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May 11 2009

(SPOILER) 'Epitaph One' to be shown at Comic Con. Though the thirteenth Dollhouse episode may well be shown in other countries first, like Sweden for example.

So, I guess this probably won't be on Thursday night, huh?
Cool. :D

But damn, I wish we got Swedish channels. We can get some Norwegian and Danish (we don't have them now, I think but we could but just basic ones), but I don't think we've ever gotten Swedish. XD *Sigh*

I doubt it would be shown here. They didn't even finish showing Buffy. I had to see the rest on DVD and everything else on DVD. XD

Our channels suck sometimes. XD
So, I guess this probably won't be on Thursday night, huh?

I would say no. I will say that will be a fantastic event to be at. One that fans will talk about for ages to come. And I say that with a hint of sadness in my voice as there is not a hope that I will be there.
We kind of assumed this would be the case, but good to have it finally actually confirmed by someone.
Comic Con just got even better!
I'll be there, all the way from the You Kay. I'm hoping they fly the cast out so I can catch up with the splendid Deech and Miracle.
Time to start trollin' for four-day passes.
That does it. I'm getting in line right now. *grabs sleeping bag*
Sweet! I'll be there.
So finally a good reason for having moved to Sweden ;)
Ugh, I only have Thursday tickets. There's no chance they'll be screening this each day is there?
So, does Sweden subtitle or dub? ;)

(also: I'm very jealous of you Comic-Con goers right now. I was before, but it just got a bit worse ;))
Well, that makes it 356 reasons to go to Comic-Con, which I was going to do anyway. Thanks for the info!
By the way, wasn't Sweden one of the few countries to air all of "Point Pleasant?"

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Scandinavian countries mostly use subtitles. It's why I love 'em. XD

I'm pretty sure Iceland showed all of PP too. I think i at least remember watching all of it on Tv here. Heh. And no, I don't have the DVD's or anything.
Ah, so glad I have my 4 day passes already! Hopefully I can get into the room(s) to watch the screening and hopeful panel after.
They aired all of Point Pleasant in Brazil, as they did air all of Firefly, Wonderfalls and Tru Calling. I really didn't care much for Point Pleasant.
@danielgm86 Yeah, but back then Fox Brasil didn't have this stupid thing of showing all shows dubbed. That was the last drop that made me never watch Fox Brasil again.
I don't like dubbed tv either, but cable shows that air their programming dubbed have a much bigger audience, TNT has always been the most watched paid channel in Latin America because they air it all dubbed, and FOX went for that as a business strategy. And it helped FOX grow its audience a lot. Besides there's always SAP :)

By the way, something I will never understand is why Fox released Point Pleasent on DVD in Brazil but didn't release Firefly and Wonderfalls. Nobody watched Point Pleasant! Nobody!

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Woo Hoo! Already have my four day pass, so I won't miss this for the world!
They clearly heard this will be my first con! Weeeeeeee!
A few hours it is shown anywhere, it will be available almost everywhere.
Simon, I expect you will be too busy and tired by then to feel much sadness. I on the other hand finally booked my ticket to San Diego today. Whoohoo!
I don't have TV400, but I'll definitely buy the DVD.
All sorts of jealous! I wish I lived in Cali.
The sad thing is, I'll be watching all the unfolding news online and... You guessed it. I live in San Diego.

How pathetic is that?
(swedish) TV4 will subtitle but not dub the show. I'll keep an eye on whether or not the episode actually airs. I'll tune in sunday to confirm that they are broadcasting the show in the proper aspect ratio.
Thank you Sweden :D! We get Swedish channels here in Norway :D! (though I've heard they don't get ours.. Hrmph..)
I never bootleg (okay for Wall-E once in a hotel room with a bare TV, no DVD player, and no Pay-Per-View, but I justified it by buying the Blu-Ray for my friend later), but I will for Dollhouse since it's gonna get my dollars for the Blu-Ray anyway. Yay Swedes, you guys are sweet!
"Woo" with a "hoo" and a tiny squee added on the end. So glad that THIS is the year I decided to fly in to SDCC from Australia. (I will be the one throwing a tanty of epic proportions if I don't get into the room, BTW.)

So does this mean that the exclusive DVD won't be available until after the screening?
Wow, 13 Dollhouse episodes! Must be the first positive thing about Swedish tv in years. Exept the subtitles of course. Here in Sweden everything foreign is subtitled. With the exeption of some childrens programs, Disney and the like, when it airs on TV. But on cinema, and mostly TV, even those are shown in both versions, a dubbed one and a sub'd one.

And for some strange reason Charlie and the Chocolate factory was dubbed at some cimemas... Dont ask me about that incident. I still havent fully recovered >:(

And alas no, we dont get Norwegian TV, unless you live very close to the border. The Skåningar though get Danish TV, at least the ones living in the southern part.
missb, the DVD is supposed to be available all through Comic-Con. I don't think this will affect that. It had better not...
yay, go Sweden! But wait, I don't have a tv (I don't need one because all I watch is buffy/angel/firefly episodes and dollhouse on hulu).. darn!

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I don't know why anyone is surprised. His name is Joe Sweden, after all.
b!X; LOL!

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So thats why it sounded so familiar!
TV400 is doing good, quick work, pity it's a cable channel I dont have.
I had no idea Dollhouse was airing in Ssweden. Go us!

But I don't think I have that channel anyway. God dammit.

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