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May 14 2009

Miracle Laurie urges Dollhouse fans to make their voices heard. She tweets details of how to get in touch with Fox. Which did seem to have an impact.

I just called the phone number at FOX to make my voice heard and I've got everyone I know doing the same. Dollhouse must be renewed! Am I allowed to post the phone number here?

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Left my message. Gave a shout out for Terminator too.
Yes, the one that's there in the linked tweet anyway, I'm all about not doing the wrong thing... I'm new here and don't want to ruffle feathers... sorry The One True b!X, I don't mean to sound like an idiot, just want to follow proper protocol is all.
I think this means we can assume joss would be having her back some time... Maybe not such a good idea to release her where alpha is free to roam?
When you call that number do you end up talking to a real person or voice mail?
When I called I got voicemail electricspacegirl, I left a message as did a bunch of my friends.
What sort of thing would someone say?

A big essay of why I love Dollhouse? Save Dollhouse because...? Ive never sent anything like that before and wouldnt really know what to put.
Well I emailed them from both my and my fiance's email addresses. First time I've done that for a show.

I tried to call to leave a message but it said the voicemail box was full. So go Team Dollhouse I guess?!
Great Job, guys! We've filled up all the message space on the FOX viewer comment line!
What sort of thing would someone say?

A big essay of why I love Dollhouse? Save Dollhouse because...? Ive never sent anything like that before and wouldnt really know what to put.

I think in this case less is more. If you were calling them and had 2 minutes to speak to a person, what would you want them to relay on to the decision makers?

I wrote a paragraph. Less than 200 words I'd guess. I just explained how I only started watching TV again after years of not because of what friends were saying about 2 of their shows, and how I love those 2 shows but neither is as good as Dollhouse. I told them which episodes are my favorites and that I hope they will renew the show so I can see what happens next.
And if worse comes to worst, just say something along the lines of "I'm no good at explaining these things, but I'd really like a second season of Dollhouse". Hearing that from you is better than not hearing from you at all.

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E-mailed. Here is what I wrote:

I have never before e-mailed a network about a television show. I am a 23 year old male, I love intelligent scripted television and collect tv dvds. Unfortunately, many of the shows I enjoy most are canceled early in their runs. I am writing to express my wish to you that Dollhouse be renewed for a second season. While the series began somewhat shakily, in the latter half of the season the quality of the episodes has greatly impressed me and I now immensely enjoy the program. I feel that the season finale has established some very interesting new directions for the story, and would love to see where Joss Whedon can take the show from here.

Having watched his past series, I have witnessed how masterfully Whedon can develop a long running series, and I would love for him to have another chance to work his magic with Dollhouse. Please grant Dollhouse a second season so the story can continue to grow, as it is now one of the best series on television. I, my girlfriend, my family, and several of my friends will all be watching.

Hope they take heed. :-)
What sort of thing would someone say?

A big essay of why I love Dollhouse? Save Dollhouse because...? Ive never sent anything like that before and wouldnt really know what to put.

I wrote a short paragraph about how Dollhouse is one of the few shows left on Fox that I watch, a little about my desire to buy Dollhouse merchandise (e.g., I preordered the DVD), and the fact I rewatch Dollhouse regularly at work on Hulu and
So, does anyone know who actually reads these e-mails, and what effect they may have on the decision? I know fan campaigns are rarely successful, but I guess every little bit helps, right?
I pretty much put something similar to anotherfireflyfan.

Then I felt pretentious typing in a different way to how I speak so I attempted to bribe them with milk and cookies at the end.
How deeply anyone reads emails or listens to the voicemail is debatable. Many (most?) times, the party in question is simply keeping a tally of opinion ("one more for Dollhouse renewal").

But, at the same time, just the audio or visual sense that individual people are expressing their opinions and it isn't just a barrage of emails auto-generted to all say nothing more than the two words "save Dollhouse" -- that helps ensure the receipient groks that it isn't a fake groundswell.

So, they might not all be read or heard in full, but taking the extra effort to speak personally does have an effect.
For those of us outside the US who probably shouldn't email Fox (because we can't even see the show legally), Dollverse collects forum posts urging Fox for a renewal and will forward them.

We can email and not tell them we're not from the US...
My email was simple: I stated I was a fan, loved the show, watched it faithfully on live TV (almost) every week, caught up on hulu when I missed an episode, and had pre-ordered the DVD already. Then some blather about how much I liked the show and how it has the potential to be great.

Also, make sure your subj line is easily identifiable! "Save Dollhouse", or "Bring back Dollhouse".

Will make a call later today.
We crashed their voicemail system, so calling may not be an option anymore.

ETA: I guess it's more accurate to say we filled it up and it's not taking messages anymore.

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Apparently they can't clear the messages, Sunfire.

Which could be down to more people phoning up and leaving messages, you have to suspect.
So how long before their e-mail inbox is full, as well?
I know we're powerful like this, but I assume we haven't also just taken down Twitter. ;)

Although it stopped responding right after I tweeted, "Good to know we still have the power to fandango things."

[ edited by The One True b!X on 2009-05-14 20:52 ]
Apparently they can't clear the messages, Sunfire.

Yeah ok I stand by my original wording then. We killed the poor thing with fanthusiasm. I wonder if other bubble show fandoms are contributing as well, or if it is really mostly us?
I'm glad I got up the nerve to call yesterday!
maxsummers, that only works as long as your email address doesn't give away your country of origin. Mine ends with .de. I guess it would be possible to set up a hotmail account, but it is much easier to simply post on Dollverse and let gossi do all the work.
@Michael : Gmail is your friend. =]

But posting on Dollverse works too, hehe.

And it just makes me smile that we (well, I didn't call, but you get what I'm saying) broke their voicemail system. I think you all made Miracle proud. =P

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The mailbox is still full for phone feedback, but I typed up what I would have said and sent it to

It's my third email to a network ever. The first was in support of airing Epitaph One, the second was to praise the end of Omega and encourage a second season. So now there really isn't much we can do other than hope.
DOLLHOUSE fans crash FOX phone system asking for second series.

Epic ?
Not if the execs are trying to call Joss to tell him if the show has been renewed or not.
Yes of course, kinda funny however how it turned with dh fans putting the fault on tscc fans and vice versa

readable here
I misread they're trying to get the credit :|
Thats hilarious. I actually giggled childishly. It was disturbing.

Anyway, that should make SOME sort of impact.
WE tipped over the applecart! NO WE tipped over the applecart! NO WEEEEtippedovertheapplecartNO WEEEEtippedovertheapplecartNO WEEEEtippedovertheapplecartNO WEEEEtippedovertheapplecartNO WEEEEtippedovertheapplecartNO WEEEEtippedovertheapplecartNO WEEEEtippedovertheapplecartNO WEEEEtippedovertheapplecartNO WEEEEtippedovertheapplecartNO WEEEEtippedovertheapplecart
Don't tip over the applecart with anyone else but me. No no no.

Dichen just tweeted as well. Just the email though. :)
Anyone notice how quiet all of the Dollhouse folks twitter accounts have been today since Miracle's tweet? Wondering if they've heard something and are desperately trying not to let us know what happened to the show.
I'm in Germany and FOX doesn't earn any profit from me watching ... wonder if it would make sense for me to call or write as well?
I don't see any reason why they should discredit emails from other countries, since people can have domains in countries they don't live in.
What wiesengrund said. Also, even if they are reading these emails, I really doubt they're going through them one-by-one, filtering out non-US domains, and reporting the ratio of Dollhouse to TSCC emails to their bosses. I think it's more a "reinforce what they already know about Joss having a fanbase" tactic. YMMV.

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