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May 15 2009

Surprise: Fox RENEWS 'Dollhouse'. The first confirmation of an actual renewal as opposed to "the signs look good." The Guild says so as well on their twitter account following a cryptic tweet from Maurissa Tancharoen Whedon. And Joss posts as well.

I can confirm this is troo. Now, I'm off to phone some peeps!

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Yea!!!!!!!!! Awesome awesome news.
Oh my God. Not even.
I rolled a post of my own into this with twitter info. I won't even say I told you so or mention Kevin Reilly ;).
Woohoo!! :-)

[me] eating virtual cake and drinking virtual champage, come join the celebration!

I can confirm this is troo. Now, I'm off to phone some peeps!

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gossi | May 16, 01:18 CET

gossi is so excited his 'too' has an extra letter! ;-)

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To paraphrase Maurissa, oooooooooowwwwheeeeeeeeeeee! :D
SOOO happy!
I can't even articulate a better comment than "yey" !!
Congratz to Joss and Co.
Such good news. Now I can take my sick self off to bed. (Sick as in ill. yo!)
Yay!! I think we are overdue for some purple prose ^_^
Thank you, Fox. They've come a long way from the Firefly days, and this is a definite sign that they're trying to turn over a new leaf. This is one Whedonesque poster they won't be heckled by.
I knew we could trust Printy to get to Kevin Reilly!
Wow. Just wow. I really didn't expect this. I'm so happy (and shocked) that FOX is giving Dollhouse an opportunity to grow into a Whedon classic.

Now, all Whedon needs to do is get me emotionally hooked on the show. I'm certainly intellectually hooked, and the last half of the season began warming me up emotionally, but I'm just not there yet.

Regardless, thank you FOX! I can't wait for Dollhouse S2!!
Go Dollhouse, blow my pessimism all to shreds! Never been so happy to be wrong.
"Maybe Fox executives are just sick of being vilified on"

Only here? :-] Every Industry person I talk with makes the same commentary about FOX, a good place to have a show canceled.
Dance of Joy time!!!!

WOOOO!! Thanks FOX! Can't frigging wait!
Stupid Fox, I hate you! I'll never watch any of your programs AGAIN! First Firefly, and now this!! We should have known this would happen!!



Never mind :)
YES! Brilliant! Well done Joss, cast, crew and fans! Thank you Fox (this is reading a little like an awards acceptance speech but a seconds season of Dollhouse feels....well, you see where I'm going with this ;)). Yay!

Can I watch it now please?
JOY! This is awesome!
Seriously? Really? Awesome!

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Ok, sorry, but... YUB YUB!!!
Numfar, do the dance of joy!!!
I'm up in the bell tower.

Huzzah! to all!

Couldn't have happened to a nicer... well, more deserving, anyway - show.
So very, very happy!
Reading the number crunchers that said the show was dead already based on historical precedent and live tv ratings was so annoying. What a boring way to look at the world, and Iím so very glad it has been proven wrong.

Looking forward to another season.
kishi - then you are in deep trouble.
Well now we have to show people the show isn't what it was in the first 6 or so. I'm not saying bad, but fox pushed more ease into the plots and now it's time to make sure we tell people how much it grew. I'm not blaming Fox for bad ratings either, you need people to watch it, but it is time we do what we do best, make our friends love joss.

They have no choice, I will make them.
La la la la la la la hell yes. This is fantastic awesome. This makes my entire week of hell totally totally worth it.
Extravaganza bonanza!
Very nice. Dollhouse provided my students with great essay ideas this semester.
Brillant QG! And thank you Fox!
Well, I tweeted "YEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Now, put it on Mondays, Fox!"
But I know it will be Fridays again. Hopefully, they will pair it with "Human Target", about a guy who can be anyone and himself. It's a natural.
Aside from that, we are so five-by-five tonight!

Man. I really just had NO faith in those guys. Way to restore my faith in humanity!
Holy crap! I was away for some time this evening, so missed all the excitement earlier. This is great news! I have no words. (ETA: well, apart from these. I always feel people who say "I have no words" in a huge mealstrom of words are silly, but I guess this news deserves some silly).

And also: props to our very own zeitgeist who kept copy/pasting Kevin Reilly information and telling us to trust "new Fox". And hey, look... he was right all along, folks :)

Finally: is this the best news day on whedonesque in, like, ever? :)

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I'm dumbstruck with amazement. And joy. Dollhouse season 2!
I'm waiting to celebrate until I hear it from FOX.

Hurry up FOX!
Thank you so much, Fox! My faith in you was well-placed. ♥♥♥
Can I pre-order the season 2 DVD set yet?
This is one of the golden days for this fandom.

I'm flabbergasted.
My stomach is flip-flopping with excitement! Phenomenal news. Hats off to FOX for its committment to quality scripted TV.
Wow! I'm speechless!
Oh, wow! I had totally written it off as another Firefly. Amazing.
I'm glad to finally say this sincerely: Thank you, Fox.
I just got a rush of warm fuzzies :D What epic news to come online to!
So, the last time a Whedon show was picked up for Season 2 was nine years ago, right? What a day. :)

And exactly one year after we saw the first trailer.

I'm utterly amazed by this fairy tale.

Thanks, Fox.
Yay!!! I wonder if S2 will branch off of "Epitaph One" and if Fox will maybe use that ep to jump-start it in the fall.
There's some additional info at End Of Show.

Woohoo! I'm so very happy. Yay! Fox, you are... well not forgiven. But not hated, that is for sure.

edit: The shift of 'creative direction' is worrysome for me. Also, if Dollhouse comes back on a Friday, then it will be in the exact some trouble again. But, 13 episodes is good.

I just hope they can make Epitaph 1 still work, somehow.

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Dollhouse season 2!

Say it again AnotherFireflyfan!

Dollhouse season 2. I could get used to that.

Dollhouse season 2. Dollhouse season 2. Dollhouse season 2. DOLLHOUSE SEASON 2!!!
To everyone who didn't put their faith in Kevin Reilly and the new FOX regime, and was still expecting them to let us (the 'Joss Nation') down: I TOLD YOU SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, now that I've got that out of my system, I have to say that I'm a very happy panda right now.

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Wow, thats pretty much incredible. I'm gonna have to say hats off to Fox in this case, given how much we rant about them, it's probably good to give them credit when credit is due. So thanks guys, you've done well here.

Wow..thats a huge surprise, awesome.
OH MY GOD. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. YAYYAYAYAY.

Look at me - I'm incoherent.

gossi: Any word on what this means for Epitaph One? Any chance of it being aired? Could it be used as Season 2, Episode 1? Certainly would help to keep costs down.

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oh. . .my. . .GOD, this made my freakin' day!
Congrats to Joss and the whole crew!
Huzzah! I can't believe this!
No clue. Don't care. Dollhouse season two. That's all I wanna say right now.
This is the biggest Whedon-land news since UPN took Buffy from the WB in 2001. Some people at Twitter are not believing the news yet, but after Monday, I am sure they will.
I also learned form the Hollywood Reporter "Happy Town" has been picked up by ABC. This is relevant because Amy Acker is in the cast of that pilot. Should be interesting to see how this will affect her role on DH, if at all.

But as we were saying, YEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This topic could really use some purple text, although I can imagine TPTB out celebrating right now.
I am thrilled and crazy excited! Thank you Fox! Now I'm going to go do a happy dance.
Heard this in a tweet from Felicia. Fan-bloody-frigging-tastic!

Thanks a gazillion to FOX for believing in Joss's vision, and congrats to the cast and crew.

Can't wait to see where Season 2 takes us!
Sometimes the good guys win. Sometimes the good guys win. Sometimes the good guys win. (Just keep saying that, because it's so rare!)
Wow - this is such great news! I had braced myself for the worst (again), so now I'm having a hard time accepting this is real. I feel like maybe they're going to turn around and say "You know what? Not so much." I am so very tired of being afraid of losing the shows I love - wish we could just ENJOY them without the fear.

At any rate, this is really cause for celebration - what a great way to go into the weekend! Congratulations Joss!!!
Send your thanks and appreciation to ... where? What's the FOX email / POC / whatever?
I'm nervous about it returning to Fridays, but ecstatic to see it returning in any form. Congratulations to everyone involved, and I cannot flippin' wait for this fall (this fall? Really? That can't be right...)
Awesome. Really awesome.

I just don't want Season 1 undone by whatever this new, "creative direction" is. But, back to awesome. :-)
Ooh, I want purple text!
Hah! I just minutes ago finished a Save Dollhouse youtube video with clips and everything. Apparently it was not necessary.

No. Way.


I don't think I can really articulate just how fantastic this news is to me :D
I believe a mass dance of joy is in order! On three!
Thank you, FOX!!!

This is awesome news. I can't wait to see what's in store for season 2!
I was not expecting this news when I woke up this morning. Dollhouse Season 2 sounds good.
TV by the numbers has the news up now too.
If you're on Twitter, be sure to tweet @FoxBroadcasting thanking them for the renewal. After the last couple of weeks, it's only fair.
Arobow, go wash your hands...and your shoes!
Also: I really shouldn't have checked for news after I came home from a party. I have to get up in four hours to go to and play a volleyball tournament, but now I'm all bouncy with this news. Heh.


Yep, first disturbingly happy post of this topic, right there ;)
Send your thanks to: 310-369-3066 (might be full),, @FoxBroadcasting (twitter).
Did I fall asleep?
Just tried phoning FOX, their voicemail is still broken. Hee.
Wah, wuh, I'm not sure what to do? Good news? About a Joss show on Fox? Oh thank you Whesus for the gifts we are about to receive...

TMI! ✄
Huzzah! I shall do the dance of joy and then tweet my thanks to @FoxBroadcasting! :) They totally deserve a MAJOR thanks for making our hearts go pitter patter!
I can't feel my toes!
Such awesome news! Yay Fox.
*joins party of happy dancers*
I just called Fox and their voicemail made a weird shrieking noise that hurt my ears and...Did I fall asleep?
Already said it in the other thread, but I'm soooo sooo happy right now! Making fangirly sounds of joy!

Thank you Kevin Reilly! And anyone else who helped this show get picked up again! Also thanks to all you guys and the fans and everyone who called, emailed, etc! I heart my fandom so much right now!
Dances of joy, man reactions, dancing Ewoks... this announcement has produced one WILD party! :)
Yay at least some good news this week.
Okay, I believe it. I was just being cautious with my feelings.

b!x, we're there!
Whoopie! Yay! Cowabunga! Wooohooey!
Oh, juh jen sh guh kwai luh duh jean jan....

