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"Oh my god. What can it be? We're all doomed! Who's flying this thing!?"
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May 12 2009

James Marsters clip from High Plains Invaders. Features him talking about the movie and clips from it as well.

Loving the rugged look!
Oh, I love the way he looks. But come one.. Nothing can be better then Buffy! :)
With all that time and money....I'd rather take Joss on a poor, rushed job.

Jayme, that could be the case. It does sound weird the way it was thrown in.

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Was that taken out of context? For some reason it didn't seem quite right.
I understood that he was saying that it was better than Dragonball, not Buffy. edit: No, wait, hang on - I listened it again and now I don't know what he meant :D

(and I agree with Jayme, I think what he said does sound like it was edited out of context)

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He looks tired. And I don't care how goofy the movie seems, I'll be watching.
He did say three times the money and three times as much time as we did on Buffy. The Buffy was very soft.
Man, that guy's awesome...
There's a slightly longer version of the interview here (link courtesy of Patsy at CDS). Haven't watched it yet, though, so I can't say if it answers the question what is better than what ;)
It doesn't :)

But it is fun and seems better edited. The first one seems to have been cut together rather strangely.Perhaps James was opining that butter was better than marg :)
I think the three times and better refers to the stunts on Buffy.
When I heard it I immediately thought, "Boy, that sounds edited and taken out of content." and "He is going to catch hell from Buffy fans for the way that sounds."

On the other hand, he looks great, and this looks like it could be silly fun.
I think I can tolerate an alien bug or two for a long gander at this cowboy!
See, I didn't take that comment seriously at all. He said it, and then he gave that cheeky grin, and I let out this huge burst of laughter because it felt like he was winking at us. Like, "Yeah, it's gonna be better than Buffy. Wink wink."

On the other hand, one of the most endearing things about him is that he genuinely seems to believe that every single thing he is in is good and inventive and cutting edge...even when it isn't. So who knows?

And let me add my appreciation for his look, too. ;)
Hmmm, according to imdb the movie cost 2 million dollars Canadian (or currently 1.7+ USD). I checked back in the Buffy days, when it moved to UPN it had a per episode cost of 2.3 million dollars US.
He seems to be ever the optimist, putting the best possible spin on whatever he does.
This looks so cheesy, JM may be the only actor on the planet that I'd watch it for.
Lord, thats such a good look on him. I'm so looking forward to seeing this. It'll be such daft fun! *g*
I don't know if he was just talking about stunts, but I have not found anyone that does stunts and fights better than Joss shows. They always look so real. Really looking forward to seeing James.
I laughed as soon as I saw the bug/alien. I do that when I see alien/bugs on TV/ in movies nowdays. I'll still watch the movie, but it looks ridicoulous. I know that's not the most constructive thing to say, but I'm being honest.
Strangely enough, as daft alien invaders go, I found the design on this to be one of the better ones myself. *g*
While the overall budget might be the same or less than an episode of Buffy, since HPI cut costs in other areas by filming in Romania, the slice of the budget set aside for stunts and special effects is probably bigger that it ever was on Buffy, and that's what he's talking about there. It's not like he's saying the plot's going to be better or anything like that...

I do rather like the big stilty bug-thing. Poor thing, it may have just been wandering into town to ask directions, and everyone starts shooting it. ;-)

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