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May 13 2009

(SPOILER) First look at Angel #21. This'll be out next week.

WOW. That is a huge change in art... and definitely for the better. It's like it's a different book. I actually can't wait to read this. What a fantastic way to end my night.
The new art sucks.
I'm afraid that I've completly given up on this series. 'Blood and Trenches' on the other hand has been marvelous.
I am totally with Pat. So much's like it's a different artist. Angel actually looks like Angel. About time! And the writing. Miles better. Maybe it's too late to save the whole arc....but if it can get interesting and exciting again...then maybe it's not too late.How it should have been from the beginning.

I was almost going to stop buying until #23 and wait for the trade..but his has changed my mind completly. I gotta say.....very excited to read this now.

Thank the PTB cos it wasnt good to not feel excited about an Angel issue:)

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Having stopped reading after After the Fall, i have to ask, was the art really worse than that?! O_O
It was and the writing has been of similar quality.
Hahaha, that art is laughably terrible.
The art's not good, but at least Angel looks a lot more like Angel instead of Mr. tan, bulky and squinty-eyed. But now he's got like a permanent worried-frowny-face! The art is an overall improvement though. I did notice an improvement in the writing as well, not much, but better.

I've tried really hard to like it, and I'm still going to continue reading, but I just dont think Armstrong has delivered. She just hasn't grasped the classic Whedon dialogue and banter and Angel and Kate don't sound like Angel and Kate. I'd have liked to hear what Hell has been like for her (apart from like Hell) and how she'd changed. I know she's all self-sufficient, kick-ass Kate now, which is to be expected (though I don't really like it much), but there's no essence of the Kate we know.

I'm not sure what to make of the PTB winged-angels storyline either.

I'll still read though, maybe it'll pick up towards the end.
The art is horrible.
I haven't been feeling this comic. Angel feel too cardboard-y. The cat woman is good, but I think she should have her own series. Trying to carry both isn't working.
I don't even know what's been going on in the comics. As far as I'm concerned, it ended with Gunn in the hospital, and maybe it will pick up with Gunn out of the hospital in that upcoming oneshot, and then some Drusilla.

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