Sheh-sheh, FOX!
Um, look what the only thing beating #dollhouse on twitter is very very strange.
No news on Terminator, which probably means it's dead. :(

I hope Whedon hires Josh Friedman, if he needs a job. Not to mention Summer Glau!
Let's bring out the Mudder's Milk!
Ausiello just tweeted that there will be 13 episodes next season. Is this a definite?
Nope! Not surprised Dollhouse got renewed. Congrats Joss! Good work to everyone here on WHEDONesque. Good job!
This can't be real.
I'm doing a seriously awesome dance of joy right now!!!
@Shan: yes. It's a 13 episode order, with an option for more (e.g. back 9).
I gotta run out of here, drink in hand, 'cause I got a thing - but hurrah! to Joss and Co., if/when they show up here to hear the happys.

But - still Friday Night Slot of Death.

Flawless Victory!
Feeling pretty MIGHTY right about now mixed in with a tanker of JOY!!!!!! Yay for DVR, Hulu and the lot of us computer-make-our-own-schedule bunch. This is the start of us counting as a viable ratings population!! Next step independant computervision like The Guild will increase in numbers, viewers and opportunities. Wooooohooo!
Let's go break their internet with thank yous!
I am so thrilled, I cannot believe our luck (and I have to admit that considering the ratings this is HUGE luck!). I am going to twitter my thanks to @FoxBroadcasting, and I'm going to try to earn this by buying extra copies of Dollhouse DVDs so I can get my friends and family to realize what an awesome show this is (I wish any of them were Nielsen families!).
This is wonderful news! I'm doing the Dance of Joy as I try to type (it's it difficult).
I can only say that this reeks of awesomeness and it is Legen...wait for it...dary.

Sorry, I just had to say it.

No timeout, please? :)
A few thoughts...

Tell the Mayor I have good news.


Oh boy... Oh boy... Oh boy...


Slap my hand now!

Look how easy! (That one's ironic...)

I just know this whole year is gonna be super fun!

And not to be all post-pessimistic but,

I think I speak for everyone here when I say, huh?

And finally...

The King of Cups wants a party...but this is not his birthday.

(I keep a list...)
@gossi: Does that mean it is a Fall premiere?
There's a scene in Matrix Reloaded at the end of the freeway chase where Morpheus and the Keymaker are rescued by Neo flying in at the last second as the semi they are on collides head on with another and explodes, then it cuts to the mentally frazzled operator Link as he throws his arms in the air and shouts YESSSSS in jubilation before slumping forward in exhaustion. That's me.
@crazygolfa Bump it!
We will be seeing new Dollhouse eps in, like, five months? Unbelievable.
Watch FOX not renew it just to mess with you guys.
Castle was just picked up, too!
HOLY FREAKIN---*passes out*
Numfar, do the dance of joy!
Thanks gossi.

Wow...still in disbelief.
Oh, golly gee whiz! This day just got exponentially better!

I mean, first I got my long-awaited CD of "Buffy" tracks from Douglas Romayne, and then UPS delivered a package I was waiting for, and now this.

And this is an actual, honest-to-goodness, for sure renewal? 'cause I have to go tell everyone I know right now!
řetta er bara śūislegt!!

What? I saw the whole other language and decided to add another language to that. lmao. And by the way I'm just saying That's just awesome in Icelandic.

Because it is awesome. I don't have anything all to say. XD

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Only now I got the "Will continue on Fridays" thing.
Well, unless they keep renewing it with these ratings, I'm ok with that.

"In fact, "Dollhouse" might very well be the lowest-rated in-season scripted drama to ever get a renewal on a major broadcast network."

This is sooooo out there.

I'm thinking of sending a second "Thank You!"-mail to Fox.

What email address are we using?
Passionate kisses for everyone!
Watch FOX not renew it just to mess with you guys.
Stunn | May 16, 02:14 CET

Dude, don't give my brains ideas that'll make it more paranoid!

And woah, did Castle really get picked up too?
This is amazing!!!

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Tweeted and sent thankful emails of great praise.
Thank you FOX, you done good. I may even forgive you for Firefly..nope not yet. (BG)
Whedon fans worked hard to get a second let's just hope they showrunners can make a compelling second season with no weak spots.

It's funny that Joss used "Epitaph One" to show how he could do a show on a tighter budget, since it obviously impressed and yet we're not going to get to see it (for at least a little while, anyway. Those of us with no DVD money will have to find other ways)

edit: If you notice in my post, I never once say that God has blessed us, or something absurd like that...I'm cautiously optimistic for a second season. I want it to be good, and not suck like most of the first season did. Earn my love, show.

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YAY!!!!! Were I a man, I too would have a man reaction.
Fantastic! To think, we'll have 26 episodes of Dollhouse in the same calendar year!
[Releases thirteen weeks of tension]


Tweeted my thanks to Fox!
Many big congrats to you all and to Joss and Eliza (both of whom I like). Hopefully I will get to catch up (I'm woefully behind. I didn't have the energy for the complexity - it was spring. there was pollen)
and so happy to hear about Castle (I'll catch up on that too - I'm blaming a full DVR, too much email, twitter, facebook, and a new (part time) job with lots of new software to learn - and my best friend, who I've had to talk down from the Chuck cliff a few times, and of course, Chuck.
Wish us luck on (what day is it?)

I'm so so so happy!!! I wanted to believe, because I knew the show deserves some Faith faith despite the ratings, but, honestly, I was expecting the worst..

But YAAAAY!!! Thanks Fox! Now we have to spread the word and bring a lot more people to watch it, and prove them they did the right things !

(Also, YAAAY because my 100 comment gets to be a Dollhouse YAAAY :-DD!)
Well, it's 2.30 AM here, but at least I can now go to bed happy.

Who's going to put up a countdown clock to the first ep of S2?
Oh, and Comic-Con panel? Hell the frak yeah!

I was so worried there wouldn't be a Dollhouse and Chuck panel but now, ooooooh yes!
*jaw drops*

I don't even have the words. This is just an awesome, awesome day!!!!
Yes, Dollhosue AND Castle pickups, waiting news on Adam Baldwin's Chuck to make it 3 reasons to be thrilled :).
Xan Man, I'm lead to believe Joss will be there presenting the 13th episode of Dollhouse to everybody (and now, season two). Details to be firmed out, don't quote me on that.
This is really fantastic news. Really happy! All but one (TSCC, AFAIK) of the shows I watch are coming back next year. Kinda hard to believe. Especially since three of those are Dollhouse, Chuck, and Friday Night Lights. This has been a pretty unbelievable renewal trend.

OK, I know Chuck hasn't been renewed yet, but I'm going to try to be as happy as possible, right now.
Thats fantastic news. And I never use the word 'fantastic'.

Id suggest this is an amazing excuse to get drunk, but Im already wasted. Clearly I foresaw this.
Dollhouse is now the #1 trending topic on Twitter.
It's back to #1 on the Twitter trending topics list. One year after the first trailer, one week after the season one finale.
Precognitive inebriation - new power on Heroes next season or just another Friday at Whedonesque?
Id suggest this is an amazing excuse to get drunk, but Im already wasted. Clearly I foresaw this.

Woohoo!!! Today is such a great day. I am so happy about this announcement.
What's the very opposite of heartbroken? Because that's what I am. What a day!
1 year ago today, I put the first trailer of Dollhouse online. And Kevin Reilly emailed me to say he was really excited seeing all the reaction online (i.e. here).
Thankyou Fox! I can't believe this actually happened. It's made my day :D
That's really nice of him. What a swell fella.
I remember doing some transcoding that night, gossi - has it really been a year, mate?
I am so excited! Almost too excited to tell some of the naysayers who were naysaying a month ago here: I told ya so! :)

I'm VERY happy that this turned out! More Dollhouse! Woohoo!
Yes. A whole year.

Speaking of which, it's 2:45am. Nighty night.
Heee.. Felicia Day Sears commercial just came on :)
I'm pretending that this is Dichen and Miracle celebrating.
I'm doing the dance of joy as we speak! :D
Makes it kinda hard to type, though.
Now NBC just needs to renew CHUCK and I'll have renewed faith in television. Congrats to Joss and Eliza, cast and crew!
This is very very good news. Omega works much better as season finale than a series finale. Many thanks to Kevin Reilly and everyone at FOX for giving dollhouse a chance to tell more stories.
Well, this is it folks. We can't blame Fox for not giving us a chance anymore. It's all on us now.

And: OHMYGIODKLSJXCNVM djkx`gv zdkfjxcm ,bnfdzkjcmv bzdfkjxcmnv bxdfkcmnv bdzfknIT GOT RENEWED! So. Incredibly. Happy.
Yup, time to finally lay the Firefly Fox hate to rest.



*seventy-six bloody trombones*

:) :) OH HELL YES!!! :) :),28095/?utm_source=newswire_listing

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I have danced, have moved on to happy tears. OMG.
Man, I can't even believe this is true. It feels like some kind of dream. I'm so excited that we finally have word on renewal. And that it's an affirmative. Thank you FOX, for finally doing something I can continue to enjoy your network without feeling guilty.

Although, I love how the guys at TV By The Numbers are still sounding a little sour about the renewal decision: "Nikki Finke reports that Dollhouse has been renewed. So does James Hibberd, and a multitude of other sources. You might have already heard it from your mom or at the check out line at the grocery store!" Gee, I guess they don't like that all their "Dollhouse will absolutely not return" news headlines are clearly ringing false now!
YES! Yes yes yes!! I've been refreshing the main page every few minutes these past few days, and YES! Definitely just called everyone I ever knew. Good TV is still on the air! All hail the Joss-meister!
Hopefully this is ushering in an era of new ratings systems (looking at itunes, internet, dvd, etc.)
Did Fox's heart grow three times larger at some point? We didn't even have to suffer through a torturous weekend waiting for the news. Unbelievable!

doubtful guest, did someone really sent the Printy song to Reilly?
Well, how about that. Fox did something right..

Too bad it'll still air on Fridays. :/
Say what you want about Fridays, if it builds some more steady audience, it could be have a nice run.
To be honest, I'm still in shock. I didn't think that a renewal would happen.
Wonderful news! Joss....continue your magic!
Yesss! Yesss!! Yesss!!!
Great Day of Purple Joy!
Heh :)

@Josh_Friedman Good on you, Joss, Fox, dolls, houses.

Poor Josh. I'm really going to sleep now.
Yeah, off to bed before you accidentally drink a pint of bitters and trip over your own pants!
Wow, having a Fox "insider" like Friedman acknowledge it makes it seem that much more real.
Or some random hobo's pants!
There have been confirmations from others of an insider-y type, just promised not to say who. Although now that Maurissa and others have publicly yay'd it, it probably doesn't matter as much :).
Dollhouse has been renewed? Really? And just in time for me to start watching season 1 when it finally arrives here in the UK too.

