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May 14 2009

Which Bubble Show Should Be Saved? Vote Dollhouse!

As much as I love Terminator and Summer Glau, Dollhouse has to be tied or at least a close second, amirite?

I take it this has been doing the rounds on Terminator fan sites.
Another poll where you can simply hit F5 and vote as many times as you want :(
Another poll where you can simply hit F5 and vote as many times as you want :(

Ack, really? *attempts it* Oh, so it is... coding fail on the part of AOL television, then, ahaha.
I don't think Terminator stands a chance, it was doing much worse than Dolllhouse.
I'd really love to save "Reaper"; proves that you can do a more or less purely comedic genre show and be consistently funny and entertaining -- but the creators have already jumped ship to another network, so I think it's bubble has kind of burst.
Dollhouse is second, Terminator is first. I would be fine with both of these coming back, yes indeed!!!
oh right, cause AOL television is such a huge consult to all the major networks.
Voted ! I'll gladly show my support. :)
If internet polls accurately reflected the opinions of the general public, Ron Paul would be president and Serenity would have made over six hundred million dollars on opening weekend alone.
So the question is: Would putting up with Ron Paul have been worth it?
Voted 30 times. :)
Both, please. This is one of those terrible "stuffing or mashed potatoes" questions. Both, please! With gravy.
I wonder how many voted for Terminator because there was a pic of Summer on the main screen...
Can we just vote for ALL of the above (except for 'Without a Trace, we can live without that)?!

I'm glad to see the love for T:SCC, but I really really want Dollhouse renewed! And didn't someone say that Chuck was safe now? This is all so painful.
Polls where you can repeatedly vote are just pointless. The amount of votes terminator has in comparison to say, Chuck, which seems to be more popular is ridiculous. And Ive never even seen chuck so its not like Im biased.
I had read a thread on tvbythenumbers or so where some TSCC fans said they'd own all internet polls, weird trip, still funny :)
I just realized something about dollhouse. It is a Spoiler to those who haven't watched Dollhouse in it's entirety. It was talked about in an Amy Acker interview before and it made me realize something.

Did I just blow your mind, probably not, but a thought.
You sure did blew my mind, Stargyn. I read that back then but I didn't remember it, it's kind of a fun fact. Will be in the trivia sections of all Dollhouse-related websites :)
Really, did I really bring it up first? Probably not, but hey I'm glad you were enthusiastic as I was.
I just spent the last 15 min voting for Dollhouse. This is fun!
I will be pleasantly surprised if Dollhouse is picked up for Season 2. Even if it is picked up now, that doesn't mean we'll see it next year (i.e. it could be dropped again at some point in the future).
Basically, I'm saying: don't invest any emotional energy in it at this point.
So, all that poll taught me is that Chuck fans don't stuff the ballot box. :)

I want more Dollhouse, but I HAVE to have more Agent Carmichael.
I just remembered today about the Save Angel campaign back in '04 and how different it was from Dollhouse. For one, Angel was already canceled when campaigns started. But I remember we tried to convince UPN and FOX to pick it up, we sent tons of post card to TheWB, some people sent hair gel inside the letter envelopes. I spent about 15 US dollars on the angel campaign back then, only for calling the WB, faxing them and sending the post cards. Dollhouse is more fun with the tweets :)
I wonder who is paying for the therapy for the network executive who opened all those envelopes full of hair gel. poor guy.
Can we just vote for ALL of the above (except for 'Without a Trace, we can live without that)?!

I like Without a Trace.
redeem147 LOL! For some reason I heard Giles saying that, like he said "I like mushy peas."

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