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May 12 2009

Eliza Dushku reveals that Dollhouse talks are going on. She tweets "it'd be an extravaganza bonanza to return 4 rnd 2!"

She's enthusiastic enough to tweet about it, that can't be "bad".

With upfronts next week, if FOX was leaning toward cancelling, I doubt there'd be any "talks" to discuss. They're looking for a reason to renew.
I've got a reason... dollhouse is awesome!
mortimer, that's certainly enough reason for me, but I bet Fox (the network) is looking for another. My personal hope is that the DVD presales are strong enough that Fox (the studio) is willing to cut the price substantially, piquing renewal interest from Fox (the network). I'm hoping the two Foxes are haggling over the price as we speak.
Okay, so perhaps her previous tweet was, in fact, about Dollhouse. I had given up all hope of a renewal, so it's nice to know there's even a remote possibility.

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Miracle Laurie (how awesome is her name?) twittered this a bit ago: hasn't given up hope for her beautiful show! THANK U everyone for your continued love and support! Keep it up. Have a beautiful day!
One of these days, I'll realise something is important enough to post on the front page, instead of just posting it in comments sections as soon as it happened :P
I have a reason: FOX paid Eliza lots of money, told her to go out, and develop an opportunity for a show for them. She said *okay* then in an interview she said *if I was returning to tv it had to be with Joss* so I think she wouldn't do anything else for them. IMHO anyways.

That and the show is amazing.

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I think her contract ends in June.
That's good news to me.
I wish Big purple would chime in...
I hope there's a second season. It will be fantastico!
Paging the Purple Penner, or the Purple Penman, The Purple Publisher?
The way I feel about this kind of stuff is give the writer a chance to end it. That's what I wanted with TSCC, just give them 2-3 episodes to finish up. I'm still most saddened about Drive, that is the one I have never gotten over, I just want it to wrap up a bit.
"What would S2 look like?" is maybe the interesting question here. With Ballard working for the Dollhouse and Alpha out of the shadows, it could potentially reinvent itself into a rather different show.

Certainly if Whedon and co. don't have a strong concept for a full season, I can't imagine Fox even considering renewing.
nasarius, I seem to remember reading that, when Joss pitched the show, he had several seasons worth of general outline, and detailed plans for the first few eps. Am I making that up or did it actually happen?
This is good news! They've repeatedly stated that the show's only chance to survive is with some "creative financing," so this implies that somebody - the studio or maybe some other entity like DirectTV - is trying to negotiate a way to help bring the show back. At least that's my best guess.
I think Fox WANTS to renew the show. But it has to make financial sense, so they're searching their heads for a financial solution to help them do what their heart has already decided is the right decision.

Call me a Fox apologist, but I think Fox is on our side.
I remember reading that Joss would make season 2 much darker.... so I think they do have a strong concept.
You're correct, skeeler. He had a five-season plan--the networks pretty much require it in pitching a show, to ensure it can sustain itself--and then details for... I think seven episodes? Maybe I'm just thinking of the original episode order there, but I seem to recall he had come up with outlines and stuff too.
SteveP, I don't know if I'd go so far as to say that Fox is on our side, but they DID show 12 episodes, all in the right order, and all in the same timeslot. Certainly, they've treated the show much better than Firefly. (*sniff*) You might argue that they could have promoted the show better or put it on a better night, but they didn't completely screw the series over. The fact that they are even considering renewing the show, in the face of the ratings, indicates that someone there likes and believes in the show. Come to think of it, I at least partially agree with you; SOMEONE at FBC is on our side.

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Longest. Week. Ever.
The thought alone, that they didn't send the show to the attic considering the ratings is pretty clear, they're really trying, and that's a nice thing to know while waiting
OMG Septimus, I just said the same thing, even before I logged on.

Can it be Friday already?!
Stargyn, I'm right with you on Drive!
maz, I totally agree, I don't know who said it earlier but I feel like Fox is on our side. They won't blindly throw it back onto television without a plan or money potential but they let it run from start to finish (Epitaph One withstanding but that seems like not their bad). They didn't cancel it 5 episodes in so I am happy on average.
cronopioal, yay! Drive was my first love lost on television. I caught everything else on DVD so I was mostly scared that they would end it prematurely. I still would kill for the 6-7 episodes that we didn't see.
I wonder if Fox might renew Dollhouse just to prove that they will give shows like this a chance and to stop the talk from the start of shows like Dollhouse being doomed. That shadow has been hanging over Dollhouse since it first was announced, and it's going to continue hanging over any genre show Fox greenlights to take it's place.