Hmm, really would be a good week to buy that extra lottery ticket...
YesyesyesyesyesYAY. I can't express my happy in words. If I could type a dance I would. But I'm just going to have to settle for YAY. Way to go, Joss and co.
Well, HUZZAH! What sweet, clean evergreen air has Fox been inhaling? Whatever it is, I bless them for the renewal but stop dead short of anything that could be construed as genuflection ... well, maybe for Joss I would dip a little curtsy in their general direction.
I don't think enough can be said about how much Fox is redeeming themselves here.
"'Dollhouse' might very well be the lowest-rated in-season scripted drama to ever get a renewal on a major broadcast network."
That's a huge and unexpected move and it deserves mad respect.
We're just too pretty for Fox to let us die.
This is pure awesome. It's also a good opportunity.

Like was stated earlier, it's been 9 years since a Joss show has been renewed for a 2nd season. When a network renews a show that has pretty bad ratings, it almost acts as a challenge to the fans (think the short lived Jericho renewal).

So many people I talked to about the show, heard early reviews and wrote it off, "I heard that was bad" or they thought it was cancelled already.

I don't know how much we can do to get that number of Friday night viewers up (if it does in fact stay on Friday night), but we have four or so good months to spread the good Purple. I'm open to suggestions about how to do that.

Today we rejoice. Soon, we spread the word anew!
Oh, by the way. I'm not too PC to shout this from the rooftops:

"More TUDYK?!?! ... SCHWING!"

[ edited by Tonya J on 2009-05-16 03:38 ]
I'd like to see Echo maintain her composite identity even after returning to the dollhouse. No more wiping. Maybe adding some more.

And as far as cost-cutting wardrobe goes, those slinky yoga pajamas are expensive, what with all the conditioner and ecologically-friendly detergent and such. Perhaps Echo could insist on wearing that leather dominatrix outfit when not out on assignment? But then again, that's probably Topher adding that proclivity for his own amusement. Or me mixing up what thoughts I should be keeping to myself with what is otherwise a reasonable comment. Composite Echo. Boo-yah!

I just woke up here in Australia, this is the best news ever!
OMFG, how shiny is that?! I'm so excited, I'll never get to sleep now! I'm absolutely writing Fox a thank-you letter. I can't believe they renewed it!
Agree with zeitgeist. Dollhouse on Friday is not a bad thing. We now know that FOX is not expecting huge numbers that night. If it is able to gain some viewers, it could continue on for a few more seasons.

I'm not too PC to say that Kevin Reilly has some brass ones for making this move.
Dude, it's like 12.40. That's some impressive sleeping you did :)

Also, massive yay to this news
"'Dollhouse' might very well be the lowest-rated in-season scripted drama to ever get a renewal on a major broadcast network."
That's a huge and unexpected move and it deserves mad respect.

I think this is very important to note and I think it deserves to be repeated and discussed. The previous low-rated shows that Mr. Reilly has saved from the brink have all gone on to multiple season award winning runs. Not to jinx it, but the guy can pick 'em, so I love what this says about his opinion of the show. I also love what it might signal for the future of network television in the near term. Here's hoping more shows let their shows find an audience and develop rather than strangling them in their cribs. I suspect someone could write a column about that... wait, someone did and I just posted it to the front page.
I knew I'd slept through some good news. :D *dances*
If I wasn't typing this in a library, I might have joined the mass dance of joy. But I'm feeling it.
Wow! This is great news. And, after the week I've had, good news is especially welcome. Now if my friend survives the night and wakes up without brain damage (and yes, that's really part of what's going on in my world right now) and Star Trek is as good as people say it is, it might turn into an okay weekend.
Happy to tell you that its true and Star Trek was pretty damned good. My thoughts, prayers, good will goes out to you and your friend this night for safe and speedy recovery.
Oh Happy Day!!!!! This is fabulous news!!! Thank you so much Fox for giving Dollhouse another chance!! Here's hoping by the time the next season starts up more people give it a chance!

Edited to add that yes, Star Trek was awesome - just saw it today!

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I said it before but I really hope that this renewal will bring the people that stayed away "Because it's going to be cancelled anyway" back to give the show a second chance.
If they use Hulu to catch up on S1 then they'll see some good episodes.
4 AM here now. Can't sleep. Clown will kill me.
Gto163c - I missed the post about your friend! My thoughts and prayers are also with you and your friend and hope they will be okay.
This still doesn't feel real, I'm seriously pinching myself right now. I think even the most diehard of fans had pretty much given up hope after the last couple weeks of ratings came out. Who would've thought this would happen? Honestly, this has to go down as possibly THE biggest renewal shocker ever! We're witnessing history here people, could this possibly mark the start of a real change to how the networks do business? We'll have to wait and see.

Fox have completely redeemed themselves in my eyes, I just want to give Kevin Reilly and Peter Rice a big ol' hug right now! This is truly unbelievable. What a great day to be a Joss
Whedon fan!
THANK YOU!!! *High-fives everyone ever*
If Dollhouse is really "The lowest rated show ever renewed" then that must be down to new media. If the traditional Nielsen ratings don't support the show then something else must have done. That must be Hulu and iTunes.

I've been saying for weeks that Hulu is growing an a staggering rate and that while it's value is small compared to Network TV now it is catching up fast. Fox need Hulu to be a hit now to establish it as "The" online portal and they need all the content they can get, and they are willing to subsidise shows now to ensure success tomorrow.

I think this decision confirms that. I'm sure Hulu and iTunes played a big part.
And best wishes for your friend gt0163c. Reminds us that Dollhouse is just a TV show.
The previous low-rated shows that Mr. Reilly has saved from the brink have all gone on to multiple season award winning runs.

That's very interesting, zeitgeist.
Can you tell us, less informed people, which shows are those?
Numfar! Do the dance of joy!
I think Mr. Reilly gave 'The Office' a second chance after it's dismal first season and now it's entering it's sixth and is one of NBC's most successful shows :)
Sending out positive thoughts for your friend, gt0163c.
I'm going to have to give an "I told ya so". I guess zz above me was saying the same thing, but we are reaching a point where Neilson is becoming exposed as such an extremely imperfect system that even the networks don't trust it. And since I said that when the articles about Dollhouse imminent demise were being written because of the last episode's ratings and was "told" that I was wrong major networks just don't care about new media numbers. I say, "ha." Basically, it's all about me.

But seriously, great for Whedon and kudos for him in going the extra mile to make the show's budget work. That's JMS thinking right there. Make as good of a product as you can and if you have to constrain the budget, do it. The best show ever that no one will ever see doesn't help. The best show you can do and make it work is the way to go. Honestly, his writing doesn't require garish wardrobe and sets that border on purely ostentatious. I appreciate the effort, but I'd rather see that go then not see the show. And if the numbers pick up, he can always bring some of it back. As much as I'd like to be right, this probably has more to do with Whedon's ability to work with the network on the budget than anything Hulu related.

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Well, none of them have been THIS low rated, but 30 Rock, the Office, and Friday Night Lights were shows that he chose to keep that would've been cancelled elsewhere. He also developed The Sopranos, The Shield, Rescue Me, ER and a number of others. The oft-pasted Kevin Reilly Wikipedia entry.
Yay is me! I do, I do, I do believe in Reilly! Congrats Joss and etal! Wonderfullest news, like, for forever! Frakking awesome, fantabulous, crikey and you little ripper! Now all I need is for Aussies to enjoy the Dollhouse goodness on their Tvs down under. (Did I word that right?) Who cares, just happy!
(And Gto163c, my thoughts and prayers are with you also.)
Dude, it's like 12.40. That's some impressive sleeping you did :)

Also, massive yay to this news

Let Down | May 16, 03:41 CET

damn, I was hoping there was'nt any other Australians online to realise what a slob I am.... in my defence I was up until 4am on, simultaneously watching frost/nixon... good movie that one
max, The Office for one, 30 Rock for another
I was totally not expecting this! What a surprise!

Even though I've more or less jumped off the Dollhouse bandwagon, I'm sure that I'll keep on watching, because it's Joss. How can I not watch Joss' shows? But I'm really hoping season two shines, and that season one can be a slightly foggy memory when all is said and done...all shows have growing pains. I see most of season one as a big growing pain, and hopefully everyone is improving the show.

Earlier there was speculation that if Dollhouse was renewed, there would be significant budget cuts ...anyone know whether salaries have been changed or any characters dropped?
Cool! Thanks, zeitgeist!
Is it wrong I am more excited about this then my graduation tomorrow? Regardless, yay!!!!
It took me w few episodes to love Dollhouse, but by the end, I was hooked. This pleases me. Oh yes. This pleases me...
Early speculation is suggesting that the reduction back to normal running time might account for much of the budget cuts anyway. I've seen no official word on that, however.

I don't know that any of that has been announced yet, but usually in cost cutting a drama you try to reuse sets more and keep the story constrained to fewer locations. The fewer remote shoots you have to do, the cheaper it is. Also, the sets tend to get less detailed.

Cutting actors (characters) probably gets you the most money, but that sticks out like a sore thumb. You might see actors only appearing in every few episodes rather than every one though. I hate to bring up JMS as a comparison because Babylon 5 was a very different animal and I don't think the quality is directly comparable, BUT if you watch the series you can see a lot of tricks that Whedon could use to make it work and still do major arcs. And as b!x pointed out, a shorter run time will help.

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So anyone know if there's any chance of season 2 being more than 13 episodes if it does well?
One word: yaaaaaaay!
My first thought (well, after celebrating) was that the main set is going to get downsized.
Isn't it true that S5 of Angel involved cutting the budget from S4? I remember S4 having a more "epic" feel in terms of sets and special effects. Just now thinking about that epic battle between Faith and Angel...

Also, I'm a little anxious about DH's long-term future because of the tendency of complicated, serial-format shows losing fans over time. But my friend (who I just got into DH) just texted me after I told her the news and said "Yay, now I can get my brother into the show!"

Hopefully, with the DVD coming out, DH can build more of a fanbase, and then Fox promotes it with an ad campaign pairing it with "Human Target" and they can kick it off with "Epitaph One."

Of course, why worry about the long term at a glorious moment like this?? Season TWO of Dollhouse - can you believe it?? Woot!
Thanks, b!x. Very exciting
Riker, Why would the main set get downsized if it's already built?
Yes, there is a chance of more than 13 eps if it does well. That's really pushing it though. If we get partially back to the beginning viewing numbers, we might get renewal again, but more episodes would require an unrealistic amount of success I think. Of course, I thought that Dollhouse was kaput from the get-go, so what do I know.

