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May 16 2009

Everyones Favourite Immortal/FBI Agent Turns 40! David Boreanaz hits the big 40 today!!

Happy birthday, David!
Have a good one.
Happy birthday, DB!

You've hit the big 4-0 and still look as gorgeously handsome and lovable as when you first showed up in that alley.

And you must be delighted with another little Boreanaz on the way!
Many more David, still looking good, nice to be immortal and stay looking young.
Happy Birthday, Mr Boreanaz!
Happy Birthday David!

Still as gorgeous as ever and still kicking bad guy ass!
Will always be my favourite vampire/FBI agent!
Happy Birthday, David!
Happy Birthday, David!
i thought he turned 40 a couple of weeks ago?
Happy Birthday David! Though I must say he seems to have hardly aged in the last 8 years... suspicious...
Happy Birthday! Still looking as handsome as ever.
I think Joss secretly found the Fountain of Youth and gave the water to all his actors, because he was planning on the shows running forever.

Happy birthday, David! I'm even more in love with Angel now that I've finally seen the first season. I'm sure when I can afford the other four I'll be as helplessly addicted to that show as I am to Buffy & Firefly.
Happy Birthday Mr. David Boreanaz! Hope you're celebrating big!
Happy birthday David. :)

You may be an awesome FBI agent right now, but you'll always be a broody vampire to me.
Happy Birthday David! You wear it well. *g*
Happy birthday David!
Happy happy birthday, to one of my favorite actors. David, you deserve all the best.
Happiest of Birthdays, you sweet, sweet man. You were my first TV crush, sigh...And I LOVED your Bones finale. So many questions for next season!!!
Happy Birthday David - still looking awesome and lighting up the TV :)
Happy Birthday David! :-D
Happy Birthday!!!
And Ausiello just shared that Bones has been renewed! A great day for David!
Many Happy Returns of the Day Mr Wonderful!
Yay for a Bones renewal (which we really need after that finale.) That's a great birthday present.

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...FBI Agent? I thought you guys meant Ballard! I didn't think Tahmoh could be forty! That's ancient!

Happy B-day Boreanaz type dude person. I don't watch Bones very often personally, and I found your performance to be mildly lackluster when I did, but good to see you're getting a steady paycheck. Uhm.. yay.

I'm not being very convincing am I? May someone you find pretty give you a pinch to grow an inch, and may you have a wet bar at your birthday party, stocked with whatever it is you like to drink. Oh. And naked women. May you be surrounded by gorgeous and pleasantly smelling naked women. Unless you're not into that, in which case may there be chocolate. Everyone loves chocolate, right?
Seesh. Be nice ZachsMind.

And DB is happily married TYVM.
Happy Bday David!
Big Happy Birthday to David.
Happiest of birthdays to you, David. What a great year for you and your family. First, you find out you and your wife are expecting baby number two, and then your show gets renewed for two more years! Yah! I love it. I wish you continued happiness and success.
Happy birthday, David!!! You are still the most gorgeous man in the Whedonland... wait you are the most gorgeous man, period!
Woah. Happy belated birthday!!

(Blame Eurovision, it ate up my weekend.)

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