It's going to keep being difficult for Fox to launch genre shows when the fans are convinced the show will be cancelled, and cancellation becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Although Fox has given Dollhouse a full season, a renewal would give a lot more confidence to viewers that shows like Dollhouse aren't automatically doomed.
Drive really got a bad deal. They were on the air for only two weeks (2 eps aired back to back on Sunday, then 1 the next day, then 1 a week later on Monday). Originally they were scheduled to air out the filmed 6 episodes and go on hiatus, but they got pulled early. The saddest thing is that only 6 episodes were ever filmed, and the show was really starting to show some potential.

I'm also disappointed they never put The Inside on DVD. I still want to see the unaired (in US) episodes. I'm not as much a fan of procedurals, and I hate gorey violent stuff, but I could force myself to stomach it for the excellent character studies in that show.
I had a post here about something else that I don't think existed so ignore this. I'll just say something about Dollhouse I guess. I am so grateful that with the DVD's we will get hours of Joss and Co. The pilot, the other finale, in the past few years we've gotten way more Joss tan it seems. Dr. Horrible, and Commentary, and Dollhouse. Previous to that the best we had gotten in a one year span was Serenity, a great movie, but only an hour or two of Joss and Co. We have gotten so much this year, gooooo us!!!
Am I right?

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Okay, so. I'm choosing to be optimistic about this. I am hoping not to be burned.
I am also concerned by my optimism.
My optimism is worrying me. I'd be more hopeful if I were pessimistic.
Optimism about Dollhouse feels funny.
I still have my pessimistic group of friends who will *only watch if it's picked up for more than one season* waiting.
I wonder if Fox might renew Dollhouse just to prove that they will give shows like this a chance and to stop the talk from the start of shows like Dollhouse being doomed. That shadow has been hanging over Dollhouse since it first was announced, and it's going to continue hanging over any genre show Fox greenlights to take it's place.

Actually, I think the first Save Dollhouse campaigns started even before Fox moved Dollhouse to Friday, at a time where there was absolutely no reason to think they would screw the show over, at a time where it was paired with 24 on Monday and stuff like that. (I'm not implying that Fox eventually did screw them over.) What I mean: No matter how well a show is treated by Fox, the fandom will picnic when it wants to picnic. Renewing Dollhouse won't prevent anything in the future in this regard, imo.

Also, there's a counterexample of Fringe. A genre show that was treated nicely (like Dollhouse), and nobody panicked ever over it. Because Abrams is not Whedon.
Also, there's a counterexample of Fringe. A genre show that was treated nicely (like Dollhouse), and nobody panicked ever over it. Because Abrams is not Whedon.

Not to mention the fact JJ Abrams had better luck with two shows on ABC, Lost and Alias. We, meanwhile, still remember the Firefly affair.
But if Dollhouse does have a round 2, put Echo and her pals on Mondays at 9 to keep the spot warm for 24, then maybe Tuesday at nine. The way this would work is if we have a season that has two major story arcs, like Heroes is trying to do on NBC. The first half would end just after December, then the second half would pickup in mid-January after the cheesy audition shows Idol starts with. While that writer from Time suggests the show should be a mini-series next fall, I think it can be two mini-series, one after the other. One can be about Echo, while the other can emphasize the other Actives.
We shall see.
I don't think darker is the way to go if the point is to convince FOX that they'll do a stronger rating in Season 2. On the contrary, I think the much more positive statement of "Omega" was the most likely to engage a broader audience.

As for format changes, I think Ballard chasing Alpha, adjusting to the Dollhouse, and the likely very bizarre dynamic between he and "Echo" would be a good place to start. Less story time spent on the engagements themselves and more spent on the tension between those in the Dollhouse asking questions about Rossum and those trying to deflect them.
I'll take this as a good sign but still be realistic about the actual chances of a renewal.
Didn't the "darker" comment get described by someone else as meaning Joss was literally talking the look of the show?
Let's not forget about what Dr. Saunders discovered about herself. That could lead to interesting possibilities.
But if we do get a second season, it may be 13 episodes. Other shows, like "Heroes" and "Medium" are due back but less than the usual 22-episode order. But as long as they are back, that is what counts.
Oh, and let Joss be Joss, Tim be Tim, etc.
KingofCretins is on the money.

Well, there's not actually any money. But if there was, he'd be on it.
Again, my hopes, they keep going up. Now is this upward momentum actually genuine, or should I prepare myself for a steep drop next monday? Like the escalator to nowhere in the Simpsons?
Now she tweets
This innocent tweeting sure does travel... Keep spreading my words guys, I'm on the road & need my Browncoats! ;)
Eliza's tweet raises a question: What are Dollhouse fans called? Not dolls, surely. Actives, perhaps?
I still vote for "Clients", because it fits the meta and is slightly disturbing.
I don't want to be slightly disturbing. Slightly disturbed, clearly I have no problem with.
Mannequins still sounds kinda odd to me... but we could adopt Victor as our mascot.
You can call yourselves whatever you want. I'm going to walk around calling myself a client of Dollhouse.
Mannequins still sounds kinda odd to me

If you've ever played Condemned on the Xbox 360, there's this brilliant level set in a deserted department store. The mannequins there are tres creepy.
Considering the only tv franchises I can think of at the moment with one-word nicknames for their fandoms were all cancelled in their original incarnations, I think "people who watch Dollhouse" is just fine.
When I was little I had a dream of walking down an aisle in a department store, passing a mannequin, and having it slowly turn its head and smile at me, then I woke up. Remains one of the scariest dreams I've ever had.
Oh my Simon, I know exactly what you're talking about. CREEPY much?

