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May 13 2009

Dollhouse UK magazine cover story. Eliza and Dollhouse make the cover of UK TV magazine TV and Satellite Week.

There's an article and interview too.

Isn't Photoshop used to make people look prettier? I have never seen a worse use of Photoshop than this cover.
Cool that there's so much Dollhouse buzz in the UK, though.
Not sure if it is photoshop or lighting, but she does look about 10 years older and all played out on that cover.
Yeah she just looks tired...i think it's the eyeshadow...
That's a horrible photo of Eliza! Why would they do that?!
Wow, yes, that's one of the worst pictures ever. It must be hard work to make such a pretty, vibrant young woman look that bad on a photo ;)
Wow. So now Joss is directing Cabin in the Woods?

*sigh, rolls eyes*
We all know that all this 'other writers and directors' stuff is untrue, BreathesStory. It's all just Joss, playing with his mindless puppets. I'm glad this magazine had the guts to reveal the truth.
GVH - Do they come with detachable noses too? We've already seen Drew's alternative hair. And you know, I haven't counted Drew's fingers lately either...
I feel bad for Eliza, that's a really unflattering picture. :(
I guess, the terribleness of the article doesn't matter, since I don't think anyone actually buys these things.

...I wish Dollhouse got an article in SkyMag, though. Knight Rider did! I enjoy reading SkyMag and them plugging their toys every sentence.
Speaking of pictures, isn't it pretty silly to show that one of Enver Gjokaj while claiming he plays Lubov?
I think the whole Enver as Lubov thing is at least a decent attempt at not spoiling the show. The photo they used isn't any worse than seeing Enver in doll attire in the group photo while it was still being said that he would be playing Lubov at that point. And I still fell for it then.
I haven't clicked on the link yet but surely you all most be exaggerating how bad the picture is... YIKES - I just looked!!!
Yeah, it looks like she just raided the Lost Ark. What were they trying to do to her? I refuse to believe that photo is an accurate representation of Eliza, in any way.
It might not be the most flattering photo but ANY Eliza magazine cover is OK in my book.

With her hair up high and the magazine logo across her forehead like that, it really reminds me of a golden tiara...of the Amazonian variety...For the first time I could actually picture Eliza sporting the outfit and golden lariat.
Is it a photo? It looks like a drawing, and by Joe Kubert.
Heh, it really does look like a Joe Kubert drawing, yeah :).

Also: BreathesStory, it wouldn't be any fun without detachable noses, would it? ;)
GVH: Actually I was serious; not about Kubert but about its being perhaps a drawing or maybe a hand-retouched photo.

[ edited by DaddyCatALSO on 2009-05-13 18:48 ]
This is a question from an American who's always been curious about the cult of Joss across the pond: it's always felt like Joss has bigger recognition in the UK, are my instincts right about this? In the U.S., he has a cult-like devotion, is a god among geeks, but regular folks have no idea who he is and Buffy is often dismissed by the mainstream as a tiny cult phenomenon. Obviously, true believers keep the love alive, but I'd say that shows like Lost or The Sopranos get much more recognition & ratings success.

While it seems that BtVS was pretty major in the UK, and its success extended beyond cult-like appeal. Am I right in this feeling?
Are we talking about the cover, or am I missing something here? Because I don't find that picture particularly ugly or unflattering.

*is confused*
I can't comment on most of that, but I think Buffy doesn't get dismissed as a tiny, cult phenomenon, so much as a stupid, teen show. Just the other day, I was at the video store, and a couple pointed to the Buffy set on the shelf and set, "Well, we could always rent *that*..." before snickering. I promptly told them they should be so lucky.
Still, it was a silly teen show which aired on the BBC and got great critical reception. I've always felt the same way that dottikin did, but while I may be closer, geographically speaking, I'm still not a UK resident.

DaddyCatALSO: I can see why one might consider that, but no, I think it's an actual picture. It's the downward angle of her eyes being accentuated and the lighting on her cheeks, which make the picture seem totally 'off' (like someone drew some lines and angles which aren't normally there).

And ruuger, yeah, that's the one. I think it's pretty much an outright horrible picture of Eliza, but one is always free to disagree with any of us here on anything :).
Wow, you guys are harsh. Yeah, she looks tired in the picture, which is not one of her best, but to use the words 'horrible', 'worst picture ever' etc... is a bit OTT. She's an actor and therefore always looks above average, and is incapable of looking actually bad, just bad by her own standards.

When commenters attack the looks of the famous and beautiful, what does that say for those of us who are decidely below average? I would be happy if I looked up to Eliza's standard in this picture, on one of my best days.
fangless, it's all a matter of degrees. I'd not say that Eliza was looking horrible, like an almost-not-human-mutant or anything ;). Just that she's looking very bad for her. It's not a case of ugly, or pretty, or beatifull. She looks flat and worn-out and unhealthy in that picture, whereas she doesn't in her normal pictures or her roles. I know bunches of people less pretty than Eliza, but if someone I knew looked that tired, etcetera, I'd wonder if they were feeling alright, regardless of how pretty they are.
Fair enough, she does look tired! As time goes on I get more and more averse to seeing people's looks dissected though. I know it comes naturally to us to do it, but I think it can have very sad and harmful effects on our psyches - in many ways.

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