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"I watched 'Passions' with Spike. Let us never speak of it."
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May 13 2009

SMG's Harvard Man now available on YouTube. Must be 18+ to view (rated R).

I really only remember one scene from that movie :) It must really suck to be Adrien Grenier, though.
That movie is bizarre.
Oh about time! I've been waiting to see if this film is as terrible as everyone says for ages!
@BlueSkies It's unique, let's put it that way for now. ;)
It isn't available in my country :( didn't knew Youtube did that kind of thing.
KingofCretins, why would it suck to be Adrien Grenier (Entourage + some okay movie cameos = he wins) ? Or was that sarcasm, as in, "Dude gets a hit show and gets to act with SMG" ?

"This video is not available in your country". Fuckers. That fun internet trend is getting increasingly annoying (yeah, I know I can hide my proxy, just not in the mood to download that program again at the moment).

Is it just being screened for free on YouTube ? Or is this a boot ?

I completely forgot about it. Was thinking of maybe seeing the one with Alec Baldwin, I still haven't seen Southland Tales (nor read the three-volume comics I bought a while back), and her thing on HBO sounds good, but this had completely left my brain until now. Oooh, look at the cast--Eric Stoltz, Joey Lauren Adams, um...Rebecca Gayheart ? (almost a Whedonverse actor--has any footage of her as Inara ever seen the light of day online ? Was there a completed version of the "Serenity" pilot shown to Fox execs with her in it ? Or did Joss realize really early on that she wasn't working in the role ?)
So I guess we'll be waiting a little longer then...why tease us non-americans with such pinatas of bright shiny colours only to find they are hollow and empty? So cruel!
Kris, it was definitely sarcasm :) It wasn't so much the chance to act with her, though, as
@Kris - According to Joss' commentary he knew as they were shooting Inara's first scene that Gayheart would not be staying with the show. He was rather tricky about it, actually.
Also available on hulu.
I am so sick of reading "This video is not available in your country." everywhere I go. Ugh.
A friend of mine bought this movie back when it came out, never watched it, then gave it to me because "you're all about Buffy and she's in it."

The situation was made of win.
Movie suckage.
I bought a copy and watched it once (it's one of the 15 DVDs plus my S-6 box set which disdpapeared when , while Iw a sin the shower or brushing my teeth, soembody decided to go movie shooping in my chest fo drawers) and it was, yes, quite lousy. It didn't revolt me the way Date Movie did, it just left me very cold and put off. And that lap dance was their second sex scene. I wish I'd watched that first followed by Simply Irresisitible which was sweet and cute even if trivial. (and also gone now)
I actually quite like this movie. Aside from Joey Lauren Adams, who just doesn't do it for me.
For that alone, the movie stands out in my mind.
Personally, I like the films James Toback makes (‘The Pick-up Artist’, ‘Black and White’, ‘When Will I Be Love’, et al) and I think ‘Harvard Man’ is one of Gellar’s best films.
Hulu is also useless internationally.

Even official clips available on other sites are blocked out which as we know from the Dr Horrible experience they could unblock.
I live in the UK and I could view the Pine/Quinto SNL sketch on Hulu the other day but I couldn't view it as an embedded NBC clip on other sites. It was a bit odd.
It's bizarre, isn't it? Blocking free, counted access to sites, knowing full well that international viewers can just access the material for free through torrenting anyway. (Though they'd much rather be counted as a viewer and would be happy to even watch the ads and all.) Things need to change.
While letting everyone worldwide watch Hulu would make sense it's no surprise they don't do it. There are already affiliates in the US very unhappy that people can watch their biggest shows online so imagine how Sci Fi here in the UK would feel, after spending lots of money on Dollhouse, to fine everyone had already watched it on Hulu.

I'd love to watch Hulu legally but for the moment torrenting is the only way to see the shows now.
zoinkers; See, that part elft me cold too. Of coruse by then I'd seen so much of the movie I was already in "the Negative Zone" anyway.

My problem with the whole movie was; a decent serious drama has to be involving, you have to seriosuly care, identify, or both with one or more characters, and I couldn't. It wasn't really funny enough to be a straight up comedy. It wasn't clever enough to work as drmaedy, and it wasn't exagerrated enough to be black comedy. And plus there was nobody to really root for.
The part I mentioned stands out in such a way that I hardly remember anything else from the movie. That's not a good sign.

I don't remember having any problems with the movie, but I don't remember loving it, either. The part that impressed me left a strong impression because it was totally unexpected and unique.
I couldn't watch the whole movie; it made me sad that SMG was in something like that. And Joey Lauren Adams was guilty of the worst portrayal of a philosophy professor in recorded history.
The trippy shots & Boston setting (woot, overly familiar buildings, etc.) kept me amused. All I had to do was ignore the money plot, repress expectations of linear character development, and be watching it in 4 a.m. mindless zombie state - I was entertained.

Rundown: I couldn't make it through The Grudge (I skim-watched about 90% of it) or Southland Tales. For ones I did get through, Simply Irresistible and Suburban Girl made me cringe at many points, The Air I Breathe had one amazing scene by SMG (the movie as a whole was lame, but I really enjoyed some moments, and SMG in this), and I loved Cruel Intentions when I was a lot younger; I watched it years before I'd ever watched Buffy or knew that was SMG.

So in the rundown, Harvard Man rates a trippy shorter Southland Tales, I think.
I liked the first half of Southland Tales. I actually enjoyed the humor. In the second half, it got way too full of itself. Too many extended, portentous shots for no reason. The very end was interesting.

On the whole, it didn't make a lot of sense to me. (Unlike Donnie Darko, which I thought was fairly logical.)

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