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May 15 2009

Madam Adelle introduces Dollhouse to the UK. Olivia Williams gives a nice interview in regards to Dollhouse and its UK premiere - 9pm, Tuesdays on Sci-Fi. She also gives her thoughts on the mythical episode 13, renewal, and what she'd like to see in Season Two.

Great link! Thanks.
Nice interview - thanks for the link :)
arrgh want episode 13 now! why oh why must I wait?
She makes that last episode sound so good.

And I actually like her idea for future directinos of the show; it could be really interesting
That was great! I'd never heard of Olivia Williams before DH, now I'm a huge fan.

A "SciFi virgin" ;) ... sounds like she's a convert now, at least where Joss is concerned.
I can't imagine such a state. Having grown up in a family that was into SciFi ... TV, movies and books ... I've been a genre fan all my life. Although I'm old enough that it was just "science fiction", back then. ;)
Shey -- you must check out Rushmore, in which I think everyone fell in love with her.

Great interview; I love when actors love the stuff they're playing and sound genuinely invested in the work. I for one think that Adelle in Paris makes a lot of sense! (ok, not in the spirit of cost-cutting...)
She’s very good at putting her POV across isn’t she? She seems very articulate and knows exactly how to express her opinion.

The idea of a London Dollhouse would be brilliant! I could so imagine that, I hope that we get to see another Dollhouse if we get a second season.
Nice interview! I loved reading her thoughts on her (apparently positive!) introduction to sci-fi and Joss Whedon, as well as Joss's clarification that Adelle has "hidden depths of vulnerability and moral dilemma". (And on a totally superficial note, I agree with her that Dichen Lachman is drop-dead gorgeous.)
It's probably impossible given that Fox probably has a controlling share of the show, but if they don't renew it, perhaps there could be a Dollhouse spin off/resurrection on a different network, just set in a literal different Dollhouse... say Dollhouse London. Some different characters, some the same, but basically the same stories they were intending to do anyway, sans Dushku if she's enslaved by Fox. It'll never happen, but it was fun to think about anyway.
That last quote about "Epitaph One" made me sit around holding my head.
Who could fail to be enticed by such an introduction to the series?
I first encountered Olivia Williams in the production of Emma starring Kate Beckinsale--one of those excellent Austen films I consider Smart Chick Flicks. Ms Williams played Jane Fairfax, beautiful, talented and much put upon.

She was well educated but impoverished. And engaged but, alas, in secret, as her intended's stern aunt kept on living. So she contemplated life as governess--an idea that filled her with horror.

How could she find such a position? In a rare display of spirit, she answered: "There are places in town, offices, where inquiry would soon produce something–-offices for the sale not quite of human flesh, but of human intellect."

(Jane Austen was not one to engage in political critique. But her world did include knowledge of slavery--in far off Jamaica.)

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Any episode 13 spoilers? I know a few minor details - such as when it is set and who is in it (although not who of the main cast appears).
Nope, nothing of that sort AnotherFireflyfan. Basically, she just describes everyone's physical reaction upon reading the script on the set. :)

Well, she does spoil that Joss has a sick mind, that the episode is crazy and that it might even have one or two implications.
Wiesengrund, I'm going to go even further and quote her!
"Only a truly sick mind like Joss's could come up with this!"

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