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"Wasn't that guy dead?"
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May 12 2009

Nathan Fillion answers your questions. Let's see "Five by Five" question, the answer is Yes.

Link's not working for me.

ETA that I figured it out: you need to add an "l" to the end of the link.

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Try it again. I lost the l at the end of html in the copy and paste.
Yep, good to go. I see I edited right as you fixed it, making me officially useless ;)

Nice to hear Nathan's getting to play a bit on this show. I might have to start watching if he's improv-ing as much as he implies in this interview.
Yep, that's the right one now. I like all the tags, as officially confirmed by Nathan Fillion now! :) Jobo, he's stinkin' hilarious! I admit, I watch the occasional procedural anyway, but Nathan's right--the little improv tags he throws out are priceless!

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ABC has a couple of episodes online (USA only I believe) or

I hope the Castle dvd is loaded with extras!
I just noticed episode nine is called Little Girl Lost. Is that a reference to something? Because it's also the title of an episode of Minear's The Inside.
Jobo, "Little Girl Lost" is the title of a classic episode of The Twilight Zone where a girl goes through a wall into another dimension.
I watched the ep where he said 'five by five', listened out for it, and I still don't know where he said it!

Also, the laser gun scene was hilarious. It's nice to know he contributed to it (other than by acting in it!)
Anyone notice how Nathan is channeling Joey from Friends, for like over a year now?

And remember how when Joey gave that interview about how he writes his own lines he got fired?

Nathan is such a great guy. I'm really glad Castle is getting decent ratings.
"Little Girl Lost" is also the name of a poem by William Blake from "Songs of Experience" (which I believe anyone who likes poetry should read at least once). The text of the poem you can find here.
Nathan is seriously awesome. Not many actors are as awesome as the characters they portray.
How can "Five by five" be anything else then a reference to Faith? :)

I love Nathan in Castle but there are alot of other stuff I don't like about the show.

When Castle is looking for the mailbox with the cell phone taped under it, he is wearing a wire and Beckett and FBI guy can hear him. He says "Roger that. Five by Five."

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