At first I was thinking of the name Ballards, but... he's trying to bring DOWN the Dollhouse. I like Actives too, because we're all on a mission here.
I just don't think the show has coined anything yet that is catchy enough for a fandom name.

Maybe it will next season...
Oh! Sleepies!!
How about Sleepies? 'Cause we're all dreaming of a season 2.

Edit: Haha, ow, wow.

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I. Am. Dying. I need some good news soon, or I will explode.

I kind of like the idea of Paul and Boyd on the run, looking for Alpha, but Paul starts to stalk Madeline (is that Mellie's name) and loses sight of Alpha. OH! And more back story on Saunders. And ANY back story on Topher.

I love all this fandom stuff. Seriously, it's so much fun.
How about Boyd's backstory? And how about we find out more about Rossum and their true motives?
How about Somnabulists?

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I like Wedges myself.
What would be the appropriate form of greeting among a group of people who refer to themselves as Wedges?
I had to ask. ;)
I don't know what's appropriate, but I say we all greet like Topher and his once-a-year friend.
Well there's always the possibility to see some kind of new scooby gang with Paul, Boyd, Topher, Adelle and the actives fighting a common ennemy who could be alpha but also maybe a new dollhouse placed on another city and ruled by Wolfram & Harts :)
If we're Sleepies then the convention dress-up is organic cotton pajamas?
The Engaged. Sleepies. Mannequins. Clients. Actives.

It amuses me that Eliza would associate anything "innocent" with herself. I can't not think of her and Faith being forever intertwined.

Buffy lasted seven years, despite our being known as Bronzers. And what were Angel fans called?
How about True Souls.
Because we all know that Actives are the truest souls there are.

As for greeting - "Blue Skies."
I like "Sleepies." It's a bit obscure unless you've watched every episode closely, so its an in-joke. And it's not as obvious (and therefore lame) as "Dolls" or "Actives" or w/e.
Yah, I vote Sleepies.
Buffy lasted seven years, despite our being known as Bronzers. And what were Angel fans called?

I was thinking of the traditional science fiction genre (ie. no outright magic) which Dollhouse is an example of.

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Or, we could ditch a name and use a symbol. In some fields of science, the omega symbol stands for "ohm" or electrical resistence. For this reason, many scientists who worked for the government during the Vietnam War wore omega pins to quietly signify their opposition to the war.

Resistence. Opposition. Maybe we should ditch a name and just use Ω. ;)
I like Bison.

No no. Sleepies is good.
Isn't that a nappy brand?
I like clients. :)
"Sleepies" make us sound so lazy, yet still vitally interested, no? It's tickling my sense of irony.
Aw, Eliza is replying to a bunch of fans on Twitter. She's awesome!

I really like B!x's idea actually.
Sleepers? Like November? Or maybe we are the Alpha-bits, oh god, I'm so sorry I said that.
If we're gonna with a symbol, we could call ourselves α (alpha), 'cause we're gonna send waves throughout the TV landscape.

Also, we're a tiny bit psychotic.
Or Buffans, and 7 seasons.

And if we just used the omega symbol they'd think we were opposed to the building of high tension power lines, or even high torsion ones. (Yes, as usual I'm referring to a 70s TV movie. Gag me with a disco ball if it bugs ya :-).)
Actives seems to be a very popular choice.
Also, we're a tiny bit psychotic.

Psychos? Maybe?
We're pimps and killers, but in a philanthropic way.
Let's play with the Sleepies!
Also, we're a tiny bit psychotic.

No, we're not! Well ok a few of us. But the rest of us! Stark raving sane.
Maybe this guy has got it.
Argh. Well that's pointed.

Also: can I just say that I'm firmly squashing any tiny shoots of hope that spring up? It'll just make it hurt more when they get crushed.

(just don't tell any Glaswegans...)
Maybe this guy has got it.

I think you've got something there, but I'll wait outside until you clean it up.
Eliza's twitpics put a big smile on my face :)
Sleepies is OK (it does sound like a nappy / diaper brand, unfortunately), but I am more enthused about esg's suggestion, Wedges. (But I vehemently vote against the implied form of greeting, brinderwalt ;)).

