I suppose
Not if Fringe were first.
You could do Zack/Joss crossover episodes.
A Fringe / Dollhouse night would be heavenly. I might actually return to watching on a television. ..I'd have to buy one first tho. The only tv I got is older than I am, and I haven't turned it on in months. I don't think it's "digital" in any way shape or form so it may not even work anymore.

I watch Hulu. I've heard conflicting reports as to whether this helps or hurts shows, watching them online, but it's not like I have a Nielsen Box or anything. Apparently my vote for viewing never counts, cuz most of what I like gets prematurely canceled. Especially when on FOX, which is why I usually avoid FOX, and will return to doing so if Dollhouse doesn't get renewed, which means I'll miss Fringe but it's a small price to pay.

I've wondered why ABC doesn't put Castle and Unusuals on the same night back to back but the two shows actually have a similar look. They both take place in New York City. In fact they both take place at NYPD (must be different precincts of course) which kinda makes them redundant. If Castle doesn't get renewed but Unusuals does, I'm gonna cry fowl. foul! It'd be like they got Unusuals to replace Castle. That'd suck.

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not a big fringe fan l like the dollhouse TTSC paring summer and eliza are the bomb
Well, since none of these shows (possibly excepting Chuck) are apparently capable of surviving on their own, maybe what we need to do is combine them into one audience catch-all show. Just think of the possibilities! For example:
Ted's nameless place of employmemt turns out to be none other than the LA offices of the Rossum Corporation, whose building, besides sitting on top of the regional Dollhouse, has storefront space on its ground floor which currently is home to the local Buy More electronics store.
Meanwhile the Dollhouse is having its own problems when its staff discovers that a rogue imprint, known as Skynet, has become self-aware and is attempting to infiltrate its pool of actives with robot doppelgangers as a wider plot for world domination.

I still have to work Life in there somehow, but where there is a will there is a way (It's also the only one of these shows which has been officially cancelled to date, but who cares).
Ted works at Veridian Dynamics. Sorry to burst your bubble, there.
That's okay, it's ony a front group any way.

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