Although the Reilly-supported shows have been critical successes, have any of them been genuine ratings powerhouses? Aren't they all just skating by?
I'm not so sure, Riker. I think that since they need to reduce spending they'll try to have as good a set as possible so that they can spend a lot more time there instead of doing expensive location filming. That's what they did in Angel season 5 - made an aweosome W & H set so they could stay in it. Besides, the DH set is already built
30 Rock's average ratings have gone up each season for one.
YES! Congrats to all the FANS. Really. =D
Squeeeeeeeeeee! Awesome,awesome,awesome and oh did I mention... AWESOME! Yippie! Now I'm going to go giggle uncontrollably in the corner like the manly man I am. Hehehe, yay the world!
Oh Happy Day! Oh Hhhhhhhaaaaaappppppyyyyyy DAY!!!!!
I am very happy about Dollhouse. I don't think it's fully sunk in yet. That's why I'm typing in a monotone.

And, zz9, check this out!
M'Cookies, it's now 5.25 AM and thanks to that I'll never get to sleep now!
I just felt this is the ONLY place I could say man reaction comfortably.

My Whedon Room is going to totally enjoy this news. time to go tell it.
Wow. Great, great news.
I'm so in shocked right now, it's so awesome that FOX is renewing it!
Yes! This is fantastic. I can't wait for next season.
VERY VERY HAPPY....Can't wait for round 2!!
Riker, I'm not following the logic as to why they would downsize the set? Downsizing the set is not going to reduce the budget... indeed, I could see them enlarging portions if they decide a lot of indoor filming saves money.
Such great news to start the weekend! :)
Short on time, so can't read all the happies right now, but I wanted to leave my squee, so, "Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!"

So, how did it work? Was there like, a guy in the room, all, "You know what we have plenty of? In fact, way more than we could possibly ever need? Money. So, how's about we do something both zany and wacky? How 'bout we renew a show that's not making us any more of what we already have too much of, but has tons and tons of creative richness. Okay, let's look through our shows that fit that criteria alphebetically starting with, let's say "D," and whatever we find first gets renewed. Whaddaya say?"

So. Damn. Happy.
Congrats to Joss, Eliza & Co. My face actually hurts now from all the smiling...
Let the celebration begin! (I imagine something along the ways of several planets dancing, singing, fireworks, joining in union at the wonderful news ala Star Wars.)
Looks like that first "Save Dollhouse" campaign worked after all. It must have caught Kevin Reilly's attention from the get go. Awesome!
I have to go to sleep and just can't read this monster thread, but will add my YAY! to what I assume is a long, long chorus of yays. I can't wait to see what they do with a second season.
I could see them enlarging portions if they decide a lot of indoor filming saves money.

Ballard needs an office, for a start!
They should give Ballard a tiny desk in the corner of Topher's room.
He can just work from the imprint chair while noone's in it
You know, I've just had a thought. Where does Whiskey sleep?

If she never leaves the place, she must sleep somewhere.
No coherent words, just YAY! Big yay with bells and whistles. Would it be dumb to send Fox a thank you email cause I am definitely feeling the love. This surprised me in a big way. Congrats Joss and Co. and Fox - here's hoping for crazy success (and continuing quality) for Season TWO (yay) of Dollhouse.
Would it be dumb to send Fox a thank you email

No. Send it.
Four hours later, after a short night's sleep, I'm still bouncy and excited. Which is not a bad thing for a day of volleyball playing ;).

Love all the happy reactions. Oh, and gt0163c, I hope your friend is doing okay!
FRAK OM-Gods! I have been studying for my qualifying exam for grad school, and just caught this post, and I can't even believe it. I just. cannot. believe. it. wow. I'm gonna go do a little dance.

Also, I am going to buy the season 1 DVD and all of the episodes on iTunes, just to prove that they made a good decision.

Yeah baby! Dollhouse, dollhouse, doll-freakin-house!
What incredible news! I just got home and saw the headline on my news aggregator. Came here to confirm and high-five everyone else partaking of the renewal joy. *slap my hand!*

That sick, heart-crushed feeling I had when Firefly got cancelled? This is pretty much the opposite. Never thought I'd type these words, but:

Thank you, FOX television (and in particular Misters Reilly and Rice)!

Also, a toast *clink* to Joss, ME, all and sundry involved, and all Whedonites worldwide! Can't wait to see Season Two!
Where does Whiskey sleep?

I always wondered where Team Angel slept in season 5. I assume they didn't stay at Wolfram and Hart, but I don't know for sure.
Of all the days to have a show! I checked in to make sure it was really most sincerely renewed but hadn't really had a chance to read over the comments. It's a party up in here!

I've spent a lot of time in the last few months thinking about this show, and talking about it and tweeting about it, and this news comes as a tremendous relief. I am just so happy, and it doesn't really seem real yet.

Thanks to everyone who makes this show possible. Thank you Kevin Reilly and Peter Rice! Thank you Eliza! And most of all, thank you Joss! I can't wait for season 2.
Well, we got to see Angel's digs, and I'd be surprised if Wesley didn't hang on to the apartment he and Lilah broke in so thoroughly. I'm not really sure about anyone, though; I've only watched through Angel once.
Start the ♫♪♫


Everyone's (okay, most)

This news gives me a happy (not that kind--okay maybe that kind too--should've sprung for xx-large font there)

Here's to that second season of Doll۩

I ♥ you guys (Fox, Kevin Reilly, cast, Joss, show, you guys).

In cheesy mood. Yay television.

[ edited by Kris on 2009-05-16 06:51 ]
Most of those are empty squares to me, Kris. But then again: who cares at this point :).

Happy Dollhouse renewal day, everyone! :D.
Woohoo at Dollhouse renewal!
I want to run around in circles and flail around. I don't know what to do...

*hand slap!* because that's an amazing albeit obscure Anya reference.

But really. If the show gets brought back in the fall, how soon do they need to begin filming? I'd imagine Joss and company must already have some things plotted out, but I'm too excited right now to do any sort of math "and I really can't handle a lot of questions right now."
Some of 'em might be squares to some users viewing because I upped the font of them in order to make them visible (the symbols only, not the text, didn't wanna make this look like a messy message board), I'm not sure. Seen folks use the occasional symbol on here before (hearts and whatnot), but never attempted myself. Probably not encouraged, but figured the situation called for some sillyness.

I dunno, they all come through on my screen. I forgot that I was gonna do colors! The smiley wasn't meant to be a ghost-face smiley, the music notes were going to be more vibrant, and the sun would have been yellow. Oh well.
If the show gets brought back in the fall, how soon do they need to begin filming?

I can't find it now (thought it was on one of gossi's sites, but I'm bleary-eyed) but I read somewhere that they'd be back at work in two months?
Thank you FOX!
This is wonderful news! Congrats to Joss and the actors and the entire crew!
So excited to hear about Castle as well! This is a great day for Whedonverse fans. :)

Now if only we hear about Chuck soon.
C'mon NBC make it three things to be thrilled about! :)
CrazyKidBen, usually if a show is starting in September or October, they start filming in July.
This summer will have to include a Joss-a-thon. All his shows, all episodes. And Serenity. And maybe Alien: Resurrection and the original Buffy movie. And Toy Story and Speed.

ehh, this all sounds kinda hard. Maybe I'll just rewatch Dollhouse.
*dies of geek happiness overload*
YAaAaAaAY!!!! So unfrakingbelievably happy. There is such thing as karma!!!
They've only got about five months before the first show, if the fall scheduling plan doesn't change. They have to have at least four or five eps filmed by then, so I'm assuming, as Kris posted, that'll start in July. But they've got to write the eps and plan out the season arc first, so they'll be back to work in a matter of weeks, if not sooner.
SO excited for the Joss-man! Sure, he gets no sleep, going from Dollhouse to Cabin back to Dollhouse, but hey, the man likes to keep busy!

Three cheers for the purple horizon!
If they start in July, will that interfere with Comic Con??? (oh noes!)
Comic-Con will be huge for them now. I can't imagine there's any way it will be considered anything other than a necessary part of promoting the show.
It would be f'in amazing if they came in and we rocked it like Woodstock. Banners, woots!, whole cast... let's make the walls tremble at our praise!
Oh my god, I am so freaking happy to hear this, and also about Castle. :) This is the best week ever for me.
They're already going to show Epitaph One, right? And if they've got anything else filmed, maybe they'll show some snippets of that, too. When is Comic-Con, exactly?
July 23-26. In San Diego. Here. *snuggles pass*

I hope they extend the Joss Whedon hour. One just won't cut it. Let's make it 3 hours and a Happy hour after that. ;)
Today was an awesome day.
What wonderful news to wake up to! Thank you everyone involved with this decision!
I'm not allowing my heart to be happy until I hear the official announcement.

And then...



ginalee, earlier this evening Maurissa tweeted having just come back from a celebratory dinner, and that Jed was on the phone with Joss. You don't have to wait for the official announcement. It's happening.
In that case...

EXCELLENT NEWS for my first day at Whedonesque as a member :-)

Strangely enough two weeks ago I had this fleeting moment where I felt DH could be renewed and now it's come true. I KNEW IT.
YAY!!!! This makes me very happy!
Talk about against all odds :).


This is amazing! I tried not to hope, but I couldn't not, and then... this!
Blessings on Kevin Reilly, whose record of supporting distinctive, high quality shows is becoming even more impressive.

If Dollhouse S2 does very well, and Fillion's vehicle becomes a real hit, can we have some more Firefly?

I know . . . but how likely was the turn of events we have just seen?
If DH and C are hits, how exactly would any of the people involved even be available to make more Firefly. ;)
It was prophesied way back on Angel, so we should've known.

"The House Always Wins"
Any thread that contains both "Shpadoinkle" and "Yub Yub" is truly exciting. And anything that reunites me with my stunning cast and my crazy staff (or "room fulla Tophers", as I call them) is nothing short of a gift. Heady times, indeed. We're two weeks away from finishing "Cabin" and now it looks like no summer vacation after all. But oh, the terrible things my brain is brewing... Just wait. We'll make it worth it.

Thanks for hanging in.
You're up late! Congratulations!
So if Firefly gets renamed 'Houseflies' Fox will decide to fund more Firefly

Btw, despite this awesome news I still think Joss should go to cable at some point. It's where his dark stuff belongs. It's like Joss himself said - if he hadn't come up with the idea for Dollhouse with Eliza he wouldn't have gone to FOX with it
Excuse me, I'm in stunned awe. :o

I'm sure 20th picking up the tab had something to do with it, but at least the execs showed some cajones.

