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September 17 2003

'Watchdog' investigates UK Angel convention. Last night, a BBC 1 consumer affairs programme aired complaints by Angel fans about 'The David Boreanaz European Event'.

I watched the item last night, wasn't too bad though the presenters did go for the 'lets show clips of cemeteries approach' when fans talked about the alleged mishandling of the event.

Related news item:

Fans' fury at Angel fiasco

And apparently David was paid $200,000 to appear at the event and for this fan it was well worth it.

It breaks my heart to see that fans had bad experiences at the convention because it often turns them off to other future conventions by other organizers. I don't know if it's solely Jealous Events' fault as it may have also been due to David Boreanaz's peeps as well.

I'd heard from a reliable source about how much David was paid to do the event. Amazing as it is to hear, it's true, and it would explain why Jealous Events charged so much for their tickets (although one would think that they wouldn't operate just to break-even).

On a related note, Amber Benson had been advertised to appear at the convention as well, but after she had decided not to do it, Jealous Events continued to advertise her as being there. They had also advertised that they would be having the world premiere of her film Chance when in reality it had been shown numerous times in the States already.

What's funny is that she's still pictured in the header even though she's never done one of their conventions before. Discussion about Jealous Events and Amber can be found here and here.

A bit "dodgy" if you ask me. Of course this is just my opinion and not that of or its moderators.
As a follow-up, I find it interesting that the article stated that "To add to fans' frustration... Amber Benson, who played Tara - pulled out at the last minute."

That's totally not true as Christopher Golden (author of several Buffy books) posted in this thread on July 21st that she wasn't going to be there. And when was the convention? August 29th, 30th & 31st? Which means their claims of her pulling out at the last minute are questionable at best, since they continued to use her image to give the impression that she was still going to be there.

That is so totally wrong. And again I feel bad for the fans who were duped too. :(
I've heard from a reliable source that David was not happy with the organisation of the event but again that could be just a rumour.
The last scifi convention I went to was in the late 1980s. I see no logic to standing in line for hours, spending all kinds of money, just to stand over a table for a few minutes and stammer at an actor sitting there getting arthritis signing thousands of autographs. I'm thankful for the effort of these talented men and women bringing shows like Angel and Buffy and Firefly to us. I'm thankful enough to appreciate their talent from a distance, and not bore them with my presence.

But that's just me. =)
Gotta go with Zachsmind on this one, but to each their own.

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