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May 16 2009

Felicia Day on G4's Attack of the Show. She tweets, "[I'm a] Tiny bit nervous, but excited!"

Monday May 18th, 7pm ET/PT: "Star of "The Guild" Felicia Day live in studio"

This long time lurker thought you guys should know :) Just saw the commercial and this was the best link I could find.


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Awesome, thanks! I've set my DVR. Which might explode at capturing Felicia Day and Olivia Munn in the same room.
^---------Best comment EVER... and true.
I'll second that :D

Does anyone know if there's a way to link to a specific message on Twitter? I'd like to add a link to Felicia Day's latest update.

[ETS: Nevermind, I figured it out]

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They posted the interview on the site.

She is so cute and it's a fun interview. The show itself was odd, as it started with the two hosts challenging each other to doing shots of hot sauce. They did about 10 shots each, and were in intense gastric distress for the rest of the hour. Really not a good plan for a live TV broadcast.

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