This goes some way into repairing my opinion of them after the Firefly debacle (some).

Congratulations Purple Dude! Thanks so much for the mind-bendy television this season! I cannot wait til the Fall. Cannot wait!

What a wonderful time to be a Whedon fan. :)
Congratulations Joss!
Oh wow, a joss post. Congratulations! And thankyou for making such a brilliant and brave show with Dollhouse
All the best, Joss. You definitely deserve the space to keep crafting stories.
Btw, the title of this thread scares me. Sure, we've all just had a blissful moment of true happiness but I'm pretty sure that FOX is about to lose its soul, turn evil, murder Dollhouse and lay out its corpse for all to see
Congratulations JOSS , and thank you for this other amazing show you're giving us!
Now quickly, to the Dollhouse-Mobile! Can't wait for season 2 to happen :-D
I've completely failed to convince someone on Twitter that the above is actually Joss. This after Maurissa tweet failed to convince them of the news either. Too bad. They lose out on an entire weekend of celebrating.
Neat, jossir. Sucks bigtime about the vacation - but we're so glad you and Eliza and all the smart and purty people you've assembled get to stay together and play in the big Dollhouse sandbox again. For our edification and amusement. FOX must have some people who are hip to the changing TV/media scene.

I'm off to the asleepingness - hope you'all get some R & R with your family soon.
Not to be a damper, I *AM* very happy about the news, but how much of a budget cut are they talking about Joss? Are you looking at "Supernatural" size cuts (loss of scenery, crew, and FX), or Top Gear (loss of Clarkson's catering budget)?
QG's idea of asleepingness- secretly partying & lurking on Whedonesque. ;)
Apparently the sets will be replaced with butchers paper with crayon drawings
Apparently the sets will be replaced with butchers paper with crayon drawings

The actors have to spend the first month of work building new sets out of bonsai trees.
Yay, Joss! Can't wait to see what your brain's been brewin' :)
Actually, I think the actors will also be replaced with drawings on butchers paper
All signed with "α".
Printy becomes a high chair.
Whistler: "but how much of a budget cut are they talking about..."

"Have I been asleep?"
"Yes, for three episodes."
Yays for Dollhouse and Joss-post. Congrats to ye sir and to all the cast and crew.

I wanted to suggest some kind of celebratory Dollhouse related ritual or substance but all I can come up with is medicinal carrots.....Sure, why not. Medicinal carrots for all!

Due to budget restraints, Topher's hair will only be allowed to stand up when he has more than one moral judgmental guy in his imprint room.
Why is zeitgeist not awake for the medicinal carrots reference?
I'm looking forward to the terrible things.

If DH and C are hits, how exactly would any of the people involved even be available to make more Firefly. ;)

One of the hopes for resurrecting Serenifly was that at least one cast member would become A-list bankable and demand it. Ms. Dushku's career has taken a slight variation from this route, by which Mr. Whedon has returned to series TV. So it's not as far fetched an idea as it was.

Mr. Whedon has already demonstrated that he can keep two balls in the air. If our Captain were presented with the choice, and wasn't contractually obligated to stay with another series, he's already said which way he would jump. Some of the other original crew might have to be recurring guests rather than regulars, but hey, it's an ensemble show.
Oiy with the trombones and the poodles and the excitement in my head I just can't sleep... arrgh! If I can't sleep or stop twittering how will I ever finish finals?

*(in case your not a fan the poodles reference is from gilmore girls and I felt it was appropriate)
Mmmm... medicinal carrot shake. Dollhouse should definitely have a Dollhouse Drink. I need to know what to toast with.
Due to budget constraints, David Barry Gray will play every other handler.

[ edited by The One True b!X on 2009-05-16 09:20 ]
Boyd & Ballard are not allowed to break any more furniture.
"Have I been asleep?"
"Yes, for three episodes."

toast with a caffeinated beverage
Congratulations Joss!

I am glad the show got renewed. It was going to interesting places at the end of the run.

I am going to go back and see what it would be like if a person started watching the show at episode 6. I may pretend the show starts there.

My best wishes for the sick friend up-thread. I hope al is well tomorrow.
Due to budget energy constraints, I will now go to bed.
due to budget cuts all the characters besides actives will have a signature outfit ala scooby do...
HALLELUJA :D:D!!! I'm actually doing the dance of joy at this point! This was the best news I could ever wake up to in the middle of these busy busy exam times! And congratulations to Joss and everyone else involved with the show, even though you won't be getting much of a summer vacation!

Thank you Fox, for not going all Firefly on our asses! Maybe Fox isn't an evil, intergalactic empire after a.. Ooooh, a Fox ad! Look at all the purdy col...

Congrats, Joss! Really can't wait for more Dollhouse. I'm mesmerized by these twisted tales of yours, so bring it on!
Due to budget constraints, Victor's face will *not* be fixed. :(
Due to budget constraints, Joss has been forced to replace the Dollhouse theme song with "Printy the Imprint Chair" played on a pennywhistle and sung by the Whedonesque Swing Choir.

korkster, the Official Dollhouse Cocktail is a Slow, Comfortable Imprint - ingredients to be determined, but almost certainly including absinthe (which makes the heart grow fonder), and a touch of the old Mickey Finn. With a twist.

ETF: b!X, I did it myself - "Pointy" for "Printy" - it's just too easy to do if tired...

[ edited by QuoterGal on 2009-05-16 09:31 ]
Congratulations Joss!!!!!
Since we're doling out miracles this week, how about TPTB greenlighting Serenity II and a Spike movie? You can even combine the two if you want, since vampires are immortal. Just, y'know, _something_ from the previous 'verses, while some residual luck is in the air. It might also be a good time to play the lottery.

[ edited by deanna b on 2009-05-16 09:32 ]
deanna b, I actually thought about getting a couple of tickets on the way home. Can't miss out on luck like this! Who knows? Maybe I'd win, pay off all of my bills, and be that *big money person who insists on a Serenity 2 with cash*...
Once again! Congrats mega cerebrally gifted purple dude! Thanks for all that you and your genius Tophers have given us thus far! Can't wait for Cabins and thirtheen more episodes! *gives group hug to everyone at ME and Fox*

And QG as per usual -lol! (to the three eps reference, must learn to type faster)!
I had decided to wait until news of renewal or cancellation before I made my first post here, and I'm so happy it was the former- and a comment by the Purple One too! I have to say I'm very pleasantly surprised by FOX and hope they keep up this spirit during the next season. And, uh, hello!
Maybe the actives could be imprinted with the personalities of Mal, Simon, Inara, Kaylee, River, Zoe and Jayne
Due to budget constraints, Dollhouse will now be brought to you in 140 characters or less.

mariec, LOL, nice use of a highly underused awesome catchphrase.

And I'm now tempted to go to a juice bar and order a medicinal carrot juice in a decidedly sketchy manner whilst mumbling about dolls and houses and chilly arms.
deanna b, I actually thought about getting a couple of tickets on the way home. Can't miss out on luck like this! Who knows? Maybe I'd win, pay off all of my bills, and be that *big money person who insists on a Serenity 2 with cash*...

oh please feel free to insist
Drinks for our Dollhouse:

Topher- Mind Eraser

Alpha- Face Eraser

Adelle- Mind Game

Joss- Mind Bender

Dollhouse- Acidic Mindfuck
Woo to the motherfucking hoo. That's all I've got to say. Oh, and congratulations, Joss man. Dollhouse deserves to come back for about a million years.
Of course, QuoterGal your drink sounds best:

korkster, the Official Dollhouse Cocktail is a Slow, Comfortable Imprint - ingredients to be determined, but almost certainly including absinthe (which makes the heart grow fonder), and a touch of the old Mickey Finn. With a twist.

Now I just need to drink it. :D
I know this is being greedy but all my fingers, toes an internal organs are crossed for more episodes that say the magical words 'Written and Directed by Joss Whedon'
Thank you to Fox, Congratulations to Joss and all the cast/crew, and woohoo to us - we get more Dollhouse.
Ways to cut the 'Dollhouse' budget;
#27- Not feature lengthy motorbike races that add zilch to the plot.
#28- Have Alpha, Ballad and Victor appear shirtless and shoeless in every scene.
Shoeless? That's a weird foot fetish you have there, missb :)
Wooo! Happy day!
As foot fetishes go, I suspect it's fairly normal - even understated.

...That is a sentence I have never had to type before.
the thing about no shoes is that it makes them just that much more naked - which I support wholeheartedly
Can we get that show instead?
Hey, maybe budget cuts mean Victor's face is fixed! And Whiskey's. Slash the make-up budget and everybody's pretty again! Congratulations Joss and all!
Here you go missb: Shoeless.
Due to budget cuts imprints are now done with Alpha's chair.
No more Printy?! Do not take my Printy away from me!
It's Printy's evil twin. But it needs a name, and right now I'm typing with one eye open. What do we call Alpha's chair?
Congrats Joss!

And I just remembered... I watched Buffy's "Conversations with Dead People" yesterday. I heard Dollhouse references! :D Willow said "Did I fall asleep?", and... there was another one. Must've had a mind-wipe.

(Though Printy is already kind of evil, considering what he does...)
Printy's Evil Twin is named Push
Alpha's chair should be Flashy, Printy's even evil-er identical cousin.

Really, there are a lot of expensive or impossible things that are cheap. Rossum corporation perfects scar removal. Rossum corporation invents teleportation (film cuts). Concerned about being surrounded by the FBI last season, Rossom teleports the Dollhouse from beneath downtown LA to beneath a vacant lot in Downey. The possibilities are endless.
I'd do a cartwheel if I wasn't feeling soo numb right now..

Thank you for this, goosebumps all over :D
Oh noes, my secret fetish has become not-so-secret! (Summer sure has her some dancer's feet in that pic, no?)
I like the implications of the 'Nakedhouse' communal shower...and there I go with the TMI again!

I think Alpha's chair should be 'Hinty'. It gives you with an idea of who you THINK you're supposed to be, but it's merely a suggestion and may be counteracted by one of your many other personalities.
I'm beginning to think that Printy is the true evil one. It's evil is the diabolical genius while Twinty/Flashy/Pushy is more of an obvious evil which is easily defeated outright
Budget cuts? As in 5th season Angel? That could work...
Chairs don't imprint people. People imprint people.
haha awesome! just the news ive been waiting for!! FOX have done something good for once :D
I also think I'm beginning to become nonsensical (if I ever wasn't) and must truly sleep now
This is the best news ever to wake upto! Congrats Joss and Co.
If I woulda only stayed up watching the interwebs another half hour!! But as above, the best news to wake up to. Congrats to all involved, can't wait to see what happens next.
*faints* Did I fall asleep?

