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May 14 2009

The N picks up Marti Noxon's new show "Gigantic". According to The Hollywood Reporter, the show "takes a skewering look at the glitzy, chaotic and oftentimes hilarious life of Hollywood "it" kids whose parents are A-list celebrities".

Congratulations to Marti. So is she no longer on Grey's Anatomy (I don't watch the show but I'm curious)?
She left Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice last year, as far as I remember. She was a Consulting Producer on Mad Men last season.
What a waste. She should do a real show.
This looks interesting. Not sure about the title, but the concept interests me. It would be cool if someone could make a show about kids of celebrities that humanizes them and accurately depicts the angst and distortion of growing up in the limelight, as well as making you relate to it on a visceral level. I don't think I've seen anything like that yet.
Yeah, like we need to have more Hollywood. Not just them acting, but now also them not acting. Ugh, waste of Marti's talents if you ask me.
If I'm reading the announcement correctly (and I'm probably not) it's a show about fictional kids of "that type" palyed by actors acting, and the interviews with real actor larvae are just to add some verisimilitude.
Bonus points for proper use of the word "alumna".
ifwewait and kaiuno, did you guys think this is a celeb-reality show? Cuz there's VH1 for that. No, the article says it's a half-hour dramedy.
I get the feeling this will be similar to Zoey 101 for some odd reason.
I'm so behind the times. Nickolodeon is now "The N"?
The N is not Nickelodeon. It's a channel that's geared towards teens instead of kids, and I'm pretty sure it's from Canada. It's the same channel that has Degrassi. It specializes in soap operas for teens, basically.

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