I don't see how this show is getting renewed, but it's hard not to feel hopeful. There's hope in the air. Yeesh. That mashochist guy nailed it there, didn't he?
I might be late here, but I quite likes Sleepies. XD
Again... I must ask a question that'll probably sound stupid...

Why "Wedges?"
"Wedges" are what the personalities are stored on.
Yep... Thought of that just now. That makes me feel sad. (Notice how I state my emotion.)

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You seem sad.
"She made a mistake. And now she's sad."

Not to get too far off-topic, but I really was asking what Angel fans were called. Little help?
The Hyperionians, no I have no clue, Angels Avengers, the BroodMeisters, Captain Foreheads Followers. Alright it's evident I am a Angel meanie head, I actually like Angel more than Buffy in a lot of ways, but I also feel, much like with Buffy, Angel wasn't about one guy, in fact it was almost not at all about one person, the ensemble is everything.
Psychonauts. Pass me some 'carrots', would'ja please?
Again, the purpose of commercial television is to sell products. If you want your favorite programs to survive, the best thing to do is patronize television sponsors, which is a very practical way to vote for your favorite program.
Well than Fox is going to have to start recognizing Hulu, seeing as it's 50% of the commercials on in prime-time shows... I mean count it because we use their product or count it because we watch their show on it, or both, but the internet is real you cannot pretend much longer.

Thus in coming up with why Dollhouse should survive based on it's advertisements I claim I am "King of the Thread!"
Sorry for so many edits, Yellows told me my punctuation and such is awful which is true, so it takes me a few tries.

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Greeting? Oh, come on....

"Did I fall asleep?"

"For a little while."

As for Angel, "Fang Gang" seems appropriate.
Sleepies is OK (it does sound like a nappy / diaper brand, unfortunately),

You're just being a one-track-mind almost-mum there, catherine, admit it! (But, no, really, totally sounds like a diaper brand :))

but I am more enthused about esg's suggestion, Wedges.

I like it too. I also like actives, although it's a bit too general for my tastes and Dollphans, which is funny but kinda weird (although, granted, X-Philes, back in the day, wasn't much better). How about 'Echoes' or 'Ghosts'?
I don't want to post this because it's mostly a rehash of stuff we already know, but Airlock Alpha reports that "at least one executive is rumored to be in love with a possible Monday night pairing of 'Dollhouse' and a show the network is said to be picking up, the DC Comics-based 'Human Target,' which could attract similar audiences."
'Human Target' is being picked up - definite. I've heard that.

This one was news to me.

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Heh, I guess we can now officially scrap sleepies from the possibilities list ;)
That Airlock Alpha article is killing me! I can't bear to get my hopes up -- even slightly -- because it's too depressing given the unlikeliness of the show coming back.

And yet, the article captures something that I've been sensing: FOX wants to bring the show back, and they're looking for reasons why, in different streams of revenue and new-media applications. I've done my bit: re-watched the show on, pre-ordered the DVDs, etc. Now the ball is in the network's court; will they defy convention and renew a show with dismal ratings or will they trash it and move on?
I vote for Actives because of its double meaning: Dollhouse allusion & our 'active' online support for the show & its cast & crew.
I hate to be a downer but I just can't see how it could get renewed when it was losing viewers even after it got really good. I mean the season finale dropped to less than 3 million, the lowest ever. Was Friday Night Lights that low? I'd love to be wrong about this. But if the show can't retain it's numbers, what reason could there be to renew it? I'm not getting my hopes up at all.
Variety is now reporting that it is a possibility and that Dollhouse fans should not give up.
The question is whether or not the viewers Dollhouse is losing according to the Nielsen ratings are watching it online or recording it. I think Fox understands that the the main demographic Dollhouse is aimed at is not home on Fridays. In May, there's even more to do - big movies openings, vacations, school events, etc.

Typically networks have to program Fridays to appeal to people who are home - families with young kids and older people. Those aren't exactly the prized demographics for advertisers.

The chance that Dollhouse has is that it can get so-so ratings, but get the core demo to tune in via Hulu or TiVo it. So, if there's an uptick in those numbers while the Nielsen numbers go down, it might not be looked on as being bad.
Variety is now reporting that it is a possibility and that Dollhouse fans should not give up.

THR, not Variety, maybe?
I'm hopeful but not ridiculous much. Okay, that's a lie. I'm brimming with hope.

But I'll irrationally blame all the sources that gave me false hope [THR and Airlock Alpha most recently] should the show not return for a second season.

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Yeah where? Would love a link if you have one.
All I see on Variety is an article reporting that "Human Target" and "Sons of Tucson" are definite pickups. Which is interesting.
Yeah, THR and not variety. Bix has the correct link.
Wow it says Whedon pitched the second season late last week?? Is THR credible?
Doll-babies. See here.

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