I knew it, I knew it, I knew it. I never doubted this show was going to get a second season. *happy dance*
Perhaps we fans should donate some $ to aid in production costs as a thank you to Fox and make it ours?
Just for once, FOX unsucks. My world is all out of kilter!
Thanks Fox / Kevin Reilly / Joss and the cast and crew / the Powers That Be!
Happy day.
God, I loved waking up to this!! So happy I could almost cry. Been a looooong time since I've gotten hooked on a show. The season finale really did it to me. Now we get to see what happens with Whiskey, will Topher's morality grow into something, what will happen with poor Victor? Will there be a new cast member? I'm so excited that we'll have answers. Thanks for 'working' the numbers, FOX.
I'm not wholly surprised. Felt like they were heading this way all along. But congratulations all the same.

Now let's not start the "bring back Dollhouse for a third season" campaign prematurely, please?
But I was looking forward to building myself up into a righteous fury about how FOX isn't going to give Dollhouse a third season. Look, they put season 2 in the Friday deathslot!
They know no show ever survives that deathslot, it would be historical if that happened. They will never give us a 3rd season!
That good?
Wooo! And also, hooo! Congrats to Joss and crew. And now for something I never expected to see or say on Whedonesque: Thank you, Fox.
I think the show has a good chance of picking up new viewers if they air reruns over the summer.
Well, gosh, go to bed and look what happens. But I am happy to say that I was predicting this as far back as 6 weeks ago. Plus, 400th post!
Stupendous, unstoppable WIN. Here's hoping the show just keeps getting better. And Joss, thanks for the post, I wish you guys the best of luck. Now that the first hurdle of a renewal is jumped, we come to the second - a crossover featuring Dr. Greg House being called in to cure a mysteriously ailing Echo. "Coming to televisions this April 1st, 'DollHouse, M.D.'!"
YES!!! Splendid news! :-)

*goes to do the dance of joy*
w00t w00t!!
Bah, Echo could be imprinted to cure herself
Now that the first hurdle of a renewal is jumped, we come to the second - a crossover featuring Dr. Greg House

I'd rather see a Fringe crossover, with Walter popping up at the Dollhouse.. *head spins*
Okay, now that I've seen it in purple, I can start the jubilation! It really got renewed?! Congrats to the staff and crew!
I still havent got used to the joy of seing a new Joss Whedon show on TV, and now I got to find my jaw on the floor somewere before the dog gets it.

It is indeed a time of joy :)
Wonderful news! Congrats Joss and all those associated with the show! This will help me rest soundly :) *off to bed*
What a good day it is !
I think that Dollhouse is now also in very good position for a back nine order/ 3rd season.

Thanks to the positive buzz form the renewal for a 2nd season, the release of DVD and the increased quality of the second half of 1st season, the show might find many new viewers during the summer break. And since the ratings of the final episodes of 1st season were so horrible that itís almost impossible for them to drop any further, it is more likely that they might actually rise instead. And if they do, Fox might think that the show has potential and that they made the right decision to renew it and would likely order further episodes. If Dollhouse can manage to return itís ratings to the level of Ghost or even better, I think that Fox ordering more episodes is quite possible. But if the show doesnít improve or even further drops than itís a goner.

Heh, 2nd season was green-lighted only a few hours ago and Iím already speculating about season 3. :-)

[ edited by Anuris on 2009-05-16 12:56 ]
I've now resolved to assume these next 13 episodes are the last we'll get. If we get more then great. But following the ratings this season really sucked a lot of the fun out for me. Worst case sceanrio: 26 hours of Joss Whedon on TV.

[ edited by Let Down on 2009-05-16 12:27 ]
Congrats Joss!!

*does the Dance of Honour*
'Bah, Echo could be imprinted to cure herself.'

True... imprint her with House! Now THAT would be awesome.
I knew it was true before heading off to bed last night but to see it confirmed in purple makes it real.

Does the fact that Joss says no vacation for him mean it will start again in Sept.? *hopes*
More funny, Joss please - and a few happy romances ;)
So, if there's going to be a season 2, wont it be a little confusing not to air epitaph one? I havnt read any spoilers/episode description but Im assuming there would be some plots in it or character development that viewers would need to see.
Just wanted to share, that I was at a party the other night, and suddenly there was screaming and jumping across the room, all because of two words the lovely wiesengrund texted us: Season Two!!

Happy for now.
Congratulations Joss!!
I'd rather see a Fringe crossover, with Walter popping up at the Dollhouse.. *head spins*

It'd just turn out that he invented the technology involved in his lab back in the day.
Add my Yay! to the list of yays in this thread. I'm so glad the show gets another chance. Hopefully Amy Acker will be able to appear in season two. Does she have a big role in Happy Town ?
Something called Wolfram|Alpha has taken over the Dollhouse trending on Twitter and it's not Whedon-related!
Bloody Hell, I'm ecstatic for a show I haven't even seen yet.

This is a very pleasant surprise. Just when I thought it was over they pull me back in. I'll have to get the DVD just to make sure I didn't miss any of the subtle nuances that Joss is known for. This is a big win for the Good Guys.
Eliza tweeted. Said she landed in Boston late last nite and as soon as she landed came *news* LOL. Then she was like *how about those Celtics?* Way to be non-chalant Eliza!
Due to budget cuts imprints are now done with Alpha's chair.

I'm ready to spit and rinse.

[ edited by MissKittysMom on 2009-05-16 14:01 ]
Got a miserable case of the flu, so all Ican feel right now is relief. Jubilation and mad joy will come later, when I can breath again and my head stops feeling like a pulsating pumpkin.

Joss, I'm so thrilled. You and your merry band of uber-talented peeps, in front of and behind the cameras, so deserve this. :)

More Dollhouse .... YAY!!!
Congrats to everyone on Dollhouse! This is absolutely amazing news!
Wow. Even with the rumours, I did not expect this, I barely dared hope. Now to enlist Summer Glau if T:SCC gets cancelled etc etc.

I'm Glad 20th Century Fox can see the bigger picture on this one, and help move things along.

Seems like a lot of studios would rather stick with shows with an established set that spend money on picking up shows for pilots this season.
I've been telling everyone I know all day about this news.

Hey Joss, is there any word on whether the 13th ep will air before the second season starts? Or perhaps as a part of the second season's run?

[ edited by GooberMan on 2009-05-16 14:12 ]
Ameer, Wolfram|Alpha actually is Whedon-related. At least somewhat.
This is fantastic news. Iím extremely happy that Dollhouse will be getting the second season it so thoroughly deserves.

Nice to see that FOX may be catching on to the fact that the TV landscape has changed and itís not all just about ratings anymore. Now that the renewal is pretty much official, Iím hoping that the DVD release combined with online viewing will introduce the show to a new audience, thereby resulting in a growth in ratings come next season.
No, wait. Not just YES, but HELL, YES.
No, no...that's not quite...OK: Not just HELL, YES...
Plus, and Castle got renewed too?
Calloo-to-the-mofo-Callay, y'all.
Sweet Congratulations are in order.
I'm so geeked out I can hardly stand it. Hooray! The hundreds-of-comments-long discussions can continue for a second season! (And a Joss post, shiny!!! Congratulations Joss and Co.) Fox is still unforgiven for Firefly, but this helps a tiny bit. Death to the Nielsen era! I'm so happy about Castle too--this is a wonderful way to begin the weekend.
HOORAY AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!
So, I take it this means that Global TV can put their advert back up - tee hee.
Good news. Congrats Joss!!!!!!!
YEA!!! AWESOME JOSS!!! Doing the happy dance!:)
Michael said:

Ameer, Wolfram|Alpha actually is Whedon-related. At least somewhat.

Thanks, I knew I'd read about it somewhere before. Just couldn't remember where.
Bubblecat, has the Global website posted tonight's lottery numbers by any chance?
zz9 they'd be Canadian lottery numbers if they do. Want me to buy you some?
I'm so pleased! I never quite gave up hope. I feel like all our campaigning did some good!
Awesome! This makes me real happy :D I didn't dare to believe...
Joss et al: You broke my brain with this show. FOX threatened to break my heart by taking it away. They didn't, yey! So now Joss gets to break me more?

So, September or January? =)
I actually just jumped up and down screaming "YES!"
It's going to be for fall with 13 eps and an option on 9 more is the story that's being told.
What exactly does that mean? That if the 13 episodes do well, we'll get 9 more?
Aye. It's a bit like what The WB did at the start of Angel season 5.
Well, I actually wasn't around for that, but I get the picture.
Would I be right to suspect there'll be some sort of conclusion on episode 13, tying up most things, just not everything?
Wow, I go to Six Flags for a day and come back to find this. BEST DAY EVER!!!!
Great news to wake up with! I was dreading going to WWK to see about Dollhouse but now I can get my TV gossip without fear.

Can't wait to see what crazy things Joss has for us in s2.
Totally late - Sorry I missed you Joss, really happy that Dollhouse gets to continue. I was trying to remember the last time I heard the term shpadoinkel and I think it was an episode of CSI New York or Criminal Minds. Well, it was some show like that and this cute guy who got shot was in the hospital and embarrassed because the FBI agent who came to visit him saw him in his hospital gown with his "shpadoinkel" falling out. I'd never heard it before, but excellent word. It's a word that Topher could ostensibly use at some point or maybe Boyd in a light-hearted mood? Hearts to you and the cast/crew, Joss.
THANK YOU FOX. I feel like I'm dreaming. Also, I'm smiling so hard you'd think I was just crowned miss universe.
By the way, a 13-episode order is a standard order for networks. Depending on when it airs (if it's in the fall, yes, if it's mid-season, likely not), there is a possibility that the network could pick up the back-nine if the ratings are good, creating a 22-episode season. Of course, 22 is standard, but they could always do seven more or a different number, but it's typical to pick up only part of a season at a time. :)
Anyone know when Joss et al would find out if they get the extra 9 episodes? Would they know well in advance of filming ep 13? I'm just wondering whether they'd have to make ep 13 basically a season finale just in case
But oh, the terrible things my brain is brewing... Just wait. We'll make it worth it.

