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May 14 2009

Amber Benson/Christopher Golden Book Signing in Boston - June 19th. Amber Benson who wrote the BBC anime series with Christopher Golden, will be on hand at Pandemonium Books on June 19th for one night only from 7-9. Also signing will be author Thomas Sniegoski, a comic book writer, and co-author of the Menagerie series with Golden.

Pandemonium Books is actually in Cambridge Ma. Also, check out Amber's new book Death's Daughter. Other pertinent websites we may want to look at are:

Make sure when you go to the Pandemonium website - you 'move' the calender forward to June.
And Tom Sniegoski, like Chris Golden, was a frequent author of Buffy and Angel novels and comics, and the two of them co-wrote the storyline for the "Chaos Bleeds" BtVS video game.

Expect a raucus good time with the three of them in the same room. :)
Sigh, if I could only be back at grad school at PSU, and they still had a Religious Studies program, and they approved the thesis research trip to "Haavaad" that they didn't in 1978, and I could find a few extra minutes....
You can top off the evening with CSTS at the Coolidge. They are showing Dr. Horrible and Serenity at midnight on both the 19th and 20th.
We are SO there! Had dinner with Chris tonight, and I think he is as stoked as anyone! :-D
They should come to Austin. Austin rhymes with Boston. Isn't that reason enough?

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