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May 14 2009

SCI FI airing Serenity tonight at 9PM Eastern. The Big Damn Movie also airs tomorrow night at 6:30PM Eastern.

I wish that SciFi would back a Serenity sequel. They are partners with Universal and they've done direct to dvd movies for the Stargate franchise that later air on tv (and also Caprica & Razor). I know they'd be just as, if not more, successful than those movies.
Yeah. I'm sure they have some very smart reason for not doing that, but I refuse to acknowledge it and have decided to simply be grumpy.
Now that I think about it, I don't see any reason why Sci-Fi/Universal wouldn't want to do a Serenity TV movie/DVD. It would have to be a much lower budget, but Joss is used to making good with very little. They'd all have to want to. They can use BSG as a precedent. Those TV/DVD movies have been pretty successful for that franchise that they can't stop making them. They just need to have a dialogue about this. I wish they would.

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I think Universal is just waiting...waiting like we are...waiting for things to tip.
I've always been under the impression BSG was at least partially funded by a British studio, or its somehow also a part-British production, and that's why SciFi has such a quality product in BSG. In other words, it has more funding. (I could be wrong.)

But heck yes, bring on a TV movie/DVD. I'm okay with a lower budget. Kinda lower. Sci-Fi--are they still calling it that?--movies still have loooow budgets.

Caught the flick last night. Was so happy to see it airing.
I'm happy to see it continue to run on occasion. I caught it too. It's odd how I'll stop to watch something like that when it's on TV while there is a special edition DVD box of it adjacent in a DVD library I could watch anytime.

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