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May 15 2009

Specs for Dollhouse DVD and Blu-Ray set. The Blu-Ray specs got posted a few days ago, now we have a Table of Content for the DVD too.

I'd really like to know if the bluray edition is going to be region locked or not, any information about that lately ?
I preordered it, but it's gonna make me quite sad if I can't read it :)
I still want to find out if we're getting the original cut of Omega, or if those missing scenes will be in the deleted scenes.

Can't wait for the dvd. I want to watch the whole thing all over again, I'm excited to see Epitaph One, and I curious to check out the original pilot. Plus the other special features. Although I still wish they had more commentaries (one of the best things about the Firefly set). Omega, especially, could use one. Alan and Tim would be a great matchup.

Wow, we'll know whether or not this will be "season 1" or "the complete series" before it comes out. Would they change the title on the set to reflect a renewal/cancellation decision?
It's going out with Season One on regardless. No longer cut of Omega. Hopefully some deleted scenes.
maz, most Fox Blu-rays are region locked. Fortunately it is possible to buy region free players now and I'm sure you could get an existing player modified.

If you don't want to pay for a modified player, check the Dollhouse listing at They always test the discs as soon as they get them in stock (usually a few days before the release date).
Saying that Epitaph One is "Never seen before" does suggest that Fox defiantly won't be airing it, at least until after the DVD is released.
Yeah, Epitaph One won't be airing. At least before the DVD set comes out.
July 28th is also the day that the complete BSG Blu-Ray set is released. That is going to be a bad day for my wallet.
Looks like there are a lot of cool special features. No bloopers, though... bummer.
Yeah, I want Bicks bloopers.
In his first blooper he has his fly undone.
First actual LOL of the morning.
I know they seldom list the exact deleted scenes, but I wish it would say what episodes they were from. Maybe bloopers are in there somewhere via Easter egg?

Much as I love hearing about this release, I'd be lying if I said I didn't rush to the computer to look for any information about Fox the network on this the penultimate Friday.
b!X - I hear there's a deleted scene that explains why all of the foot fetishists are following you on twitter.
Yike. *cancels pre-order*
Wrong post for that, but Ausiello updated his cheat sheet for Dollhouse with the mention "Prospects brightening."
Portuguese subtitles! YAY!

I guess Joss heard us when we asked for them in Dr. Horrible's DVD.
Reading the specs, it seems like the Blu-Ray and DVD release have the same feaures. Is that correct?
The Blu-ray obviously has better audio and video quality but otherwise the releases are identical.

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