Oh, I *knew* that if Fox gave Dollhouse a chance, we'd see total awesomeness. Joss just confirmed it. I'm beyond squee.
First Dollhouse, then's like all the shows I was prepared to mourn for were plucked out of heaven like Buffy and brought back!
I'm not so sure Scrubs being back is such a good thing.
Amazing news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yeah, I love Scrubs but I think it's time is over. Best to finish while it's still good I think
Re: Angel's Season 5 back-9 pick-up

If The WB hadn't gone beyond Season 5's first 13, our last episode would've been "Why We Fight", which would've been awful and inconclusive and fans would've been much more up in arms than they already were after "Not Fade Away", I imagine. We also would've been deprived of "Smile Time" by one episode, and more importantly all the Fred-death/Illyria awesomeness that came next, plus one of my favorite pieces of continuity callback/fulfillment in the Buffyverse, "Origin". So ending at #13 definitely wasn't planned on that year (they made it to ep 100 and that's probably all The WB was super-concerned about, beyond wishing that the show would get better ratings).

My guess is Joss knows better at this point (as great a last episode as "Objects in Space" was, also not a good stand-in series ender). Hopefully Season 2's ep 13 will be somewhat conclusive with a number of things left open in case we get the back 9 for more awesomeness.
460 posts and still going strong. Wonder if I am the only one who wants to see Reed Diamond back as that lovable bad-ass, Larry Dominic?
zz9 they'd be Canadian lottery numbers if they do. Want me to buy you some?

Maybe better not. I am actually Canadian, so I'd have to pay tax on my winnings!
Maybe I'll just buy a ticket for the (tax free) lottery here.
I'm sure he'll be back from time to time - that's one of the neat things about putting him in the Attic. At first I thought he was a rather bland character. But in 'Spy' I fell in love with the character and shamefully I only then realised what a good actor he was
Uh, I thought Scrubs was over. I thought this finale everyone was raving about was the finish. Huh.
460 posts and still going strong. Wonder if I am the only one who wants to see Reed Diamond back as that lovable bad-ass, Larry Dominic?

Make Dominic the doctor and Whiskey the head of security.
YAY!! I'm stunned and ecstatic and giddy and plenty of other things over the news. We needed this, guys.
I'm a little tickled by Mark Sheppard's latest tweet:

more dollhouse... Tanaka lives?

Yes please. (I'd also love to see Reed Diamond back)
Hallelujah! Finally FOX does something right! I can hardly wait for Season 2!
I just learned that Better Off Ted got renewed too, I know a few folks here watch that. Only 7 episodes have aired (and that's all they've made so far?) since the show began mid-March.

It is silly and fun and smartly written. Freely admit I mostly tuned in for more Portia De Rossi (Bluth sister Lindsey from Arrested Development, among other great roles on less quality shows), though Jay Harrington (The Inside) is good as well and possibly fits comedy better than he did dead-serious drama (not committing to that opinion fully though, I only saw the first 7 episodes, the ones Fox aired). Jonathan Slavin from Andy Richter Controls the Universe always plays a good, anxiety-plagued nerd and I wouldn't have predicted that I'd ever be enjoying Andrea Anders (the girl they got to play the neighbor and potential love interest on the unwelcome Friends spin-off Joey).

Yay renewals !
"Wonder if I am the only one who wants to see Reed Diamond back as that lovable bad-ass, Larry Dominic?"

Heck no, I love that asshole.

OK, so it wasn't a dream :) I'm so happy Dollhouse is renewed!! Sorry about your summer, Joss, but I am so excited about what lies ahead!!!
Love the idea of Dominick being used as the doctor...then they can put his own personality back in his body and keep him quiet by threatening to show all his bad-ass NSA buddies the video of him smiling and handing out lollipops.
Um, Joss posted and referenced my post (Sphedoinkle!). Which, okay, just referenced various quotes from Buffy... But still, now Joss and I are like THIS.

Are so.
I wonder if FOX would ever be allowed to/consider airing Firefly, this summer, as a way to promote Season Two of Dollhouse? Sort of a, "If you liked this, the same guy has THIS coming out in a few weeks..."

Or would that just be very stupid?
That would just bring all the "why don't they just make more Firefly instead of this Dollhouse crap" folk out of the woodwork.
Um, Joss posted and referenced my post (Sphedoinkle!). Which, okay, just referenced various quotes from Buffy... But still, now Joss and I are like THIS.

I support your bond.
Harmalicious just came very close to making Dr. Pepper hit my keyboard. And yet, I say "Thank you."
Um, Joss posted and referenced my post (Sphedoinkle!). Which, okay, just referenced various quotes from Buffy... But still, now Joss and I are like THIS.

I'll believe you more if you tell us what flick Xander was almost certainly referencing when he said it without using Google :) All I'm sayin' is, "The sky is blue and all the leaves are green. The sun's as warm as a baked potato."
Maybe Joss can bring "Summer" to Dollhouse. Yeah, okay. That was bad.
Oh there's zeitgeist. Shows up way after the medicinal carrots.
Surely two seasons means Echo will finally get a polaroid on the Whedonesque layout, right?
"I think I know exactly what I mean
When I say it's a schpadoinkle day."
"I'll believe you more if you tell us what flick Xander was almost certainly referencing when he said it without using Google :) All I'm sayin' is, 'The sky is blue and all the leaves are green. The sun's as warm as a baked potato.'"

Oh, Joss knows I know (Okay, I don't know.). But we are, in fact, decidedly like THIS despite what you and the world might think.

Ours is a forbidden love...
Ah, 'twas a musical, right? By the South Park guys? Damn, what was the name. Something about cannibalism.
And it's Alferd Packer: the Musical! or Cannibal! the Musical
So, was GlobalTV just an extremely prescient mistake? That was so strange.

Also, go watch Cannibal the Musical right now! It's on DVD!
...and count me in on the Douchebaggery-of-Dominic love. Delightfully loathesome ickery, indeed. But Victor's "becoming" Dominic in the chair? Heaven. That guy can act.
Brett, Joss and I had a simulpost once. That means we're like second cousins or something. Legally. I looked it up.
Ooohh I haven't seen Cannibal the Musical in a while... does anyone know where I can watch it immediately? Because I need more reasons to procrastinate.

Also, don't let them bully you Brett. You know what's true in your hearts

*also agree with enver is admirable
Budget cutting idea #211:

taking a tip from "Plan 9 From Outer Space," all "engagements" outside the dollhouse are acted out by stagehands holding capes over their faces.
Due to budget cuts, the Dollhouse now will only rent out its actives for games of laser tag.
Nothing that can overcome my YES!

It truly pays sometimes to be an uber-pessimist. Such a tasty delight indeed.

*whispers* psst, J-man, I hear William Fitchner is out of a job, he'd make a great addition to a great cast ;)
zz9, was the simulpost at the same exact minute? I posted two minutes before Joss, would that make me his second cousin twice removed?
Yay!!! Directly from Sacramento Airport.
I bet Joss is doing the dance of joy.
Waking up this morning to find that it all was NOT dream. We have another season of awesome Dollhouse to look forward to. I can barely contain my squeeeness.

Congratulations Joss!
CKB, I was going to reply scornfully, but typing your initials I noticed you share them with my favourite tennis player, so I'll forgive you and say yes, second cousin twice removed. That you see at family weddings but don't talk to.
I hope Joss is dancing, but I'm afraid this is going to be a VERY busy summer for him (don't you think he'll try to squeeze in the Dr. Horrible sequel too?)! But at least we know that Eliza is holding the pose of gratitude (although I hope she dances some too).
Last we heard them talk about more Dr. Horrible, embers, they were thinking about Spring 2010, when anyone working on, say, TV series, would be on hiatus.
That contained way too many commas.
WOW. I am so happy I stopped by the black!!! YAY!!! Way to go Joss and team!!!

Does this mean we get a musical episode? I can totally picture Sierra, Victor and Topher acting out the Good Morning scene from Singin' in the Rain.
Joss, congratulations are in order....please excuse me while I'm still bouncing between the ceiling and floor with joy (must talk to Caroline about injury insurance in this room)!

I'm so tickled pink, all you needed was a foot in door. Now, please, run with it.
Let Down: "I still think Joss should go to cable at some point. It's where his dark stuff belongs."

I respectfully disagree. He's dark NOW, in a creative environment where he's moderately restricted. I think were he to "let loose" in the darkness category, we'd be clawing out our eyes, putting salt in our wounds, and pouring gasoline on monks and setting them on fire. Hell, I do that last one in my spare time already. It's a great stress reliever. I go through monks fast though.

The sword of darkness must be tempered with the executives of Light. Or something. Oh hell you're right. Lets throw caution to the wind and let Whedon show us what hell is really like. If in fact he believed in a hell. I believe in several. My winter home is in one of them. Nice and cozy.
I didn't know they were almost done with Cabin. That movie is surely going to be something to look forward to.
This is great news about both Dollhouse and Castle! Now if The Unit gets renewed I'll still have a reason to keep my satellite TV Subscription :)

It was really encouraging to read that the suits liked the latter half of the season. That means they're more likely to let Joss and crew do what they do best and leave the writing to them. Still worried about the Friday time slot, though.
Big Damn Congrats, BossMan!

Thanks, Fox. <-- All I can muster since Firefly, but it's a start.

Season 2: Omega 2.0

Seriously! Who is Omega?
crippledlion - probably best not to hold your breath, Shawn Ryan is showrunning something else in the fall. Of course, it's not like he's the only EP or producer, so, who knows, but last I heard it was a long shot.

It's okay to thank current Fox as they are not the same execs who strangled Firefly.

[ edited by zeitgeist on 2009-05-16 19:34 ]
Omega seemed godlike to me... she was like the narrator in a novel - the perspective which we measure truths against
It's kinda weird to be thanking them, ya know? A bit disconcerting at first. But hey, bring on more Joss-goodness and it could become habitual. :)
I just googled *namaste* because I had no clue what Eliza was talking about. It means *I bow to you*
mariec, she certainly spoke in such a tone, but I couldn't quite glean a sense of who she is. I know very well who Alpha is, but I don't know who Omega is at all.

I get Caroline, and think she's meant to be kinda cool and average at the same time. Not overly memorable.
I get Echo, she's the blank Active. She's cute and sweet, and smarter than she appears.

But who is Omega? She's the character I want to know but don't yet feel.

I'm seriously bugging on this issue. Awhile back, I was all, bring on the composite event already. It happened all right, but looks like we'll have to wait until Season 2 to get to know Omega.

[ edited by WhoisApril'sOmega? on 2009-05-16 19:48 ]
ecdsLover9, it's what you say at the end of a yoga session.
Wow, I did not believe that this would happen in a million years. Kudos to Fox for taking the chance. Honestly, while I've enjoyed season 1 of Dollhouse, it has not been nearly as good as I'd hoped, and I wouldn't have been completely crushed had it been cancelled (unlike Firefly). I take solace in the fact that I really didn't like season 1 of neither Angel nor Buffy, and they turned out pretty good... ;)
crippledlion, I'm afraid that "The Unit" days are over. I know, I liked the show as well.
I remember actually weeping when Buffy died at the end of Season 5. At the time, there was no word that UPN was picking up the show, and as I recall, I was in mourning for the best show I had ever watched, as I had grown to love all the characters. Then, at a bus stop, I saw a poster that said "Buffy Lives". I felt hopeful again! Joss went on with two of the best seasons and a killer finale in Season 7.

