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May 12 2009

(SPOILER) Covers and info for Angel: Only Human #1. Spinning out of Angel #23.

Scott Lobdell did writing on the old Buffy comics at Dark Horse (issues 47-59). Plus he had a very popular run on the X-Men books in the 90s.

Popular or not, Lobdell's run on the X-Men was really bad, and way too long. He did low-key single-issue character stories pretty well, but as soon as there had to be a plot or some action involved, it turned ugly. I read a lot of comics, but based on the writer I will most likely be giving this series a miss. Unless the reviews are stellar, that is.

(Sorry, I know this was way too harsh, but I'm still bitter over his X-Men run. ;)
I thought Bryan Lynch was doing these... so torn about the new Angel comics. Bryan did After the Fall so well, but I really don't like Kelly's continuation, so I feel that anything that comes after just won't be as good!
I have to admit to having quite fond memories of Lobdell's run on the X-Men books as this coincided with my reclusive early teens. Haven't read anything by in a good few years, but will probably pick up the first issue out of curiosity.
I'm like Wil, I enjoy Lobdell's X-Men immensely, but I was also 13 when it started, so my tastes weren't terribly discerning. The one thing that bothered me even then: He loves to introduce new plot lines, but has a tendency to forget to resolve them.
So it's an Angel story without Angel in it?...

and why are we almost getting some Illyria boob on the cover? o_O

and ooooh, can i start the canon debate, pretty please?
I kind of want someone to, but I'm not going to be the one to do it...
Really excited about this. I am glad IDW aren't just going to shoehorn Gunn and Illyria back into the main title and instead are going to really go into their current issues. After the "glitch in the Matrix" that is Aftermath, I think #23+ and this new mini-series are really going to get the series back on track.
Is it just me, or do the faces on that first cover look nothing like Fred & Gunn? (I know it's Illyria, but she appears to be mostly in Fred-mode there.)

And regarding the dreaded c-word . . . from my perspective, if the original writer/creator(s) have given permission for the story to be continued, but aren't at all involved in the plotting, then the resulting stories are official but not necessarily canonical.
It's "Brian".
These comics look like they'd be something I might read.
Ohhhh man. More Angel. With AFTER THE FALL, the two adaptation series, BLOOD & TRENCHES, AFTERMATH, the Drusilla two-parter, BECOME WHAT YOU ARE, the Spike announcement, this and whatever follows #25... this is probably the best year for Angel ever. Really, really can't wait to read this. I wonder when it'll debut.
Sounds interesting! But let's not forget 'Angel' Ya know...the big guy...broody?With numbers 23,24,25 and now this dedicated to other members of the cast, I really wanna return to his story. Well a better one than Aftermath anyway:)
angeliclestat I am sure we will be returning to Angel with #26. That is probably the main reason ONLY HUMAN is a spin off. There's more story to tell with Gunn and Illyria, but trying to squeeze them back into the main title with #26 just probably wouldn't work in our favor. If this starts a month after #23, then Gunn and Illyria will hopefully rejoin a month after this concludes (so around #28 or so).
Men, I'm really lost. How many series they have right now?
"Men, I'm really lost. How many series they have right now?"

One, just several arcs
Nah, that's not true DawnLover90. This starts with #1, so it won't be an arc in the main series. Angel: Only Human is a side series with four issues. The main title is on-going. Also, to answer AngelTheVampire's question, Blood & Trenches is also a separate mini-series, but it is set way before any of these.
*yawn* wake me up when aftermath is over
LOL@Chris the Bloody.
@patxshand: Exactly, they're mini-series, not series

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