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May 14 2009

Neil Patrick Harris to Host 63rd Annual Tony Awards! Stage and screen star Neil Patrick Harris will host the 63rd Annual Tony Awards, which will be held June 7 at Radio City Music Hall. CBS will broadcast the three-hour event live beginning at 8 PM ET.

So excited and so disappointed at the same time... I've been wanting them to get him to host so badly... but, of course, it's the year I can't possibly go.
Yay, go Neil ! I'm sure he'll do an awesome job.
THAT is made of awesome.
Can I just say how glad I am that NPH starred in Dr. Horrible so we can discuss his career on Whedonesque? Because, seriously, he's the most amazing actor that ever amazed. LOVE him.
This is the BEST news! I love the Tonys and he will be a great host!
Also he'll be on the Rachael Ray Show tomorrow.
Good choice.

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