I feel much the same now that Dollhouse has been renewed. Joss has a way of humanizing any project he takes on, and and makes the audience become a part of the story.

Thanks to Fox, Joss and all who were involved in saving Dollhouse. Here's hoping for a long, successful run!
Shocking but amazing, brilliant, fantastic news. Thank you Fox!!! It was worth me using a certain spotty shield to watch on Hulu (at least I'd like to think it made a difference). Congrats to everyone in the 'house (and on the black)!
this is off topic, but Eliza just put a twitpic up of herself looking all badass with a paintball gun...yet standing right next to her nephew who is asleep, and just precious.
Thanks, mariec.

Zeit might be a cynic, but we know the truth.

Guy prob'ly thinks cavemen would win too...
Thanks to Fox, and thanks to all here and elsewhere who did the Browncoat-y thing (except for Dollhouse so - what? Active-y?) and called and mailed and typed and watched over and over again. I have to admit I was one of the doomsayers. Hey, when the clouds are solid black above you it's hard to find that silver lining! The news last night was a very exciting shock and I'm afraid I didn't get a whole lot of work done so I will be sure to send Fox my bill.
ecdsLover9, it's what you say at the end of a yoga session.

I believe Namaste is a Hindu greeting. Its import is recognition of the divine within the being who is greeted. I say it to birds and animals. I think it's pronounced "nah mah stay", with the accent on the last syllable.
zz9...Yes, a simulpost is just as connective as Joss referencing my post. "Just as." And I used sarcastic quote marks... ; )

Huh, I bet I could post here for quite a while using nothing but Buffy lines.

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WhoisApril'sOmega? this is true... I got the sense she was supposed to be everything and therefor nothing but in this world but it does raise the question of whether she would become a completely separate actual personality on top of echo and Caroline.

But if it's Caroline's soul, then Echo and Omega would simply be versions of Caroline. The completely innocent and the all-knowing.
as you can tell I can't make up my mind and have confusing thoughts on the subject as well
Let Down: "I still think Joss should go to cable at some point. It's where his dark stuff belongs."

I respectfully disagree. He's dark NOW, in a creative environment where he's moderately restricted in that area. I think were he to "let loose" in the darkness category, we'd be clawing out our eyes and pouring salt in our wounds. Pouring gasoline on monks and setting them on fire. Hell, I do that in my spare time already. It's a great stress reliever.

The sword of darkness must be tempered with the executives of Light. Or something. Oh hell you're right. Lets throw caution to the wind and let Whedon show us what hell is really like. If in fact he believed in a hell. I believe in several. My winter home is in one of them. Nice and cozy.
THANK YOU! Congrats Joss and everyone on a beautiful first season, your sophmore pick up, and to many more to come!
ZachsMind, you posted that comment already, three hours prior.
See! I wasn't crazy! Too bad that means I can't predict the future either.
I'm still SOOO happy :)
Due to budget cuts, we decreased the amount of engagements and increased the amount of massages the Dolls receive.
I respectfully disagree.

Well, I guess I'd better respond since you respectfully disagree with my twice . I don't think Dollhouse is all that dark (at least so far) and I think Joss on cable would show a whole new side to his work. Plus, I don't think Joss would suddenly go all out bleak - Dr. Horrible wasn't exactly a funless tale
Congrats to Joss and Eliza! I can't believe it!
wooo hoooo!!! I am so glad! Congrats to the awesome cast and crew, and of course, Joss!
WOW! It's been a really good week for girl power! First Fringe was renewed, then Dollhouse. Now the filly Rachel Alexandra just won the Preakness! Girls Rock!!
[happy dancing]

Maybe DH can be staged in the BuyMore?
Due to budget cuts, all murders and attacks are to occur within the Dollhouse.
Woo hoo! We have done the impossible, and that makes us mighty!!
The secret Fox budget deal for Season 2 of Dollhouse...

1. Echo now to be referred to as Toyota Echo.

2. Alpha now to be referred to as Alfa Romeo.

3. Mercedes McNab hired to play a new doll.

...and Dollhouse now able to apply for car company bailout funds!

what? it could work!
Eliza just put a twitpic up of herself looking all badass with a paintball gun

But are her brothers Democrats?
Considering her family are apparently mormons, take your guess.
Due to budget constraints, Dollhouse will be filmed in a real Dollhouse. All actors will be replaced with Barbie knock-offs, and the voices will be performed by Joss himself. All FX will be handled by Mattel and McDonald's (ketchup).
Fox should continue to explore new broadcast financial models. For example the could feature a run of commercials of select sponsors tied to product placement. The product would appear in the show and a character would appear in the ad. The ads could extend the theme of the Dollhouse.

I.e., the Heinz company has hired a doll for product testing. In the show a bottle of Heinz Ketchup is prominently placed on a dining room dinner set (or used as an ingredient by Mellie preparing a baked pasta dish.) In the commercial Dominic (now a doll) is drinking various ketchup recipes (labeled #1 - #5) from the bottle.

DOMINIC - Chug! Chug! Gulp! Mmmmmmmm. I still think #3 is the best!

[ETA Oops fixed. Sorry.]

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Wow. I work weekends, so normally I don't check Whedonesque on Saturdays. But by a random confluence of events, I just happen to be here . . . and after a long, stressful, grumpy sort of day, this is beyond fabulous. Can I just say. . .

YAY FOX!! :-)

(ETA: anamnesis,, I think you left the italics on. . .)

[ edited by erendis on 2009-05-17 03:16 ]
Plus, I don't think Joss would suddenly go all out bleak - Dr. Horrible wasn't exactly a funless tale

In fact, it seems the less interference Joss has, the goofier he gets. Dr. H., Sugarshock... those are the only two examples I can think of, but they were both pretty off-the-walls crazy (Sugarshock moreso).
test Okay, I think that fixes it When someone leaves the lights on, all you have to do is supply the appropriate ending tag in the next post.

I think they can still afford the actors but all the action takes place in one room with screens and dividers. Awkward but a financial saver.

[ edited by Tonya J on 2009-05-17 03:40 ]
"all the action takes place in one room with screens and dividers. "

you mean cubicles? Cool! I knew Jim and Pam were actives!
Yeaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! I've been hoping against hope for weeks, as have a massive number of my friends - this is just so great. Now I just have to hold my breath until the S1 dvd comes out. So, so happy.
Yes doubtful guest! Exactly like The Office only everyone crammed into one room which makes for more friction and drama!! Dominic becomes like Michael and hoo boy! Talk about driving people NUTS - you can't even quit at this place.
Due to budget constraints, Dollhouse will be filmed in a real Dollhouse. All actors will be replaced with Barbie knock-offs, and the voices will be performed by Joss himself. All FX will be handled by Mattel and McDonald's (ketchup).

can we start this as a web series?

*** and thank you so much for that vid link embers :) it made my day ***

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But at least we know that Eliza is holding the pose of gratitude (although I hope she dances some too).
embers | May 16, 19:20 CET

"Namaste homies". I'm now officially in love with Eliza. ;)
I just googled *namaste* because I had no clue what Eliza was talking about. It means *I bow to you*
edcsLover9 | May 16, 19:40 CET

Take it from a long time Buddhist, that isn't the best translation. It's more like "the divine in me, bows to the divine in you".
But it's a difficult translation, at best.

I believe Namaste is a Hindu greeting. Its import is recognition of the divine within the being who is greeted. I say it to birds and animals. I think it's pronounced "nah mah stay", with the accent on the last syllable.
janef | May 16, 21:44 CET

That's closer to the intent, and your pronunciation is right. I say it to birds and animals, too. :)
Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations Joss and friends!
Nick C is now implying that Fox might air "Epitaph One" after all.

Not just implying; he's outright saying it. I still don't know how much to trust that guy. I will be impressed if he's right about this
If they have decided to renew the show, I think they might consider airing Epitaph One after all. Nick C does seem to get all his info from a credible source so maybe he's right.
And now i can readily enjoy my pre-ordered season 1 this summer and discover all of the joss-like nuances i missed the first time around, and be set for 2 when it premieres. Very exciting!
I am well pleased.
I wrote an article about the show's renewal for Blogcritics Magazine.
I believe FOX (network) now have rights to air "Epitaph One", as they got them as part of the renewal for season two, thrown in as part of the deal. Not sure when. I'd guess on the run up to season two beginning.
Some more of my Firefly-related angst has just been assuaged with this news. At this rate I'll have completely purged it by, oh, 2035.

Due to budget constraints, Dollhouse will be filmed in a real Dollhouse. All actors will be replaced with Barbie knock-offs, and the voices will be performed by Joss himself. All FX will be handled by Mattel and McDonald's (ketchup).

So will Seth Green be involved in this any any way?
April-then-April November-now-WhoIsOmega? (I'll only say that this once) has major expectations for Season 2. Major.

And am greatly pleased at the prospect of legally viewing Epitaph One, so trying to show some respect here, Fox.

It's official, I am obsessed. Hence my current imprint as
Hey, A-then-A-N-now-W-I-O, just curious. Are you intentionally named after three different "programmed" women of the Whedonverse?
Congratulations Joss! Congratulations us!
BTW, for those in Australia, Dollhouse starts on FOX8 on June 9 (photo by @FrostyTI on Twitter.)
so it's not gonna be on free tv in australia?
Doesn't seem so, as near as I can tell. It looked, originally, like TEN had it, but FOX8 picked it up last September. They pretty clearly are marketing it as "another FOX8 Australian exclusive".

[ edited by The One True b!X on 2009-05-18 07:11 ]
oh well, I've watched it online already anyway... and will be getting the dvds also... I barely even watch tv anymore to tell the truth
A woo & mighty big hoo. Amazing to believe it has happened for real this time. Wow. Hopefully it will be given a much better airing day & time.

Loving the suggestions down the thread (& posting post 570 comments is scary *lol*) for budget containment issues.

[ edited by Gloripebbles on 2009-05-18 12:44 ]
Omega is not an active I think (in NATO phonetic alphabet O = Oscar), it's a pun, Alpha and Omega being the first and last letters of the greek alphabet, and there's something about that in the bible "I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end."

Totally Alpha's would-be-god acid-like trip
Yay, Joss and his brain-brew!
Yub Yub, indeed.

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