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May 12 2009

(SPOILER) First look at Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Tales of the Vampires. This Season 8 Interlude tale will be out in June.

According the letters page in Buffy #25 this comes out in June. Was it delayed?
No it means I can't read. It is June *blushes*.
Also, the comic pages say Nashua NH, but the Dark Horse text says it's a small town in Massachusetts.

I only care because I live in MA, and got my hopes up. I could have been all "that looks wrong for so and so" and other nerdier things.
Sweeet. I love Season 8 interludes!
Looks pretty cool. Love the first person narration. I thought the kid was three different people upon the first read, so I hope there will be a bit more consistency throughout. But judging by the excellence of #24 and #25 and the coolness of these pages, it looks as if Season Eight may be back on track.
"a young man named Jacob goes about his day as usual -- wakes early, eats breakfast with his mom, and heads to school. He's a hard worker and a reliable friend to Alexia, an athletic and headstrong young woman."

Sounds like intentionally paralleling the early Buffy/Xander relationship (with a tinge of Riley as well), to show how it might have played out in the "pro-vamp" world of current Season Eight (I'm assuming Alexia is/is about to become a slayer). That would be a cool story to see.
It sounds a lot like the "Tales of the Vampires" issue about the geek-girl who thinks she's an ork after getting sired. There's also a sort of guy-fantasy element to the plot -- sounds a bit like "Once Bitten", but instead of a seductive, mysterious vampire or the girl next door, the girl next door is also a Slayer. But... is there a point? Will this, that is, do what "Predators and Prey" didn't and actually show-not-tell how the day to day life of Slayers and other whitehats has changed because of vampires going public?
Hmm, the premise sounds interesting and the art looks pretty cool. I look forward to reading this. Jacob allowing vampires to feed on him in order to provide some excitement in his otherwise boring life kinda reminds me of the whole thing with Riley in season 5. Although I know Riley did that as a way too "feel close to Buffy," I believe he was feeling rather aimless, just blundering through life and aching to feel anything at all. I suspect this may be how Jacob feels as well.
I'm excited about this issue. I miss the conectivity of a group of friends (even if only two are humans and the rest are vampires). The buffy comics are starting to lose me the way season 7 did in that I miss the scoobies! I know they had to grow up and have seperate lives but part of me wishes they could have stayed closer. Anywho...ya for the interlude.
NH=!MA! As another Masshole, I have to comment on that. I'm interested in where this gos, it will be nice to see a Slayer in everyday life outside of Buffy's group. :) I kinda hope some sort of background fills up that peach-colored space around the seems like a lot of wasted space and a strange background color to pick.
It sounds a lot like the "Tales of the Vampires" issue about the geek-girl who thinks she's an ork .

Orc. If it's at all the same, good, because that's one of my favorite one-offs.
Stacy, by Mr. W., was indeed great.

This looks interesting, and not just because the all-new cast removes the safety net of "the stars will probably be okay". This story could go either way, or indeed go somewhere else entirely.

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