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May 12 2009

Sci Fi UK's promotional video for Dollhouse. The show premieres in the UK next Tuesday.

Not available outside the UK. Someone upload it to Youtube?
They've been advertising it pretty regularly too. At least they were during the Firefly Marathon at the Weekend.
Yep, all I get is "The video is unavailable in your location. Please select another clip." You tube please!

Course this kinda payback for having Dollhouse first anyways and access to lots of other US only videos. :Sigh: guess I can't complain.
I'm in the UK and the video doesn't play. It's just a black box.
It works ok in IE but not so much in Firefox.
I'm using IE.
All it gives me is a preview for season two.

Looking forward to it airing in the UK so I can watch with my family. Was a little disheartened to read a scathing review of episode one in the Radio Times (though most of what they said was probably true, it still made me a little sad).
I really dislike the narrator they are using. I much rather that evil vampire sounding one they used for the US promos.

ETA: Yeah, I'll be watching. Week after week I kept putting off Dollhouse because I wasn't prepared to watch a Joss show on my computer. So, now finally I can enjoy it in HD!

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It works ok in IE but not so much in Firefox.

Heh, no kidding Simon :). It just insta-crashed my Firefox (but then, it's a pretty old version). It's giving me a 'download error' on IE, but then that might be because I'm not in the UK (although I didn't get an 'unavailable in your location' mention).
hehehe, Now people in America can see what it's like on the other side of the fence.
lots of unaired pilot footage in that trailer.

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